UK: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind

Jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza’s home has a £40,000 makeover… paid by taxpayers, of course.

Pampered: Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza’s family home is having a £40,000 makeover

Hate preacher Abu Hamza’s family home is having a £40,000 makeover paid for by tax payers, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Workmen from at least three construction firms have already spent two months doing up the £700,000, five-bedroom council property in an exclusive West London street.

Astonishingly, it is the second time in only five years that council bosses have approved expensive renovations on the property where the hook-handed cleric’s wife and eight children live supported by benefits worth nearly £700 a week.

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  • How the West is Being Lost (Riding the PC wave to democracy’s shores has been effective for the Muslim Brotherhood.)
  • Radical Islam targeting America (The Islamic enemy has a clarity of vision, while the intended victims are hampared by political correctness.)
  • Jihad on the dole (unconditional aid causes jihad. “the money belongs to Allah”.  Removing the incentive for work creates the opportunity for religious Muslims to find other activities.)

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UK: Despite vilification by the lame stream media the EDL is picking up steam


Rabbi Nachum Shifren, the “surfing rabbi” from California: “you want multiculturalism? Go to Sowdi Barbaria!”

Sorry about the crackling sound (which was caused by an opposition supporter trying to sabotage the event by throwing water over the PA system), but otherwise, good stuff.

A Jewish speaker, a crowd composed of all cultures,  including Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, a crowd of mixed colour and race, and yet the media STILL brand the EDL as racist.

The rabbi had earlier called Muslims “dogs” and told the EDL “We will never surrender to the sword of Islam.”


“We don’t care if you call us racists” EDL leader Stephen Lennon

A FAR-RIGHT group of English patriots has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.

Daily Star

The English Defence League said it has written to every council in the country threatening a mass invasion if they ban the word “Christmas”. It includes using the term “winter festival” in case Christmas upsets Muslims.

EDL leader Stephen Lennon said “working class people” in the UK were “at boiling point” over what he says is the “Islamisation of Britain.” (More)

EDL rally with Rabbi Nachum Shifren

The English Defence League (EDL) rallied outside the Israeli embassy with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren from L.A. The hope is that a connection will be forged between the EDL and the Tea Party in America. London, United Kingdom, 24/10/2010.

A Danish View of the EDL

The English Defence League has a reputation as a “racist” organization. It matters not a whit to the media oligarchs that Islam is not a race. It makes no difference that the EDL has numerous non-white members who cherish English culture. In the MSM and among the chattering classes, the meme is set, and cannot be changed.

The Danish journalist Sigurd Ericson visited England to find out first-hand the truth about the EDL’s “racism”. His report has been published at Europe News, and is reproduced here with permission. (A Danish View / Gates of Vienna)

Busted! Look how the slime from the media cooks the news:

Here’s a quick takedown of the media lies the craven British press create and fabricate out of whole cloth to smear and destroy those standing in defense of freedom, namely the EDL. (Atlas Shrugs)

See how the media fights for jihad and subjugation. It is astounding, time and again — a dog returning to his own vomit. I strongly support that these tools and would-be slaves be given their wish. They should live under the sharia as dhimmis under Islamic law. But why must they insist that free men live that way, too? They are choosing slavery over freedom. We are not. One world under a universal caliphate, that is what the media is fighting for. We will not.

Despite the relentless character asassination and mass media defamation and lies, (check out today’s front page) I say to the EDL,  d-o  n-o-t  b-a-c-k d-o-w-n. Yours is a just and noble cause. Carry on and hold yourself to a higher standard than these parasites and statists.

We stand with you.

UPDATE: An Israeli speaks

So sorry:

Abject Dhimmitude:

Surveillance cameras in Muslim areas to be taken down “to restore trust” More than 200 cameras targeted at Muslim suburbs of Birmingham as part of a secret counter-terrorism initiative are to be dismantled, it emerged today.

Off the hook?

HOOK-handed mullah Abu Hamza has won a reprieve from deportation after the Home Office’s expert witness changed his mind.   (Daily Star)

Abu Hamza seems to have friends in all the right places:  European Court Of Human Rights Halts Extradition Of Abu Hamza

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UK: Strange Entitlements, Great Benefits….

