Title Mills, Entitlements, Dumbing Down & Pork in Schools


While the Obamster floods the country with hundreds of thousands of unassimilable, hostile Somali, Paki & Bangladeshi Muselmaniacs, America’s Ivy League institutions are dumbing down to mere title mills for Sowdi Barbarians:

Record Number of Saudi Students Now Studying in the U.S. …(CBS calls it an “educational exchange program”- in spite of the fact that there is no ‘exchange’ but a one way street for Islamic da’awa in ‘America)

This year alone about 130,000 Saudi students are studying abroad, half of them in the United States, said James B. Smith, the U.S. ambassador to Riyadh.

The stated goal of the program, which the Arab News daily in December reported cost more than 20 billion riyals ($5.3 billion), is to prepare Saudi nationals to replace expatriate workers in better-paid technical jobs in the kingdom, reducing unemployment.

If education had any impact on the betterment of these people, western educated Arabs would be the most productive people in the world. Sadly, Islam stifles mental growth and the retrograde force of the religion paralyzes all prospects of   improvement.

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Political correctness gone mad:

4 thoughts on “Title Mills, Entitlements, Dumbing Down & Pork in Schools”

  1. I read the pork article, I like how in an effort to cover their dhimmitude to Islam they added in the Jews as a cover. The Jews have never asked for special treatment in the UK.

  2. Re: ‘Saudi Arabia: Letter to Foreign Women Attracted to Saudi Students’

    Why on earth, in this day and age, and what we know about the M.E., would any intelligent western woman in her right mind want to have anything to do with any misogynist neanderthal from there. Any western woman who does has to be seriously weak minded and need a dominate and controlling person to waste a portion of their life on with any man from there. Good luck sister, because you’ll need it sooner or later.

  3. How are the students going to ever try a Hawaiian pizza? England is getting to sound so crazy and weird.

  4. Actually neither did the muslims. The left wing moon-bats did this all on their own!

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