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Call him Fritz and the boy will be a genius!

Now we know, finally, why Muhammad, Murat and Ahmed can’t get ahead in German schools: not because of their lousy performance; its because of their first names! This was discovered by   Oldenburg’s Erziehungswissenschaftlerin  (education scientist!) Astrid Kaiser….. More from PI, (in German) Migrantenkinder wegen des Namens benachteiligt

Women cannot be judges:

They’re just working from Islamic texts: If the Qur’an — Allah’s own words, if you believe Muhammad — says a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man (Qur’an 2:282), the idea of a woman as arbiter of the testimony of x number of men, and of women (multiply x by 0.5), and the thought of how many women judges it would take to be equivalent to a man (every case would require solving for an unknown constant ndepending on the number of witnesses) is a story problem beyond what they probably what they teach at Dar ul-Uloom’s madrassahs.

“Now a Darul Uloom fatwa against women judges,” from the Press Trust of India, via JW

Kosovo: Monasteries at risk as NATO withdraws protection

Without the consent of the local Orthodox Church, whose fate now lies in the hands of local police. What could possibly go wrong under the new “protection” (read: “dhimmitude”) arrangement? The article gives some indication to what has happened already, but chalks it up to strictly ethnic rivalries. And nothing else.

“Kosovo: Serb monasteries ‘at risk’ as NATO exits,” from AdnKronos International, August 6 (thanks to JW)

Litigation Jihad: ACLU helping jihad terror imam al-Awlaki’s father sue CIA

No Islamic terrorist left behind: the ACLU means business.

Pakistan: Coffin of Hindu youth killed in air crash labeled as “Infidel”

Islamic supremacism applies even to the dead. “Pak Hindu youth’s coffin labelled as ‘kaafir,'” from PTI

Muslim Gangs Prey on Young Middle-Class Girls (UK)…

This week a girl who was abducted at the age of 14 and forced to work as a sex slave gave evidence in court that helped convict the nine men who sexually abused her. In this article, Sue Reid reveals how charities are helping those victims of this terrible abuse and importantly, why they are pushing the state to not hold back in their quest to find and convict the grotesque individuals. Daily Mail via RoP

German Mujaheddin in Waziristan find jihad too hard, seek help to go home..

SPIEGEL Photo Gallery: Life and Death in Waziristan

Had It with Jihad: Germany to Launch Exit Program for Jihadists…

German jihadists in the crisis zone of Pakistan Waziristan find themselves under substantial pressure. The secret services intercepted  emails, Internet chat and listened in on telephone calls show   increasing fear and resignation, as reported by “focus news”.

Looks like Jihad Fritz & Co.  don’t wanna be ‘martyrs’ after all….

Looks like quite a few of the 40 German fighters are ready to give up and hope to return to Germany. The Federal Office for protection of the constitution (BfV) prepares at present a reintegration program for jihadists. Under the radicals arrested last Monday was Rami M. In telephone calls with Hamburg fellow believers, whose dwellings were searched on Tuesday, M. complained (according to “focus”)  about his hopeless situation. Rami does not have a passport and wants to turn himself in. A high-ranking police officer said to “focus”: “Pakistan became very uncertain for M. and other jihadists in the meantime.”

May I suggest a few years in Gimo instead? The weather is beautiful there this time of year and the halal burgers super tasty…..

The drones seem to be doing a splendid job:

The German secret service  had the Syrian M. already under surveillance, before he left to Pakistan in March 2009.  Before he left, he  chatted with fellow believers on the internet on how to build bombs. In the autumn 2008 he announced  to fellow radicals, he  would bring “five games” meaning bomb-making manuals with him…..

Reality sux: killing the ‘crusaders’ is just too hard……

This IBU fighter, from Hamburg, called himself “Abu Safiyya” and died in fighting with the Pakistani army in 2009. German security agencies believe that dozens of fighters from Germany may have arrived in the region to work with IBU and other groups.

The German Taliban Mujahedeen (DTM) first went public in the fall of 2009, when they warned that terror attacks would be perpetrated in Germany. Over a half dozen fighters from Germany are believed to be part of the group.

Police in Pakistan Arrest German Islamist

Police in Pakistan Arrest German Islamist

Pakistani police reportedly arrested a German citizen on Monday. The German-Syrian Rami M. had a broken leg and was believed to be traveling to a hospital, disguised in a burqa. By Yassin Musharbash, Holger Stark and Susanne Koelbl more…

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Allah Calling Jihad Fritz

German Officials Believe Berlin Islamist Killed in Pakistan


A second homegrown Islamist from Germany appears to have been killed in fighting in Pakistan, SPIEGEL has reported. Danny R., a 21-year-old from Berlin, first traveled to Pakistan via Istanbul on Sept. 2, 2009 together with another Islamist. There, he joined a group of insurgents in the porous border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan that has been a hotbed of Taliban and terrorist activity.

(“homegrown” happens when young Westerners grow up among Mohammedans. An obvious reason to stop the settlement  and spread of Islam behind enemy lines./ed)

“My Path to Paradise”: The cover of a German jihadist’s memoirs.

German security officials have obtained information suggesting that the man was killed several days ago in Waziristan. The news comes just days after word of the death of Eric Breininger, a German-born convert to Islam who had been wanted by German police on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist cell.