Davey Crockett send this in:

Voting by Proxy From Pakistan

Who are the enablers? Who are these people voting for?

People are going door to door asking Britons to blindly sign proxy forms for the upcoming elections, allowing someone else in the UK to vote on their behalf.

“They said I didn’t have to fill in any details, just to sign my name at the bottom of the form,” he says, smiling. “So I signed two.”

Jihad on Benefits

Andrew Bolt/Scenes from our tribal frontiers

Suspected terrorists demand the benefits of the state they allegedly tried to destroy:

FAMILIES of suspected terrorists can claim thousands of pounds in benefits from British taxpayers, a European court ruled yesterday.

In a judgment that sparked a furious response, the European Court of Justice said handouts to suspects’ wives were unlikely to fund terror activities.

As a result, they can continue to claim income support, disability allowance, and child, housing and council tax benefits. And those payments should not be monitored by the Treasury.

These families seem to be outbreeding the native-born taxpayers of the despised country they’ve joined:

The first woman, M, and her husband are Egyptian citizens with a legal right to live in the UK. The pair are disabled, have five children and are entirely dependent on benefits of more than £350 a week.

The second woman, A, had seven children with her husband, one of whom has Down’s Syndrome… The final suspect is a Tunisian man who was legally resident in the UK with his Bosnian wife. They and their four children were entitled to some £310 a week in benefits.

Then there’s the family of hook-handed jihadist Abu Hamza:

Taxpayers have already spent millions keeping Hamza and his family housed, clothed and fed. His wife Najat Chaffe, 49, has claimed benefits for herself and their six children for at least 10 years.

Counter Jihad News

Sheik Yer’mami is on a fishing trip and his internet connection is down. In the meantime, may we direct you to a few news items that might interest you:

Muslim Cousin Fucking:

The marriages of Muslim cousins is arousing confusion in Norway and Sweden. Finland has declined to acknowledge the issue of Muslim cousin breeding and hopes the issue disappears.

The Eye Witness presents on the Swedish SVT series’ program about Muslim cousin fucking. The program raises the question why the Swedish authorities remain silent about the risks of the Muslim inbreeding. More on  Muslim cousin fucking in Scandinavia>>>

Sweden’s welfare services not good enough for Afghanis:

“We receive way too little of assistance. We have no food, no activities, and nobody is helping us out with our homework,” complained Jofari. “They promised us that they’d help, but they don’t. We are required to study instead of preparing food and shop. They just tell us ‘here are the rules’ and that ‘we must accept them.’

This led the Afghan Muslims to hunger strike – it means even less food an activities, because they quit attending the school as well.  Afghan boys in hunger strike in Sweden/CJ

Abu Hamza loves UK

Here’s the song: Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza, the jailed cleric, has launched a bid to retain his British citizenship in a move described as legal “guerilla warfare” by a judge.

Hamza, the hook-handed former imam at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, is currently in jail for incitement to murder and stirring up racial hatred.

He is fighting extradition to the US when his seven-year sentence is completed next year, claiming that it would breach his human rights.

Not to worry: Britain hasn’t deported any Mohammedan headbangers yet. Why would he be the first? Telegraph In fact,   Rashid wants to leave but  Britain refuses to let him go>>

Terror preacher Abu Hamza gets round hunger strike with crisps

Jean Smith/Daily Record

  • Can’t  a fella have a bisquit?


HOOK-HANDED cleric Abu Hamza is cheating his way through a prison “hunger strike” by gorging on crisps.

The terrorist and his al-Qaeda followers in the High Security Unit in Belmarsh have refused to eat prison food all week.

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Abu Hamza human rights circus: “All he has to do is say he doesn’t fancy his pudding”

HATE preacher Abu Hamza claimed his human rights were breached because he was served RUM ice cream in prison.

The hook-handed cleric, 50, said the sweet broke halal rules because it contained alcohol.

A source at top-security Belmarsh jail in Woolwich, South East London, said: “It’s utterly barmy and a massive over-reaction — most prisoners would see it as a treat.

Belmarsh ... top security jail where Abu Hamza is held  

Belmarsh … top security jail where Abu Hamza is held

“All he has to do is say he doesn’t fancy his pudding.”

