Italy deports; Algeria complains….

Italy deports illegal “Immigrants”,  Algiers complains  about ”violent, humiliating and inacceptable’ treatment…..
 A spokesman for the Algerian ministry said a ”protest” had been expressed over the treatment suffered ”by two of our fellow countrymen”  (ANSAmed) via Tundra Tabloids

Sinners in the hands of an angry polling place official. “Abstaining Algerian voters warned: God will punish you,” by Lamine Chikhi for Reuters, April 25

And of course if the Muslims had been shaken out of their faith altogether, they would have been under a death sentence. “Believer awaits appeal decision after ‘shaking the faith’ of Muslims,” from Mission News Network, April 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

"Unaccompanied minors, 50 unaccompanied Afghan asylum-seeker boys, teenage brawl…"

Back to sleep, infidels. Nothing to see here. Just a little disagreement among “yoots”…..

AN investigation will be held into a brawl involving about 50 unaccompanied Afghan asylum-seeker boys” at a Melbourne immigration detention centre.

No one signed his name to this report. Note  the language. Our betters wouldn’t tell us that we are dealing with murderous child soldiers even if  these “Afghan asylum-seeker boys” would rape and kill their own children.

The Australian


This is where these ” Teenage Afghan Asylum-Seeker Boys”  come from:

Teaching little Muslim boys how to cut off your head

Check it out. Barenaked has  everything you need to know. Then ask yourself: do you want your kids to grow up alongside them?

2nd update:

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Australia: compo for unwanted welfare seekers

They risk their lives (and the lives of others) to get here, then sue over injuries received after they’ve arrived:

Tim Blair calls it CASH FOR OUCHIES

Dozens of asylum-seekers have received a total of $5.4 million in compensation payouts from taxpayers for injuries they suffered while in detention.

New ME & Afghan Arrivals

They risk their lives (and the lives of others) to get here, then sue over injuries received after they’ve arrived:

Dozens of asylum-seekers have received a total of $5.4 million in compensation payouts from taxpayers for injuries they suffered while in detention.

Official figures obtained by News Ltd reveal that more than 50 immigration detainees have pocketedan average of $100,000 each over the past two years.

News Ltd says the federal government has refused to detail the reasons for the multi-million-dollar payouts to detainees, saying only they were related to wrongful detention or injuries suffered in detention.

It must be part of the government’s ingenious plan to repel would-be asylum seekers and end the trade in people smuggling. Which is just going brilliantly:

In September, Australia’s detention population included 4527 people who had arrived illegally by boat.

This compares to just four people in November, 2007. Under Labor, the number of those held in detention centres has increased by – wait for it – 113,075 per cent. So much for Rudd’s pre-election boast that he would turn them back.

While the federal government is handing out millions to accident-prone boaties, another Australian government isclosing down a productive farm. Do hit that last link. Greens are involved.    (9NEWS/thanks to Rossco)

From (once great) Britain to Australia

UK: New “conservative” government same as old red ratbag government:

New U.K. government bans Michael Savage (again)

The new Conservative-Party-led government of Prime Minister David Cameron informed Michael Savage it will continue the ban on the top-rated talk-radio host’sentry to the United Kingdom unless he repudiates statements made on his broadcasts that were deemed a threat to public security.

These people are insane. More from WND>>>

(Some) Politicians finally hear the people say ‘enough’

The Australian/Melanie Phillips

At first blush, Julia Gillard’s volte-face over immigration would seem to be as unlikely as Osama bin Laden singing the Star Spangled Banner or Richard Dawkins taking holy orders.

Here is a politician with a solid pedigree on the ‘anti-racist’ Left rejecting former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s call for a ‘Big Australia’ formed by continuing large-scale immigration.

Instead, Gillard has said she understands the anxieties of folk in western Sydney, western Melbourne or the Gold Coast growth corridor in Queensland.

As for the boats of asylum-seekers, Gillard has made clear she wants to be even more effective in stopping them in order to protect ‘our sanctuary’ and ‘the Australian way’.


