The Myth of Islamic Inventions

From Hizb ut Tahrir:

“If the evidence contradicts the Qur’an, the evidence must be regarded as false and rejected, because the Qur’an can not be in error”

Any ideology that rejects empirical observation is the natural antithesis of post enlightenment Western civilisation.

By Alan Robertson: the only Islamic inventions are the lies and the preposterous claims from Muslims:

Mohammedan Tokenism at the Science Museum

Ben Kingsley makes a fool of himself in this flick about the scientific heritage of “Muslim civilization”. The mini-movie, entitled 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets, accompanies a global touring exhibition that this currently open to the public at the Science Museum in London. The exhibition runs till 30th June 2010 and then goes on an international tour.  Watch if you can bear it

By Alan Robertson — The current exhibition of “Muslim inventions” at the South Kensington science museum is an absurd example of deception, misrepresentation and falsification of history in order to appease the ever growing Third World colonisation of our country.

Under the title “1001 Inventions — discover the Muslim heritage in our world,” the exhibition claims to reveal all the contributions which Islam has made to civilisation.

Central to the exhibition is a model of a wooden water wheel. Please forgive the pun, but is this really so revolutionary?

Then there is a picture of a stone arch originating some 2000 years BC.

Sources show that the earliest known arches did originate in Mesopotamia, which would correspond to modern day Iraq, Syria and Turkey. However, since Islam did not arrive until 570 AD, this invention is not Muslim.

An interactive display allows viewers to browse other ancient inventions from the Muslim world.

Here you will see that coffee was apparently ‘invented’ by an Arab in the ninth century. Invented? Are they serious?

Carpets first appeared in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East about 2000 BC but this is again pre-Islamic. In any case, how can carpets be an invention?


Welcome to the ass-backwards world of Islamic science, where reason and fact need not apply. Is Gravity ‘Shirk’? Does Mohammedanism defeat gravity?

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Arab Prof. Salim Al-Hassani doctors Islamic science fiction book for UK

Abominable Islamic propaganda for UK textbooks: petro-dollars hard at work. The only thing the Arabs ever invented is Islam and the burka…

mini-quranThe only ‘science’ Mohammedans have ever invented are the false claims in the Koran…

UK foundation to distribute textbook that lauds Muslim world’s scientific and cultural heritage

Sep. 2, 2009

jonny paul, jpost correspondent in london , THE JERUSALEM POST

An educational foundation in the UK has announced plans to distribute to high schools a free book that highlights the scientific and cultural legacies of Muslim civilization.

1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World is the creation of the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization (FSTC), a Manchester-based organization set up to raise awareness of the contributions of the Muslim world to modern civilization.

FSTC said the contribution that Muslim and other civilizations have made to the modern world has been widely overlooked and that its team of academics has focused on debunking the myth of the so-called “Dark Ages of Civilization.”

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The "root causes" of the Islamic mess

Fitzgerald: The “root causes” of Islamic disarray

To what we owe the Arabs:

Highest civilization on the planet. We were still living in caves when Arab Muslims invented the wheel…


Arabs and Muslims, it has been said, cling to their past. And it’s true: they do cling to “their” past, as long as that past is the past that came after the pre-Islamic past that went before, which is merely one long Jahiliyya, or Time of Ignorance. There is no real interest in that past, though one will find the Iraqi peacock-proud that “civilization started here” — but he won’t know about that “civilization.” He won’t have been part of the discovery and recovery and study of that “civilization” — Ur and Babylon and Assyria. For that was a Western thing, a thing that Western Infidels, from Henry Austen Layard to Leonard Woolley, undertook. Copts in Egypt are a very different matter, because they know, even if they do not always say aloud, that they are the true inheritors of Egypt’s civilization. They are the ones linked continuously back to Egypt’s pre-Islamic civilization, including the language that existed before the Arabs arrived and came, in fits and starts, to reduce the Coptic percentage of the population. Massed forcible conversions were not unknown, especially in certain centuries when a ruler would be particularly aggressive in “spreading” the “truth” of Islam.

* News from BBC’s Absurdistan: Is English law related to Muslim law?

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