Other notorious terrorists in the jail — including dirty bomber Dhiren Barot, 35 — have joined the protest.

It is backed by a website linked to controversial lawyer Mudassar Arani.

The site said: “Muslims were provided with rum ice cream. This obviously contains alcohol and therefore could not possibly be deemed compatible with the Islamic faith.”It also claimed that Muslims were given yoghurt containing traces of unsuitable products.

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Abu Hamza

By Sheik yer’mami


Sheik Yer Mami’s Song – Abu Hamza
Click below to listen:

Abu Hamza al Masri is one of the most notorious hate-preachers in Londonistan, his activities are well known and recorded. Abu Hamza believes that infidels are no better than cattle or wild beasts, they can be killed, enslaved, sold into slavery or ‘whatever…’ Abu Hamza is now (finally) in jail, the British government pays enormous amounts of money to keep him guarded and clean, he’s got a personal assistant called ‘dirty Harry’ who has to wipe his azzz, welfare-payments to his (extended) family costs the British taxpayer more than 100.000 pounds annually…

The song ends with Condoleeza Rice’s infamous, pathetic statement that ‘disrespect to the ‘holy Koran is not now, nor will it ever be, tolerated in the United States…’

Words to the Abu Hamza song

Abu Hamza wants to kill you,
Abu’s got that dirty look
Abu Hamza’s got a glass eye
And the British welfare system
Just bought him a brand new hook

Abu sent his son to Yemen,
To blow the British mission to the sky, skyhigh
But they put them in the slammer
Wow what a katzenjammer
Could you all believe who they would call?

“British Consulate, may I help you?”

“Alhamdullillah, bismillah, rahman rahim…”

‘We’re British citizens,
Were British citizens
You’ve got to help us
We wouldn’t hurt a fly
We wouldn’t do no harm
Were British citizens
You’ve cot to help us
Were British citizens
You’ve got to help us
We wouldn’t hurt a fly
We wouldn’t do no harm
Were British citizens
You’ve cot to help us
We’re all innocent
We wouldn’t tell a lie….

Abu Hamza is now in jail
No they wouldn’t let him out on bail
Well dirty Harry is not his friend
But he gives him a helping hand
Yeah “dirty Harry” wipes his ass
It’s all such a disgrace
While you and I,-we foot the bill
I guess it’s all in Allah’s will

Uuuuhhh, get ready for the Islamic invasion…!!!
My Koran got stuck in the loo
3 days I couldn’t take a poo
a week went by, and my momma cried:

“Oh my gaaaaad! This shit put a hurt on my nose
You better get your ass in there boy and clean that toilet up…”

Hmmm, I realized I had a problem.
When I looked out the window I saw the riots in the street
So I switched on my TV

And there she was, Condi Rice, secretary of state, real purdy with that yellow cotton dress…

And she said:

‘Disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor will it ever be, tolerated in the United States….

And my mama cried…

‘Damn boy you better get yo ass in there and clean that toilet up, that …….’


(One of) Abu Hamza’s Son’s goes into Muzik Biznez


‘Jihad in Denmark’ Rap

* Another generation, the message of hate remains:

Explosive rhythms
Young people rap about Jihad and suicide bombings

The article itself runs over 4 full pages and seems not to be posted online. Some core items and names:

Médhi Zaouiche, bearded as a sign of allegiance to Muhammad. Usually wears a ‘Jihad’ T-shirt. His video “9/11” was banned in France.
Subjects covered by the lyrics used to be racism and mafia shootouts, but now concepts like Umma, Kafir, Jihad, Allah, and the (supposed) discrimination against Muslims worldwide appear.

More relevant names: Digihad, Fun-Da-Mental, “Cookbook D.I.Y.”, “Dirty Kuffar”, “Russian Hell”, “All is War”, Blakstone.

Mohammad Kamel Mostafa, son of Abu Hamza of Finsbury Mosque fame, part of the duo “Lionz of Da Dezert”. Favorite subject: Jihad with full force of weapons.
Marwan (from Ã…rhus) on his debut album P.E.R.K.E.R.. states: “Death to all presidents, there is only Allah!” (‘Perker’ is a derogative of the Danish word ‘perser’, which means ‘Persian’).


