Peace in our time: Philippine Jihad leader "hoping for peace pact"

Or else:

Because “the next generation of fighters are more radical,” said Murad, 62.

MSN News (H/T Rossco)

The leader of the Philippines’ long-running Muslim insurgency said Monday he was hopeful of signing a peace deal during new President Benigno Aquino’s six-year term.

“Peace deal” means what?

Islamic scholar Bassam Tibi: “Only when Muslim power is weak is “temporary truce” (hudna) allowed.”

In the Muslim view, treaties with Infidels are NOT to be obeyed. They are to be entered into when Muslims feel that they are at the moment too weak to do otherwise, and where they sense that they can gain, in the end, by entering temporarily into a treaty with Infidels. For Muslims, every treaty with Infidels is merely a “truce” treaty, a “hudna.” The very idea that Muslims could recognize the permanence of an Infidel nation-state goes against everything in Islam.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leader Murad Ebrahim said rebel negotiators were prepared to resume peace talks with the government after the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in September, as flagged by Aquino earlier.

“We can see that they (Aquino’s government) are really addressing the problems of the Bangsa Moro (local Muslims),” Murad told a small group of reporters at a rebel camp outside the southern city of Cotabato.

“He has six years to resolve the problem. If he is really sincere, we can’t go wrong in solving the problem in his time.

(“If he is really sincere”- you see, Muslims can be trusted. Its the infidels who lie and deceive…)

The 12,000-strong MILF has been waging an insurgency for more than three decades to carve out a separate Muslim state in the mostly Catholic country’s southern island of Mindanao.

(And now they don’t want a seperate Muslim state anymore?)

The rebellion (Jihad) has killed over 150,000 people and stunted economic growth in the mineral rich but impoverished southern region.

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France's temporary peace with Islam

There are currently some 780 “no-go zones”  in France where Mohammedans rule, where the French government has quasi abdicated its responsibility and the Mohammedan mob rules unchallenged. According to this latest story from Jihad Watch Germany these areas are particularly dangerous on Fridays, when the clerics rouse the believers to prayers and indoctrinate them with good old Islamic hatred  against the kuffar. Roads are closed for  traffic and unbelievers are advised to stay away for their own safety.


The Parisian paper Le Post reminds readers that France is (still) a secular nation, but that in spite of Frances secularism large amounts of taxpayers millions are diverted for  this kind of “cultural enrichment”, namely the building of mosques. This diversion of public funds is, of course, against the law. In other words, the French government pays the jiziya with willing submission for a temporary hudna. But who would argue against it?  These millions buy at least a temporary peace, a hudna, which give  the exasperated French at least a bit of respite from the ongoing carbeques and other attacks on civility. Question is only, for how long? According to Islamic law, a hudna can only be agreed to in order to allow the Muslim forces to gather strength.

Here is the article in German:

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Krauthammer: The Torture Never Stops

The Torture Debate, Continued…

By Charles Krauthammer/WaPo

This month, I wrote a column outlining two exceptions to the no-torture rule: the ticking time bomb scenario and its less extreme variant in which a high-value terrorist refuses to divulge crucial information that could save innocent lives. The column elicited protest and opposition that were, shall we say, spirited.

And occasionally stupid. Dan Froomkin, writing for and echoing a common meme among my critics, asserted that “the ticking time bomb scenario only exists in two places: On TV and in the dark fantasies of power-crazed and morally deficient authoritarians.” (He later helpfully suggested that my moral deficiencies derived from “watching TV and fantasizing about being Jack Bauer.”)  

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The Hamas 'Peace' Gambit

Negotiating with the Enemy shows Weakness:

The  New York Times would never dream of explaining that according to traditional Islamic law a hudna can only be concluded “if Muslims are weak” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o9.16), so that they have time to gather strength to fight again more effectively.

Willful ignorance about the teachings of Islam and the light those teachings may shed on the current political situation seems to be a requirement for participation in the public debate these days.

 The only “permanent, nonviolent resolution” to differences between Muslims and non-Muslims allowed by Islamic law is the subjugation of the non-Muslims under the rule of Sharia, under which they will “pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

arabwld3Clear thinking and rejection of reality:

By Charles Krauthammer

“Apart from the time restriction (a truce that lapses after 10 years) and the refusal to accept Israel’s existence, Mr. Meshal’s terms approximate the Arab League peace plan … ”
— Hamas peace plan, as explained by The New York Times

“Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”
— Tom Lehrer, satirist

WASHINGTON — The Times conducted a five-hour interview with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal at his Damascus headquarters. Mirabile dictu, they’re offering a peace plan with a two-state solution. Except. The offer is not a peace but a truce that expires after 10 years. Meaning that after Israel has fatally weakened itself by settling millions of hostile Arab refugees in its midst, and after a decade of Hamas arming itself within a Palestinian state that narrows Israel to eight miles wide — Hamas restarts the war against a country it remains pledged to eradicate.

There is a phrase for such a peace: the peace of the grave.

Westerners may be stupid, but Hamas is not. It sees the new American administration making overtures to Iran and Syria. It sees Europe, led by Britain, beginning to accept Hezbollah. It sees itself as next in line. And it knows what to do. Yasser Arafat wrote the playbook.