Look: all I want for christmas is no more GillKRudd, no more “climate change” and no more Socialist spin. Now what does it take to bring that about?

Other Links:

Andrew Bolt:  KRudd is gunning for Gillard. And Oakes shoots for him

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Australia Invaded

Muslim immigration

Alan Jones comments on the debate about Muslim immigration, and says politicians can’t continue…/is anybody listening?

Islam is seditious. Islamic doctrine is more political than religious, and its sole political goal is the domination of Islam over all over religions and all governments.

It is a Muslim’s religious duty to achieve that political goal.

When Muslims move to a country, a certain percentage of them start agitating for special considerations. They start to organize and influence the nation politically in a way that is good for Islam and bad for freedom and equality. When the percentage of the Muslims in a nation’s population becomes high enough, they gain so much political power that freedoms and rights begin to disappear. (Watch this video to learn more.) Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Once they got the numbers we are toast…..

Police finally notice the ethnic gangs now running riot

A leaked police report into the rise of Asian gangs in Melbourne must now end the great deceit.

For years Victoria Police have pretended we don’t have a problem with ethnic gangs. In fact, former Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon even banned that G word:

Nixon: What we saw in that more recent incident was one of two gangs, which I gather was around two women, which started fighting.

Mitchell: But gangs are an issue.

Nixon: Well, we’re seeing some groups of people. I’m not describing them as gangs.

Mitchell: Well, you just did.

Nixon: Well, you know what I mean.

Mitchell: I thought the word gang was banned by your media people.

Nixon: Well, it is . . . it’s got connotations . . . These are groups of people who come together and just cause problems together. Bolt has more>>

Who will intercept KRudd?

Rudd hasn’t deterred them, has he?


This really is getting out of control:

Authorities have intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat in waters off Australia’s northwest coast… Initial indications suggest there are 39 asylum seekers and two crew aboard the boat.

I still hear excuses (as on ABC 774 yesterday) that the sudden influx is due largely to the war in Sri Lanka – a war that actually started in 1983 and ended a year ago.  I’d suggest the graph shows that Rudd’s policies are in fact the more important explanation. not least because most asylum seekers are not Sri Lankan at all.

More KRudd

KRudd, a man with a plan:

Problems with Islamic terrorism, international or domestic?

Lets ignore the problem and instead put added constraints on all visitors to Australia:

The KRudd Government today will reveal new plans to stop terrorists coming into Australia with a $69 million scheme to force many visitors to give fingerprints and facial scans before getting a visa.

Kevin Rudd must not be mocked

Video here of your overworked police, rushing to stop yet another crime.

POLICE are baffled how they did it but the Prime Minister definitely has a problem in Rose Bay – with a large illuminated traffic sign sending the message: “Kevin Rudd sucks”…

Locals have been stopping their cars to take photographs – and the sign caused such a distraction that the police were called in at 3am today.

Working hard to preserve the Prime Minister’s honour, the dedicated police officers took to the power box powering the sign with bolt cutters to turn off the lights.


From Aussie News & Views:

Paul Maley /The Australian

ASIO saves Australians from Mansour Leghaei

Iranian agent gets the boot: MANSOUR Leghaei, the Iranian cleric twice declared a security threat by ASIO, has been given 28 days to leave the country after an immigration appeals tribunal rejected his final application to remain in Australia.

Despite desperate KRudd  propaganda who assured us that he and his kind are   “… an asset to the Australian and Muslim communities.”

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Welcome to KRuddistan

Update: Spin overboard

Update 2: Column – The 42 dead that Gillard can’t see

Australia’s PM Parvenu in chief  KRudd went to Indonesia to pay the jiziya to prevent  further mass-migration of third world migrants to Australia


“The honor of Islam lies in insulting the unbelief and the unbelievers (kafirs).  One who respects kafirs dishonors Muslims…  The real purpose of levying the Jizya on them is to humiliate them… [and] they remain terrified and trembling.” Islamic Jihad

illegal-immigrationArchive photo: Mohammedan invasion of Italy. The more we pay, the more keep coming…

Is KRudd’s failed immigration policy the boomerang that will come around to   hit Australia’s “caring”  Socialist government in the ass?