Abu Hamza hates Homo’s

* Hamza’s ‘human rights’ have been violated, you see…

EXCLUSIVE Cleric bans homosexual nurse from washing and dressing him in jail

HATE preacher Abu Hamza has refused any more treatment from his prison nurse after finding out the man is gay.
The nurse, nickname Queenie, has been helping to wash and dress the convicted terrorist for more than two years.
A prison source told the Mirror the full-time staffer is openly gay and has a camp voice.
Officers at Belmarsh jail are said to be surprised Hamza, 48, has not noticed before.

Now the cleric is claiming it is against his religion and human rights to be treated by a homosexual. The source said Hamza’s solicitor wrote to the governor demanding his client is given a new regular nurse.
The prison service refused saying it does not discriminate on grounds of sexuality.

The source said: “The nurse is upset about it. He has spent the last couple of years doing everything for Hamza, even wiping his bottom.
“It shows how little respect Hamza has for others. The nurse dresses him, washes him, cleans his teeth, cuts his toenails, trims his beard and applies ointment for his skin disorder.”
Egyptian-born Hamza, serving seven years for inciting murder and racial hatred, requires care because he is limited by his hook hands.
The source said: “His nurse is open about being gay. He even speaks with a camp voice. His nickname is Queenie.
“Hamza has been refusing treatment while he is on duty but he won’t be able to keep that up because it is causing him a great deal of discomfort.”
The prison service said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”



“Disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States..”


— a statement by Condoleezza Rice quoted aboveThe “holy Koran”? It may be “holy” to Muslims. Is Condoleezza Rice a Muslim? Does she speak for 300 million Americans, 298.5 million of whom are not Muslims and who do not regard the Koran as “holy”? Has this become the Homeric epithet of choice?

As for this “disrespect” business — my, a whole lot of people are suddenly bringing this word into common usage. Barack Obama breaks with Jeremiah Wright not because of his 20 years of ranting, but because, in his recent appearances and discussions, he showed “me [Barack Obama] disrespect.” This is the “you dissin’ me” charge that apparently has been spreadinig throughout the land. Respect, or what used to called lack of respect, are both earned. They are not simply automatic. Condoleezza Rice has no business speaking for the United States of America, and its 200-year history, in her dreamy belief that no “disrespect” for the “holy” Koran “has…ever been” or “ever…will be” tolerated. Does she know what is in the Koran? Does she think it a book worthy of “respect”? Why? Because some parts of it are not bad? Because if fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong, as used to be said, than more than a billion Muslims must also, assuredly, be right?

Where is the discussion of the actual contents of the Qur’an, based on some demonstrated familiarity with its text, and with its effect, through time and space, on the minds of Believers, and hence on the history of the world?

This kind of remark shows, once more, that we are led by people who perfectly embody the decline (if not yet the fall), the degradation of the demogratic dogma that has been repeatedly warned about, over the past century, by everyone from Henry Adams to Ortega, warnings that have heedlessly been ignored.

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 18, 2008 11:29 AM


The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been arrested over a suspected burglary attempt.

Criminal Muslim Family Update

Mustafa Kamel, 18 – one of hook-handed extremist Hamza’s seven children – was one of two youths arrested after a man caught someone breaking into his home.

The householder saw the suspect climbing in through a window at the rear and managed to chase him off.

<p>More from the Illustrated PIG

* A clever hack for the cause:

Abu Hamza’s Muslim lawyer earns £1m a year in legal aid from representing terror suspects

* Bleeding the kuffar for the Muhammedan cause: Mudassar Arani

Daily Mail

A solicitor who specialises in representing terror suspects and tells them not to cooperate with police was paid almost £1 million in legal aid last year.

Muddassar Arani’s firm represented Abu Hamza, dirty bomb plotter Dhirin Barot and three of the 21/7 bombers in recent years.

She has raked in £3.5 million in taxpayer-funded support to help defend extremist suspects in recent years, according to new figures.

In the seven years documented in figures released under the Freedom of Information Act payments from the Legal Services Commission have almost quadrupled.

