Arabs offer Israel last chance to commit suicide

The Arab League summit in Doha, Qatar has given Israel one more chance to commit suicide. It has told Israel that it’s now or never for the 2002 Saudi initiative.

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Arab States to Issue Israel an Ultimatum

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz/ Israel National News
( The Arab League is formulating an ultimatum to be issued Monday warning Israel that it must accept the League’s terms for an Arab-Israel agreement. If Israel refuses, the Arab League statement indicates, the offer will be off the table. Meanwhile, the Arab League is hosting a leader charged with racist massacres of non-Arabs in his own country.


                               Saudi Headbanger Watch


* Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abd Al-Aziz, who last week made headlines for saying that there was no need for female members of parliament in Saudi Arabia, has been promoted to second deputy prime minister, the Saudi newspaper  ArabNews reported.

Wanted by International Criminal Court, Sudan’s president gets lavish welcome at Arab League meeting in Qatar

Holocaust denial, Armenian genocide denial, Darfur genocide denial… Say, is anyone else noticing a pattern on the part of Islamic countries?

An update on this story. “Sudan’s wanted president welcomed at Arab summit,” by Brian Murphy for the Associated Press

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Tundra Tabloids Photoshop of the Week

Whining Arab Alert: Qatar is Dissapointed With ICC’s Warrant For Sudan’s Mass Murdering President……!

But President Hassan al-Bashir is a Muslim!

Photoshop of the week          


I first got wind of the Muslim world being insulted by the ICC decision at Jihad Watch, and then after looking around, I find out that Qataris are as disappointed with the ICC’s decision as the Iranians are!

Qatar disappointed at ICC ruling against Sudanese President

DOHA, March 5 (KUNA) — The State of Qatar voiced on Thursday “deep regret” over the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on Wednesday.”The ICC arrest warrant is by no means conducive to security and stability in Darfur region, west Sudan,” Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying.”The move could only hamper the Qatari efforts aiming to stabilize the troubled region in cooperation with the Arab League, the United Nations and the African Union.

Israeli Arab conflict: its all about land, right?

Saudi Sheikhs Reject Any Muslim-Arab Peace Initiative, Say Freeing Palestine Of Jews’ Defilement Is Religious Obligation


Dozens of Saudi sheikhs have signed a communiqué banning any peace initiative between Muslims and Jews, recognizing the Jewish right to the land of Palestine, or normalizing relations with them.

The communiqué also stated that freeing the land of Palestine of the defilement by the Jews is a religious obligation incumbent upon the entire Islamic ummah.

* But ‘hudna’ is okay, if necessary:

However, the communiqué permits signing a ceasefire or a calm with the Jewish enemy, provided that it is temporary and that it permits the jihadist resistance factions to build their capabilities in order to prepare for jihad with the Jewish enemy.

*  Having trouble finding Israel on the map? That’s because Israel is only one sixth of one percent of the land occupied by Arab Muslims in the ME…

Source:, January 20, 2009

* At Arab Gathering on Development, the Talk Is All About Gaza

The plan for the Arab League’s 22 members was to focus on ways to improve the lives of their 330 million citizens. Instead, they bickered over how to handle the Gaza crisis.

* Stuck in time, stuck on stoopid and on Israel: Whingeing, whining Arabs…

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Pallywood Productions: History Revision Denies Jewish Temple

* A tried and tested pattern of conduct for over 1300 years. As Islamic as Muhammad himself.

Islamic leader: Jewish Temple “never existed”


*   No reason why it should have, since, after all, even long before the Temple was built, Abraham was a Muslim (Qur’an 3:67).

Note also this Sheikh’s blood libel. “Arab leader denies temple ever existed,” from the Jerusalem Post

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