Since word got around that the  Australia’s Socialists opened the flood gates to third world immigrants, the boats keep coming, and  all know how to play the game. Whether these unwanted Afghans or Tamils  set their boats on fire or use children to appeal to the Australian public on TV, they are determined  to make their way to Australia. And once again, Indonesia, this wonderful Muslim nation parasite next door, sees Australia as the stoopid cash cow it is:

0,,7085666,00Hey Mr KRudd:  why on earth would someone spend 18 months on a leaky boat? Why would “asylum seekers” travel through numerous countries with a similar culture, or religious belief, to cross water to a country that is 60% desert and full of infidels.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the benefits of living in a Western society now, would it? More>>

Andrew Bolt: Our charity isn’t free:

If we’re saving their lives, that’s most of the argument right there. No question. But let’s not pretend there’s no cost in bringing in people who are often from very different cultures and educational standards:

Refugees are creating a soaring welfare headache for taxpayers with the total annual cost of Centrelink benefits up nearly 40 per cent to an estimated $628 million in just two years.

The hypocrisy is astonishing. What Kevin Rudd promised two years ago:

The Pacific Solution is just wrong. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s not the right way to in fact handle asylum seekers or others and therefore we think the best way ahead is to use Christmas Island instead. It’s a facility which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia….There will be no continuation of the Pacific Solution under a Federal Labor government.

What the Rudd Government still jeered as of yesterday:

On the resumption of parliament yesterday, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith challenged the Coalition to nominate which of Labor’s policy changes it would overturn… ”Would you reintroduce the Pacific solution, where processing is done on Manus Island and Nauru?

What Rudd now copies from John Howard, substituting only “Indonesia” for “Nauru”:

SEVENTY-EIGHT asylum seekers who were picked up by an Australian customs ship at the weekend are likely to end up in detention in Indonesia after a diplomatic impasse over their fate was broken late yesterday.

It’s the hypocrisy and spin which is most revolting.

No. It doesn’t end there.

KRudd’s sucking up to Indonesia makes everything worse, much worse. And way more more expensive. Remember: infidels are expected to pay the jiziya with willing submission and KRudd is there today and tomorrow to pay up. It will be years before we even know how much KRudd is paying to bribe Indonesia while occupying the Australian public with the so called oil for food scandal. (As if anybody could sell anything in Iraq without bribing the regime in then days!)

But the damage done will be irreparable….

*  History of Mohammedan invasion

Waleed Aly has a great idea: lets flood the country with Muslims!

Indeed: who could be more deserving of sharing our wealth!

Yes we do have the video, here:

Islamist Waleed Aly proposes to open Australian borders

  • Islamist Waleed Aly , has been propagating the Muslim Brotherhood program since his mysterious self-discovery journey to Egypt.

Previous Exploits:


Refugees know Kevin Rudd has opened the door / The Australian


Pay people-smugglers, float towards Australia’s coastline, set fire to your vessel when confronted by authorities,win residency:

All surviving asylum-seekers from the boat that exploded near Ashmore Reef in April will be granted permanent residency in Australia, ahead of a coronial inquest into the cause of the blaze that killed five of their fellow passengers.

They’ll be loving this in Makassar.

Australia: Islamic da’awa at taxpayers expense — Winds Of Jihad

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Hate speech laws, Muslim invasion & "Peace" prices

US Hate crimes bill – law by the weekend?


A spokesman with the American Family Association says the hate crimes bill passed Thursday afternoon by the House could have a chilling effect on free speech and religious freedoms in the nation.

“For the first time in American history we are criminalizing thought,” Read it all

Second Thoughts on Immigration

(American Spectator)

“If Europe is getting more immigrants than its voters want,” Caldwell contends, “this is a good indication its democracy is malfunctioning.”


Every official prediction about Muslim immigrants proved false. Caldwell lays them out in detail:

Immigrants would be few in number. Since they were coming to fill short-term gaps in the labor force, most would stay in Europe only temporarily. Some might stay longer. No one assumed they would ever be eligible for welfare. That they would retain the habits and cultures of Muslim villages, clans, market-places and mosques was a thought too bizarre to entertain.

