Cultural Sensitivity in Calais

The Calais ‘jungle’ and the Islamic settlement of Britain

Damian Thompson/Telegraph UK/ HT Mullah

How interesting that French police waited until the end of Ramadan before forcibly dismantling the Calais “jungle”. That tells us something we really need to remember about a huge proportion of the illegal immigrants seeking to enter Britain: that they are pious Muslims.

Note that there was a bigger fuss about the taking down of the mosque than there was about the removal of the makeshift houses. And note, too, that the refugees declared their determination to enter Britain (”nothing will stop us”) almost in the same breath as their devotion to their place of worship.


“We demand the British Passport”-that’s real groovy….

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Muslim invaders shout: No border, No nation, No deportation


I was struck by one of the slogans chanted by protesters: “No border, No nation, No deportation”. For it is in the Muslim world that borders and nations are most successfully transcended by religion. The Calais protesters and their supporters are exploiting one of the most important social developments of our time: the deliberate confusion of the Islamic concept of ummah with universal human rights (which are not recognised in Muslim countries, but there you go).

No doubt I’ll be accused of Islamophobia. But let me be clear what I’mnot saying: that the young immigrants are jihadists in embryo. Their conversation may be spiced with anti-Western rhetoric, but once they arrive they will soon feel at home in a country which offers ready opportunities for employment, welfare – and religious separatism.

Our public sector works hard to facilitate the construction of ghettos: just this week we learned that Home Office staff have been told not to eat in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. Such privileges are worth a few months’ wait – and, in the long run, the disappearance of one particular refugee camp will make not the slightest bit of difference.

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  1. Another “radical agenda-driven blogger” in the UK who gets it – the
    numbers connecting the dots are slowly increasing, and Solkhar the
    “terrorism financing expert” and food critic continues to spin…

    ( )

    David Pryce-Jones on National Review
    Tuesday September 22, 2009
    A Spirit of National Defeat

    Evidence of the hold that Islam is acquiring over Britain piles up all the time. The release from prison of Abdel Baset Ali Al-Megrahi, sentenced to life for the Lockerbie bombing, shows that a Muslim country can already dictate British policy. More extraordinary still is the stranglehold that Muslim demands are acquiring on British practices and values at home. Such Muslim demands are in fact more often imaginary than real, which makes the British surrender to them all the more inexplicable. […]

  2. I bet you support hanging Gays and cutting off hands and feet too Solkhar you and if so you are just a 7th Century barbarian like most Mohammedans . BTW still waiting for your answers to my many questions whats the problem dont know or afraid to expose yourself and Islam.

  3. Wow, since you did not insult, I am happy to answer you Realist.

    Your bet fails already, I do not support hanging Gays but I do note that you do not like them at all, anothe thread was rather condemning.

    Barbarian actually means not Greek, but that is history which is rather banned from this blog because the owner does not understand it.

    Interesting also that someone who is married to a Muslim has not the foggiest understanding of the life of Muslims. If you are or have been to Indonesia then you will obviously note the difference between life in the centre of the city and the country side, unless of course your blinded to the fact that modern day poverty in some countries represents barbarity.

    Far from living a tribal life of the 7th century, I live in a city that has quite a few thousand westerners eager to get residency and live the life of Marrakech, with its strong caf̩ culture along with 9 months of clear blue sky and summer but yet at the foothills of snow-covered Atlas Mountains. But no, you think we all ride camels Рnot many of them in Jakarta.

    Now, you will have to repeat those questions, cannot remember which thread you put them on, the only fear here is the blog-owner whom avoids actual references (he repeats the same ones that have already been proven incorrect or biased) and changes to the topic to avoid debate.

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