Gangland Chicago: Sharia Ponzi Scheme Goes Belly Up

Three men charged in Islamic-based Ponzi scheme

Sharia banking fails again. So should the perps be sentenced under Islamic law?  But wait: doesn’t their “Religion” permit them to lie, cheat, and commit fraud, as long as the victim isn’t of their faith?  Questions, questions…. so what if most of their victims are Muslims? In that case, should the perps be stoned, hanged, quartered or beheaded?

Most important, what would Muhammad do?

(Chacago Business)

Three owners of a Chicago-based real estate development firm have been charged with fraud for allegedly cheating investors out of $43 million while claiming to be compliant with Islamic law.

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Perth: Muslim school director guilty of fraud

“Phantom Students” Not Found

With Islamic migration,  phantoms, jinn’s and genies it will certainly liven up many courtroom proceedings in the future. The existence of jinn is taken for granted in the Qur’an, so we will be seeing more of this in the West……

Thanks to elle

Angie Raphael, who reports this for Ninemsm,  thinks we should feel sorry for him:

A Muslim school director has had his livelihood ruined by a guilty verdict handed down in a Perth court, his lawyer says.

Anwar Sayed was remanded in custody on Thursday after a jury in the District Court found him guilty on two counts of fraud, having deliberated for nearly four hours.

“Phantom students” ruined his life: Anwar Sayed

The 50-year-old had been accused of falsifying student numbers at the Muslim Ladies College of Australia in Kenwick, in Perth’s south to obtain a portion of government grants worth $1.125 million.

The school received about $164,000 from the state government and about $961,000 from the federal government.

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Are Aussie Journo's the Dumbest in the World?

Sharia enforced: court throws out male journalists

Andrew Bolt

And the journalists accepted this court-enforced segregation?

A MUSLIM woman who sparked a national debate when she asked to give evidence in court wearing a niqab has uncovered her face to testify in a fraud trial.

Tasneem, whose last name has been suppressed by the Perth District Court, gave evidence for just 15 minutes today in the trial of Anwar Sayed…

Tasneem, 36, has worn a niqab since the age of 17 and wanted to wear it while giving evidence in the trial. But Judge Shauna Deane in August ruled she must remove the face-covering garment so that the jury could see her facial expressions…

Judge Deane last week ruled that to make it easier for Tasneem to give evidence comfortably, men would be removed from the court.

The only men allowed in the courtroom while she gave her evidence today were male jurors, the judge’s usher, Mr Sayed and the lawyers. While female journalists were allowed to stay in the court to report on Tasneem’s evidence, male journalists were ejected.

I’m shocked none of the male journalists or their employers protested against this segregation.


Apologies – the fault is the court’s:

A lawyer representing Network Ten and the Seven and Nine networks made an application on Friday to alter the order so that male journalists could remain in court, but the application was rejected.

2nd Update from Ezra Levant:

Canada takes the sharia one step further

It is illegal for a woman wearing a face-obscuring veil to board a plane in Canada. But a unanimous ruling last week by the Ontario Court of Appeal says it’s just fine for that same woman to give testimony in court with her face covered.

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Perth: Islamic college leaders guilty of fraud


The coffee-filter should be screwed or nailed to his head. That would be a far more appropriate punishment.

Abdallah Saad Magar/Islam Monitor

Most Islamic “private” schools are nothing but fraud as they charge their student less than standard public school fees and exist only because of the Australian taxpayer forced jiziya.

H/T Mullah

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The injustice! The humiliation! How dare these filthy kafirs apply man made law to the sons of allah who only helped themselves to what they are entitled to! If that doesn’t call for jihad, I don’t know what will!

KATE CAMPBELL, The West Australian

Two Islamic college leaders were this afternoon found guilty of fraudulently claiming millions of dollars from the State and Federal governments to help get the school out of financial trouble.

A District Court jury convicted Australian Islamic College founder Abdallah Saad Magar of 14 out of 15 fraud charges. Principal Aziz Magdi was found guilty of five out of nine fraud charges. A third man, another principal, Mark Brian Debowski, was acquitted of his three fraud charges.

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Polygamy is illegal in Australia, but a Centrelink spokeswoman said it was not the welfare agency's job to police polygamy law

Dereliction of Duty:

Growing number of Muslim men and multiple wives exploiting loophoole for taxpayer handouts

  • Mark Dunn Herald Sun
  • A GROWING number of Muslim men and their multiple wives are exploiting a loophole to get taxpayer handouts.

    Centrelink has confirmed it has investigated up to 20 cases of multiple relationships, including polygamy, in the past two years for payment irregularities.

    It has forced some families to pay money back.

    Polygamy is illegal in Australia, but a Centrelink spokeswoman said it was not the welfare agency’s job to police polygamy laws.

    Other News from the RoP:

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    UK: Our Values vs Islamo-Fraud

    No, madam, it’s you who have offended MY values

    • Scaring infidels into submission with black shrouds?
    woman in a Burkha   

    Burkha rage: The “traditional dress” can does make officials back off

    (More multiculti befuddlement: the burkha is not “traditional dress” – its a nightmare for us and them. Besides, its meant to spook us…/ed)

    Allison Pearson/Mail Online, thanks to Davey

    On a train to London, a young woman wearing a burkha, with only her heavily made-up eyes peeping out, did not have a valid ticket. 

    Challenged by the guard, the young woman gave a litany of excuses. She had left her bag at her boyfriend’s, he had bought the ticket, she had no money on her…

    My friend Jane, who was in the same carriage, noticed how the guard became nervous as the Muslim girl presented herself as an innocent in a society she didn’t understand.

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    Degassing the Goracle and the fraud of "Global Warming"

    Andrew Bolt:


    1. wouldn’t you think people should know Gore is a partner in a company that has invested $1 billion of clients’ money in 40 companies set to benefit from the global warming policies he’s urging on the US?
    2. Some background on how Gore has grown rich on climate alarmism here. 
    3. Michelle Malkin: The Thrilla in Vanilla: Gore vs. Gingrich in Global Warming ‘Showdown’?

    Update:  Prince Charles gasses on too…


    Failed asylum seeker jailed for 18 months for benefits con

    Mirror UK

    * Newsflash: Saddam’s Tariq Aziz Applies for British Asylum…


    * Asylum from what? Was he persecuted by his fellow Muslims? Unlikely.  Is seeking fertility treatment for your wife an entitlement to seek asylum in an infidel country? Something doesn’t add up here:

    A failed asylum seeker was jailed for 18 months yesterday after admitting dishonestly receiving more than £100,000 in state handouts.

    BMW-driving Huseyin Akbulut, 48, came to the UK from Turkey in 1993 to get fertility treatment for his wife.

    He unsuccessfully claimed asylum in 2001 and, when appeal rights were exhausted, began fiddling benefits.

    The UK Border Agency, who plan to recoup the cash from his assets, said: “He abused the country’s hospitality for his own greed.”

    Doncaster crown court heard the local dad-of-one made false claims for six years despite holding key positions in four businesses.

    Akbulut was given £66,957 in accommodation payments and £33,225 in cash.