In one month alone – May last year – the firm billed almost £400,000 for legal services.

Muslim cleric Abu Hamza and the dirty bomber Dhiren Barot were both represented by Arani’s firm, which made nearly £1m this year
The 44-year-old mum of two once boasted in a magazine that those accused of terrorism come to her first.

In the same interview just 10 months before London’s July 7 suicide bombs, she claimed the terror threat in the UK was ‘deliberately hyped’ and said the Government were ‘probably guilty of promoting Islamaphobia’.

Despite the zealous religious beliefs of many of her clients Mrs Arani has claimed she is ‘not a very religious person” and only started wearing a headscarf in the late 1990’s after she went on Hajj to Mecca.

As a representative of some of the world’s most infamous terror suspects Mrs Arani’s firm have printed leaflets encouraging anyone contacted by anti-terrorist branch police to remain silent.

It reads: ‘Do not talk to them regarding any matter.’

Her advice flies in the face of a plea by the Muslim Council of Britain for the community to give police ‘the fullest co-operation’ to catch terrorists.

Mrs Arani, who styles herself a human rights expert, said in a recent lecture: ‘The rule of thumb in a terrorist case is: Do not answer any questions put to you.’

Directing her remarks at suspects arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 she added: ‘You have a right to silence. Use it. Use that right to protect yourself and others who may be arrested with you.’

Mrs Arani, who speaks four languages, Hindu, Urdu, Punjabi and English, arrived in the UK aged eight in 1972 from her home country of Uganda after dictator Idi Amin expelled the Asian population.

A spokesman for the Legal Services Commission responsible for funding legal aid said: ‘Arani & Co will have to pay wages for solicitors, caseworkers, support staff and overheads, such as offices costs or management out of these payments.

‘In addition payments from the LSC will also cover disbursements paid to barristers, interpreters and expert witnesses for work carried out in relation to cases being handled by the firm.

‘Arani & Co primarily carry out publicly funded work in the areas of family and criminal law.

By providing initial advice and, when required, assistance at court in family disputes, the firm helps to ensure access to justice to some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded members of our society.

‘The criminal defence work the firm undertakes underpins one of the key principles of our criminal justice system.”


Ibrahim: Islam’s appeal and Captain Hook


In recent headlines, three American converts to Islam—Gregory Patterson, Levar Wasington, and Kevin James—were recently arrested and tried for intending to wage jihad against the U.S. They are by no means the first American converts to Islam to go terrorist.

There was Christopher Paul, who was tried for conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction; John Walker Lindh, who, as a “warrior of Islam,” was captured post 9/11 fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan; “Azzam the American” (formerly “Adam Gadahn”) who, after being graciously introduced by al-Qaeda leader Aymin Zawahiri on a video made some months ago proceeded to harangue and mock his fellow Americans—including JW’s own Robert Spencer—into abandoning Christianity and submitting to Allah; and Jose Padilla (aka “Abdullah al-Muhajir”).

Then, of course, there are the countless European converts. There’s the British “shoe-bomber,” Abdul Rahim (formerly “Richard Reid”) who attempted to achieve “martyrdom” by detonating explosives in his shoes while aboard a passenger aircraft; the late Abdullah Shaheed (formerly “Germaine Lindsay”) who did achieve “martyrdom” by killing himself and 56 of his fellow citizens, and injuring over 700, in the London bombings of 2005; and Abu Abdullah (original name unknown), the native Briton turned fiery Islamist preacher who, before finally being arrested, made no secret of his vitriolic hatred of the West (all, of course, while enjoying Western liberties, such as freedom of speech).

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Radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza has extradition to US postponed

The British Government has been told to postpone extradition of Abu Hamza until a ruling on whether sending him to a maximum security US jail would breach his human rights.


Hamza sons stole £1million worth of luxury cars to fund party lifestyle

By Julie Moult
09th April 2009

Abu Hamza

Race hate cleric Abu Hamza’s three sons stole luxury cars to fund their party lifestyle

Three sons of the firebrand Islamic preacher Abu Hamza could face jail after yesterday admitting taking part in a £1million stolen car fraud.