Their families and villages followed until the Muslim population swelled from tiny numbers in 1950 to as many as 17 million by 2000. There are now at least 5 million Muslims in France, 4 million in Germany, and 2 million in Great Britain. By the middle of this century, the foreign-born population could reach one-third in most European countries. Read it here>>


Andrew Bolt:

This is becoming very, very expensive:

BORDER protection authorities have intercepted yet another boatload of asylum-seekers off Australia’s northwest coast, the 31st vessel to be detected this year…On board were 52 passengers and three crew…

So far this year, 1649 passengers have arrived by boat, ferried by a total of 64 crew members.


Former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews makes a contrast with the number of boat people in the last five years of the Howard Government:

Since 2002, there were less than 250 illegal boat arrivals.

Is the Rudd Government absolutely sure it didn’t send out the wrong signal last year in softening our laws against this kind of thing? One small mercy, I guess: “only” 25 people have since drowned in trying to get here.

But the cost to taxpayers is enormous, to judge by figures released in May by the Government:

When calculated over the October-February period, the numbers show authorities spent more than $5.3 million on the 141 people who were in detention as of February 28 – or $38,000 a detainee.

That suggests the boat arrivals just this year alone have cost us around $65 million. And that’s just for starters…


Tim Blair

Five dodgy Norwegians give an encouragement prize to Barack Obama. According to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this “confirms, finally, America’s return to the hearts of the people of the world.” The whole world? And here’s the Prez himself:

“This prize reflects the kind of world we want to build … I will accept this award as a call to action … We can’t accept a world where people are denied opportunity … This award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity.”

Who knew that fewer than half-a-dozen unknown gravlaks-munchers could make him do all that stuff?

big spending negro

That Nobel Peace Prize: Bashes Bush, Handcuffs Obama

Daniel Pipes

My prediction: The absurdity of the prize decision will harm Obama politically in the United States, contrasting his role as international celebrity with his record devoid of accomplishments. Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, notes that Obama “won’t be receiving any awards from Americans for job creation, fiscal responsibility, or backing up rhetoric with concrete action.” Expert to hear much more along those lines.

Wanna complain to the Nobel idiots? Not that they’ll listen. They’re morons. But if you wanna send ‘em hatemail go for it by writing to

Cultural Sensitivity in Calais

The Calais ‘jungle’ and the Islamic settlement of Britain

Damian Thompson/Telegraph UK/ HT Mullah

How interesting that French police waited until the end of Ramadan before forcibly dismantling the Calais “jungle”. That tells us something we really need to remember about a huge proportion of the illegal immigrants seeking to enter Britain: that they are pious Muslims.

Note that there was a bigger fuss about the taking down of the mosque than there was about the removal of the makeshift houses. And note, too, that the refugees declared their determination to enter Britain (”nothing will stop us”) almost in the same breath as their devotion to their place of worship.


“We demand the British Passport”-that’s real groovy….

More multicultural enrichment news:

Counter Jihad links

Muslim invaders shout: No border, No nation, No deportation


I was struck by one of the slogans chanted by protesters: “No border, No nation, No deportation”. For it is in the Muslim world that borders and nations are most successfully transcended by religion. The Calais protesters and their supporters are exploiting one of the most important social developments of our time: the deliberate confusion of the Islamic concept of ummah with universal human rights (which are not recognised in Muslim countries, but there you go).

No doubt I’ll be accused of Islamophobia. But let me be clear what I’mnot saying: that the young immigrants are jihadists in embryo. Their conversation may be spiced with anti-Western rhetoric, but once they arrive they will soon feel at home in a country which offers ready opportunities for employment, welfare – and religious separatism.

Our public sector works hard to facilitate the construction of ghettos: just this week we learned that Home Office staff have been told not to eat in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. Such privileges are worth a few months’ wait – and, in the long run, the disappearance of one particular refugee camp will make not the slightest bit of difference.