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Cultural Sensitivity in Calais

The Calais ‘jungle’ and the Islamic settlement of Britain

Damian Thompson/Telegraph UK/ HT Mullah

How interesting that French police waited until the end of Ramadan before forcibly dismantling the Calais “jungle”. That tells us something we really need to remember about a huge proportion of the illegal immigrants seeking to enter Britain: that they are pious Muslims.

Note that there was a bigger fuss about the taking down of the mosque than there was about the removal of the makeshift houses. And note, too, that the refugees declared their determination to enter Britain (”nothing will stop us”) almost in the same breath as their devotion to their place of worship.


“We demand the British Passport”-that’s real groovy….

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Muslim invaders shout: No border, No nation, No deportation


I was struck by one of the slogans chanted by protesters: “No border, No nation, No deportation”. For it is in the Muslim world that borders and nations are most successfully transcended by religion. The Calais protesters and their supporters are exploiting one of the most important social developments of our time: the deliberate confusion of the Islamic concept of ummah with universal human rights (which are not recognised in Muslim countries, but there you go).

No doubt I’ll be accused of Islamophobia. But let me be clear what I’mnot saying: that the young immigrants are jihadists in embryo. Their conversation may be spiced with anti-Western rhetoric, but once they arrive they will soon feel at home in a country which offers ready opportunities for employment, welfare – and religious separatism.

Our public sector works hard to facilitate the construction of ghettos: just this week we learned that Home Office staff have been told not to eat in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. Such privileges are worth a few months’ wait – and, in the long run, the disappearance of one particular refugee camp will make not the slightest bit of difference.

UK Muslim Cleric: Amputation of limbs as punishment will “bring you more peace and security”

The cure for Muslim knife attacks?

Deaths on rise as government anti-knife crime strategy fails

Number of killings up in cities despite £3m BS campaign

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You gotta hand it to them: Muslims have a way of getting their way…

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One Million Failed Asylum Invaders Get Free NHS Treatment

Calais migrants scum, riffraff, third world crims ambush Britons at knifepoint in terrifying ‘highway robberies’

* This has been going on for a long time, previously it was mostly the truckers that were attacked and robbed. Now its the tourists. But hey: its all about cultural enrichment, and these poor deprived people are just following their prophets teachings. Who are we to judge, right? Right?


Migrant gangs in Calais are targeting British holidaymakers in terrifying ‘highway robberies’.

Would-be illegal immigrants are forming human roadblocks to force motorists passing through the French port town to stop.

Travellers are then robbed at knifepoint by the migrants, who are desperate for funds to help them sneak into the UK. 

A group of migrants in Calais    

On the move: A group of migrants in Calais. Some have been robbing British travellers at the French port town as they try and find enough funds to help them sneak into the UK

Last night police in Calais issued a warning to the nine million Britons a year who pass through Calais – the equivalent of 25,000 every day.

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