Hamza Kamel, 22, Mohamed Mostafa, 27, and their 28-year-old step brother Mohssin Ghailam used the cash to fund a ‘party lifestyle’.

One of the co-accused also admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

The trio and three friends selected expensive cars, including models by BMW and Mercedes, belonging to owners who they knew spent long periods away from home.

Once the gang, all from West London, established the owners were away they would write to the DVLA, posing as the car owner.

They would claim to have moved and request a new log book be sent to an address.

The DVLA would then write to the registered address saying that unless it received a reply within 21 days a new log book would be posted to the bogus address.

After receiving the new documents the gang used them to change the owner to an alias.

They then used the log book to obtain replacement keys from dealerships to get around the cars’ security systems.

Some of the vehicles were sold on to unsuspecting buyers, sold abroad or used as collateral against loans taken out under false names.

The gang would default on the loan, keep the cash and the car would disappear, leaving the loan company out of pocket.

A source said: ‘The total value of the scam, including the value of the cars and the loans, was about £1million.’

These guys were just using the money for themselves. Anti-terrorist police investigated the finances and there is no evidence at all this money was spent on terrorism. They just used the cash to party.’

Abu Hamza, 50, was jailed for six years in 2004 for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. He faces extradition to the U.S. for allegedly setting up an Al Qaeda training camp.

Last year another of his seven sons, Yasser Mostafa Kamel, 18, narrowly escaped a prison term after admitting burglary. He has a previous caution for handling stolen goods.

Last month he was arrested over allegations of violent disorder outside the Israeli embassy in London during protests over the conflict in Gaza.

Judge Peter Testar at Southwark Crown Court warned the gang yesterday they could face jail.

‘I am ordering these pre-sentence reports with no prejudice  -  that means no promises,’ he said.

Hamza Kamel pleaded guilty to five counts of handling stolen goods during the scam which ran from January 1, 2007 until November 5, 2008. He also admitted laundering £14,975 in cash.

Mostafa pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud  -  he took out a £12,000 loan against a stolen BMW and also used a fake name in an attempt to obtain keys for another BMW.

Their half-brother Ghailam admitted one charge of conspiracy to defraud and to one count of fraud for taking out an £11,000 loan under a false name using a stolen BMW.

The three others in the gang  -  Abdul Chiadmi, 22, Hamza Mrimou, 27, and Khalid Jebari, 22, all Londoners, admitted playing a part in the scam.

Jebari also admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

The case comes seven months after the 27-year- old daughter of hate preacher Omar Bakri was revealed to be a pole dancer after rebelling against her fanatical father….

Abu Hamza’s plumbing jihad

The symbolism of Abu Hamza’s sermons going through the plumbing system is just too good. More on this story. “Hate preacher Abu Hamza secretly gives lectures on Islam… through the water pipes of his prison cell,” by Rebecca Camber in the Daily Mail, November 17 (thanks to  JW):

Hate preacher Abu Hamza is delivering extremist sermons to prisoners through the water pipes of his cell, it has been claimed.

The Muslim cleric is defying a preaching ban imposed by prison bosses to radicalise inmates.

He is able to give his lectures through the plumbing that connects to neighbouring cells in Belmarsh Prison….

The Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think-tank, has called for the 51-year-old to be removed from the mainstream prison population.

Its report on growing prison radicalisation says the authorities have tried to stop him giving sermons openly.

But a source told the thinktank that Egyptian-born Hamza has found a way to talk to his fellow inmates – through the pipes….

UK: Hooked on Stoopid: Costly taps installed for hooked hate preacher

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Hate preacher Abu Hamza’s £280,000 house seized to pay back legal bill

Officials hope to raise £280,000 by selling Hamza’s Greenford home in an attempt to pay off some of the £300,000 spent on his defence

The commission was granted a seizure order by the High Court after lawyers proved the property belonged to him.Read More »

Jihad Snuff Videos

As with many primitive peoples it is the shedding of blood that gets them excited. The blood is seen as a libation to Allah. To quote the eminent Islamic theologian Abu Hamza al-Masri “There is no liquid loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood” “Whether you do it by the lamb, or you do it by a Serb, you do it by a Jew, you do it by any enemies of Allah,” he said. That drop of blood “is very dear.”

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