Tucker calls out the liars, and the whole Washington swamp goes apeshit….

Tucker Carlson: The people in charge of writing history are lying.

There was no “insurrection” on Jan6. The Biden regime stole the election and now all hell breaks lose because they’re about to be exposed.

Tucker Carlson Defends Himself Against DC Attacks – “We are learning who the liars are”…

Tucker Carlson has been under blistering attacks from the administrative state in Washington DC, the professional media, Democrats and Republicans in congress as well as the agencies of the FBI, DHS and DOJ.  {Direct Rumble Link Here}

Mr. Carlson responded again tonight to the vitriol from the apparatus of government for his airing of the January 6th CCTV tapes and the fallout from the sunlight.  Extensive segment as aired – WATCH:



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