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We aren't taking care of our black people!

They are ‘ours’, you see. As in ‘our responsibility’.

Its a BONO project!

The shysters, liars and crooks who scared our knickers off and sold us out on global warming, climate change and carbon pollution, are no longer beating around the bush. The latest con-word is ‘climate justice’, which is the same as social justice; only this one is not watermelon green, its black!

Here’s a taste of what ‘carbon trading’ really means:

Black people  need to be “saved” and “taken care of” because they cannot take care of themselves, right?

 The power of guilt. Think about the contempt for black people who are being treated as if they have no ability to take care of themselves. And think about how pervasive this reasoning is in liberal thinking.

How your money is being squandered:

The African village where EVERY family is getting £7,500 from the British taxpayer

Turning an entire race into charity cases should be considered a war crime, instead of a humanitarian act.

As I drew up in the bustling village after a long journey, the last  21 miles bouncing along a red  dirt track riven with potholes,  a group of a dozen men sprawled in the shade on ramshackle wooden benches waved me over.

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A Boner for a Billion

Bono, Facebook IPO: U2 Singer To Become The World’s Richest Musician

For a lousy singer and a professional beggar who doesn’t like to pay taxes he certainly knows how to look after himself, something he has in common with the impostor  Obama:

The business-savvy, Irish rocker owns 2.3 percent of the shares of Facebook through his investment group, Elevation Partners, reports NME. Elevation paid $90 million for the shares in 2009, before Facebook decided to go public earlier this year.Facebook’s $100 billion IPO is expected to be the second-biggest IPO in history. (source)

Obummer preaches collective salvation (again)

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama invoked his poor family members in Kenya as a reason why “economic growth can’t just be for the lucky few at the top, it’s got to be broad-based, for everybody.”– in that case he should be giving them some of his $10 million dollar stash…..

Obummer deceives Americans: “Pal ‘aid’ was given due to false information”

The Obama regime justified releasing more than $192 million in financial aid  (jiziya) to the Palestinian Authority based on false pretense:

In explaining the administration’s rationale for reinstating the funds, White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor claimed, “The P.A. has recognized Israel’s right to exist, renounced violence, and accepted previous agreements, including the Roadmap,”… and pigs will fly.

Every other president merely set the stage for the coming of Hussain Obama


A Boner for Shari'a

Bono may be stripped of Bosnian passport

Officials are questioning the legality of the U2 frontman’s Bosnian passport, saying that the country’s law does not allow honorary citizenships


from the Guardian for Muslims
Bono of U2 performing at Wembley Stadium

Bono fide … Bosnian officials may revoke the U2 frontman’s honorary passport. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

Bono may not be Bosnian for much longer. The U2 frontman, who carries an honorary Bosnian passport, may be stripped of the document as officials investigate the legality of the award.

Bono,  the untalented frontman for ‘save the world with others peoples money’ activist is a long time supporter of Mustafa Ceric’s Narco-Jihad Republic Bosnia.

The controversy erupted after a recent U2 gig in Zagreb, Croatia, when Bono reportedly said that his Bosnian passport was one of his most treasured possessions. The passport was given to him in 1997 by Alija Izetbegović, the late Bosnian president, recognising the singer’s support during the Bosnian war. (Izetbegovic, as you can see from the link, is an Al Qaeda associate who wanted to turn Bosnia into an Islamic Republic.)

At the time of the award, Bono compared Bosnia with Northern Ireland. “It’s a small country and we have been divided also,” he said. “We are trying to wrestle our world from the fools of the past and give it to the wise men of the future.”

This year, Bosnian officials have revoked several hundred citizenships granted “illegally”, Balkan Insight reports. Most of these were granted to Islamic fighters who joined Bosnian forces in the war with Croatia and what was then Yugoslavia. Bosnian Serb officials claim that the country’s law does not allow for honorary citizenships.

“If we establish that a passport was given outside a regular legal procedure, we will have no other option but to take it away,” Sredoje Novic, minister of civil affairs, admitted. “We cut no slack to anybody, not even for Bono Vox.”

Others have accused Novic of pursuing a Bosnian Serb agenda. The minister’s deputy, Senad Sepic, said that revoking Bono’s passport would “besmirch everything valuable which anybody from the world has given to our country”, according to Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz.

Bono really, really sux!

* Not only his music sux: this guy is so full of himself that somebody (that’s us) just has to tell him to get stuffed!

Meet the New York Slimes’ New Political Columnist

By Debbie Schlussel

Remember Bono? He’s the guy who paid $1,700 to fly his favorite hat–yes, really, his hat!–First Class to a concert he played in Iraq in 2003.

Now, the U2 lead singer has been hired by the New York Times to lecture us in op-ed columns on topics like Africa and poverty.

Yeah, we really need a guy who wears $5,000 Chanel sunglasses, lives high on the hog, and wastes money to fly his hat First Class to lecture us about poverty. Just like we needed him to tell us–along with his stooge, fellow hypocrite, Mr. Angelina Jolie a/k/a Brad Pitt–that we, the American taxpayers are stingy and don’t give enough to charity.

bonohat.jpgnewyorktimes.jpgHypocrite Bono–with his His Jet-Setting Hat–Now New York Times PunditJust like we needed Bono to tell us that we Americans should forgive trillions of dollars in debt owed to us by countries like Terrorist State Sudan (which hosted Bin Laden for years while he planned our destruction and blew up our embassies). This is all despite the fact that financial statistics consistently show that America is the most generous country there is and that American citizens, on average are more generous than anyone in the world.

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