Danny R., who would have turned 22 on May 1, was born in Berlin but had Dutch citizenship. He renamed himself “Elias” after his conversion to Islam and belonged to a group of radical Muslims in Berlin who claimed they wanted to wage jihad, according to officials.

From Footballer to Jihadist

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Jihad Fritz: Trial of Would-Be Ramstein Air Force Base Bombers Begins Today

The Poison of Islam

Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool

While president Hussein is going around the world apologizing for being an American, there is a group of people who apologize for nothing.

Today in Germany the trial begins for a group of Muslims who were planning to plant bombs at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and other places. Two of the men on trial are converts to Islam. One of them converted while a teenager. Sound familiar? Like Johnny Walker Lindh or Adam Gadahn, the Al Queda American propaganda chief.

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Jihad Fritz has a message for Germans

Abu Talha Al-Alamani update:

Al-Qaeda threatens Germany over its presence in Afghanistan

A PRESUMED member of Al-Qaeda threatened Germany with reprisals for its presence in Afghanistan in a video made public late on Saturday by the US centre for surveillance of Islamist sites (SITE).

In the 30-minute video message, an individual calling himself Abu Talha Al-Alamani said the Germans were “gullible and naive” if they thought they could “escape unscathed when they are the third occupation force in Afghanistan.”

Gaza City: Israeli troops ‘fire at gunmen’

Protest in Melbourne: Thousands march over Israel-Gaza war

* NGO Monitor Demands Human Rights Groups End Their Silence on Gilad Schalit

“Letting me blow myself up in the name of Allah has been my wish since 1993,” said the man whose face was hidden by a black turban, adding: “Time is running out for the Germans. I say to the German people ‘arise and become just again’.”

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Moe's Jihad News


Jihad Fritz & his ‘inner struggle’ against the Fatherland

Suspect in German Bomb Plot Tells His Story

By Holger Stark in Konya, Turkey/SPIEGEL

Investigators believe Attila Selek is part of a cell of Islamist terrorists led by Fritz Gelowicz, who allegedly plotted to bomb US Army bases in Germany. But Selek, who was arrested last week in Turkey at the end of an interview with SPIEGEL, insists he is innocent.

Continued Page 2

* Taliban experience ‘backlash’  from tribesmen

German jihadists planned “to attack U.S. citizens and U.S. facilities in Germany by placing bombs and taking as many lives as possible”

Why would homegrown German converts to Islam, who never suffered from “racism,” want to join the jihad? This case overturns many politically correct assumptions. An update on this story. “‘German Jihadists’ Targeted Frankfurt, Munich, Prosecutor Says,” by Karin Matussek forBloomberg, September 5 via JW


Nasralla wants more balla balla

condi & Nasrallah.JPG

 “Nasrallah: Hizbullah will never disarm,” from Al-Bawaba, comments from JW

*  Taliban: Jihad will continue during Ramadan

Just in from Jeffrey Imm:

(Pakistan) Lahore:

“Defend Pakistan Conference” Celebrates Jihad

— MEMRI report on August 14 meeting of Jamatud Dawa (previously known as Lashkar-e-Taiba)

— Song praising Jihad at beginning of conference:
“Jihad will continue till the Day of Judgement; jihad will never stop.”
“It has forced oppressor’s head to bow; it will end oppression and torture.”
“Jihad is the order of Allah; jihad is the path of the Prophet.”
“Jihad is the assurance of loyalty; every true Muslim will be loyal.”
“Jihad is mentioned in the Koran; jihad is the eternity of faith.”
“This is the Will [of God], this is [His] happiness; no one can change it.”
“Only Jihad has always cut the head of evil from the earth”
“If jihad has the power in it; mischief will have no substance.”
“Jihad alone gives voice; respect comes to the helpless.”
“Jihad will make the gods of falsehood naked.”
“Avoidance of jihad has given birth to subjugation.”
“Enemies of Jihad will be dishonoured; they will sink into an unending abyss.”
“Jihad is the protection of the Ummah; jihad is the symbol of self-respect.”
“Jihad is a Revealed gift; only the lucky ones will get it.”
“Jihad destroys terror; jihad brings good news.”
“Jihad teaches how to live; only those will live who learn to die.”
“Jihad is the state of ecstasy; jihad is the army of the brave.”
“Jihad is the flag of truth; Never has it bowed, nor will it bow.”
“Jihad is the kingdom of faith; jihad is the depth of emotions.”
“Jihad is the destruction of heretics; those who fight against it will die.”
“Jihad is to stand for truth; not go back once you have taken the step.”
“Jihad is the Eagle’s attack; falsehood will be victim.”


Bunglawussi Freak Show Watch:

Resistance to the spread of Muhammedanism makes Islamofascist infil-traitors become unhinged

* Critique of Islam makes you a ‘racist’ ???  (which race is Islam again?)

* Nevertheless: Islamofascists and their commie-supporters are s#*tting themselves over the emerging counter jihad

          *   Italy: Government party MEP to attend anti-Islam congress


From the Islamic Stinkers Society

NOTE: It has come to our attention once again that the kufr governments and regimes are trying hard to recruit Muslims to spy on their fellow brethren. Obviously, they will give it other names so as to justify the spying and offer bountiful of rewards for such actions. If one were to look at the action itself and see where it falls under in Islam, surely they would know that any from of spying on another Muslim is HARAAM. We would like to remind the Muslim communities and especially the masajjid with the article below which reminds Muslims not to fall victim to such trickery as taking upon this severe action makes a person sinful.

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