With the 1993 Oslo accords, he showed what can be achieved with a fake peace treaty with Israel — universal diplomatic recognition, billions of dollars of aid, and control of Gaza and the West Bank, which Arafat turned into an armed camp. In return for a signature, he created in the Palestinian territories the capacity to carry on the war against Israel that the Arab states had begun in 1948 but had given up after the bloody hell of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

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Hamas: Mosque is a "Factory Educating Jihad Fighters…"

“Even the Muslim fetus seeks Jihad”

arafat                                                     Muslim fetus

Gee, I’m glad he said it. Because if we said things like that, they might call us ‘Islamophobes’ or ‘racists’- but even if they do, we’ll just do what we must:  thanks to Tundra Tabloids:

…of course the bed wetting, pseudo human rights watchers will be screaming raaaaaacism over Israel’s revoking the citizenship of these traitorous Arabs. Just you wait and see. I believe that the Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, has offered similar proposals for revoking the citizenship and the deportation for Muslims who work against the Dutch state. Sounds like a great law, hopefully it will be passed soon by the Dutch parliament.KGS

According to Islamic law, a hudna can only be agreed to in order to allow the Muslim forces to gather strength. This Islamic concept is based the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, the ten-year truce (Hudna) Muhammad signed with the pagan Quraysh tribe. By breaking this treaty, Muhammad again set a precedent: Muslims can sign a treaty but can break it at anytime, when doing so is to their advantage. The purpose of Hudna is to allow weakened Muslim forces to gather strength to fight again later more effectively. This is an extremely important principle for the West to understand today, since it shows the difference between what we perceive as a cease-fire and what believing Muslims think it is.

…and Western dhimmi-wankers are literally falling over each other and cue up for the brand-new “cease fire’- KGS has more

Mashal isn’t trying all that hard to conceal his views, ideology, and strategy. In part, that’s because he thinks the people he’s trying to fool are really stupid. In part, it’s because he will have to defend anything he says to his colleagues. In part, too, it is because he is a real true believer (called fanatics in a “less enlightened” age).


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Israeli Arab conflict: its all about land, right?

Saudi Sheikhs Reject Any Muslim-Arab Peace Initiative, Say Freeing Palestine Of Jews’ Defilement Is Religious Obligation


Dozens of Saudi sheikhs have signed a communiqué banning any peace initiative between Muslims and Jews, recognizing the Jewish right to the land of Palestine, or normalizing relations with them.

The communiqué also stated that freeing the land of Palestine of the defilement by the Jews is a religious obligation incumbent upon the entire Islamic ummah.

* But ‘hudna’ is okay, if necessary:

However, the communiqué permits signing a ceasefire or a calm with the Jewish enemy, provided that it is temporary and that it permits the jihadist resistance factions to build their capabilities in order to prepare for jihad with the Jewish enemy.

*  Having trouble finding Israel on the map? That’s because Israel is only one sixth of one percent of the land occupied by Arab Muslims in the ME…

Source:, January 20, 2009

* At Arab Gathering on Development, the Talk Is All About Gaza

The plan for the Arab League’s 22 members was to focus on ways to improve the lives of their 330 million citizens. Instead, they bickered over how to handle the Gaza crisis.

* Stuck in time, stuck on stoopid and on Israel: Whingeing, whining Arabs…

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No Hudna, Shove It!

The finger, always the finger: a member of the Hamas delegation, Salah el-Bardaweel, talks during a press conference in Cairo on Wednesday.

* For the first time, Gaza militants fire phosphorus shell at Israel

* Hamas accepts Gaza cease-fire initiative ‘in principle’

Hudna is not Ceasefire

 According to Islamic law, a hudna can only be agreed to in order to allow the Muslim forces to gather strength. 

* Hamas Calls for Weeklong Cease-fire, Israeli Pullout 

* Israeli Arabs to protest against…Israel

Jihad is thicker than citizenship. “Arab village in Negev to host latest major protest against IDF strikes,” by Yoav Stern for Haaretz, or JW

by Denis MacEoin MEF

Today everyone’s talking about a ceasefire in Gaza. With the UN proposing one and Israel demurring, the public, unaware of anything much about Gaza, Hamas, or Israel, blithely puts Israel in the dock. Yet during the last “ceasefire,” when rockets continued to land in Israeli civilian centers, there was a noticeable silence on the part of the international community. It seems it’s okay to drag Israel back from an attack on a massively financed and armed terrorist entity (and if Hamas isn’t a terrorist entity, it’s hard to know what it is), but just not right on to demand the same sort of action on the part of the terrorists. Don’t forget, Israel isn’t the only one refusing a ceasefire at this point: Hamas is rejecting one too, and for dishonest reasons.

There are things going on here that half the world just doesn’t get. All those clamoring for a ceasefire think all other parties understand the word just like they do. They’d be wrong. The secular Arabic press, such as the international newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat, uses the standard Arabic term for a cessation of fire: waqf al-nar or waqf itlaq al-nar. That is a literal translation, and it means exactly what ceasefire means in English and other languages. But Hamas don’t talk about a cessation of fire, because that would be to introduce a term from the Western political vocabulary into their discourse, and they can’t do that.

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