"Go Back To Where You Came From"

Dumbing Down

Australia’s state run propaganda  TV  wants you to open your hearts, your homes  and your pockets WIDE   to accommodate  millions of the worlds impoverished muslims. (don’t mention the others!)

Lets spread the wealth around folks!

Bleeding hearts Australians experience life in two of the world’s most violent and desperate countries, Somalia and Afghanistan.  (To be fair; some of the participants are under heavy pressure to change their minds. I mean, how can anyone not want Australia to become Islamic?)

The whole thing is a shameless exercise in revenue raising for just about every UN & Soros run aid and human rights agency. Since the vid starts automatically, I have to put it below the fold.

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Title Mills, Entitlements, Dumbing Down & Pork in Schools


While the Obamster floods the country with hundreds of thousands of unassimilable, hostile Somali, Paki & Bangladeshi Muselmaniacs, America’s Ivy League institutions are dumbing down to mere title mills for Sowdi Barbarians:

Record Number of Saudi Students Now Studying in the U.S. …(CBS calls it an “educational exchange program”- in spite of the fact that there is no ‘exchange’ but a one way street for Islamic da’awa in ‘America)

This year alone about 130,000 Saudi students are studying abroad, half of them in the United States, said James B. Smith, the U.S. ambassador to Riyadh.

The stated goal of the program, which the Arab News daily in December reported cost more than 20 billion riyals ($5.3 billion), is to prepare Saudi nationals to replace expatriate workers in better-paid technical jobs in the kingdom, reducing unemployment.

If education had any impact on the betterment of these people, western educated Arabs would be the most productive people in the world. Sadly, Islam stifles mental growth and the retrograde force of the religion paralyzes all prospects of   improvement.

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Radical Islamic headbangers in Canadian schools

Are the English world champions in dhimmitude?

Political correctness gone mad:

Confirmed: Islam Stifles Mental Growth

Sarazzin exonerated:

Bundesbank’s Thilo Sarrazin: ‘Immigrants making Germany dumber …

Fact, not simply the opinion of a “racist Islamophobe”

Daily Mail

Muslim immigrants are making Germany ‘dumber’, according to a board member of the country’s central bank.  Thilo Sarrazin claimed the ‘limited education’ of immigrants – coupled with their high birth rate – meant Germans ‘are becoming dumber in a simple way’.

He said: ‘There’s a difference in the reproduction of population groups with varying intelligence…

“I don’t have to accept someone who lives off a state they reject, doesn’t properly take care of the education of his children-and keeps producing more little girls in headscarves,’ Mr Sarrazin said.

‘That goes for 70 percent of the Turkish and 90 percent of the Arabic population of Berlin.’ He added that they were not fit for much other than ‘fruit and vegetable selling’.

In his latest speech this week he said there were ‘ample statistics’ proving he was correct about German intelligence.  More>>

EU: Ethnic diversity at school has a negative effect on learning

Islam in Europe

EU: Ethnic diversity at school has a negative effect on learning

Fifteen-year-old pupils from schools with high ethnic diversity perform worse than comparable pupils from schools with homogenous student populations. This applies not just to the immigrant children, but also to the pupils from the country in question. For the latter group, the negative effect is strongest in school systems with a hierarchy of school types, such as the Dutch and German systems. What’s more, the number and origin of the immigrant pupils also plays an important role. Having a higher proportion of pupils from Islamic countries at a given school negatively influences the performance of all pupils at that school. But in contrast, a higher share of pupils from South and East Asia has a positive effect. This is just one of Jaap Dronkers’s conclusions from his empirical research using international PISA data, which he discusses in his inaugural lecture. Read more »