Aisha & the Pedophile Profit of Islam

Pali child bride on the way to her ‘wedding’…..

The misspelling of ‘Profit’ is intended. Muhammad, inventor of Islam, was no prophet like the prophets in the Jewish  Bible. Muhammad started out as a highway robber. In the process he became the greatest profiteer of Islam.

Mark Steyn takes a closer look at The case of the part-time pedophile

Well, that’s what Perry Mason would have called it. But 21st century Europe is a long way from Erle Stanley Gardner. On Tuesday, in a story headlined “Austrian Court Upholds Islam’s Blasphemy Rules“, Nina Shea reported:

Whose Law Rules in Austria? (GoV)

Today, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a young Viennese mother, was convicted under section 283 of the Austrian penal code of vilifying religious teachings for her negative commentary on Islam in a lecture before a political-party gathering in Vienna; she was fined 480 Euros. Sabaditsch-Wolff, a diplomat’s daughter, had lived and worked for several years in various Middle Eastern Muslim countries, and at the lecture in question spoke critically of the treatment of women and the practice of jihad in Iran, Libya, and other places that she had lived in.

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EUrabia, where the loons run the asylum

Stackelbeck: Malmoe – Jihad Central + Elisabeths Hatespeech Trial

Brilliant show, includes a report on the insane situation in Malmoe where the inmates are now effectively running the asylum.

Stackelbeck then goes on to detail the horrifying injustice against an Austrian lecturer on Islam, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is currently being prosecuted for what authorities call hate-speech. In reality this amounts to no less than a criminalisation of thoughts critical of the consequences of the governning elite´s disadvantagious immigration policies.
Something that becomes embarrassingly obvious once you realise that the “hate-speech” Elisabeth allegedly is guilty of, is nothing but quotes from the koran.

Ganz normale Wahnsinn!

An enemy within?

And, of course, if Britons wonder if they now have an enemy within, it can only be that they are Islamophobic, and do not realise Islam means “peace”:

JEERING Muslim fanatics turned an Old Bailey court into a battleground yesterday after an Al Qaeda follower was jailed for stabbing an MP. (Read it all-Andrew Bolt)

“Whatever it takes” is  a hate crime, in Hussein Obama’s America

Obama’s Department of [In]Justice and Sharia Prosecutes Infidels for “Hate” Speech Crimes

And so it begins. This is an outrage. An infidel was prosecuted by Obama’s Department of Justice and sent to jail for a year for saying in an email that he would “do WHATEVER it takes to eradicate Islam.” So what? A year in prison? A $3,000 fine?

We witnessed a traitorous Department of Justice refuse to prosecute the Black Panther party for voter harassment and intimidation with weapons onElection day. Senior DoJ lawyers resigned in protest.

“Obama has Violated His Oath of Office” in Racist Dept of Justice Decision to Drop New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation Case and Mandate DOJ Policy: “No Voter Intimidation Cases Will Brought Against Black Defendent Where the Victim is White” (read it at Atlas Shrugs)

The Department of Justice sponsored a booth at the Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention underwritten by, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR.

Obama’s Department of Justice sued a New Jersey county, alleging that it refused to accommodate a Muslim employee’s khimar, a religious head covering. The suit seeks monetary damages and also seeks to require Essex County to adopt a policy that accommodates the religious observances and practices of employees.

Further, Obama’s Department of Justice dropped the “charges” against the Muslims who blew up the USS Cole.

Obama’s Department of Justice is still trying to bring the 911 mastermind to New York City for a civilian trial. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The prosecution of Sobolevskiy is by far the worst, and Judge David G. Bernthal, referring to the defendant’s crime as “an act of terror,” is in need of immediate removal. Nuts.

I do not advocate for violence or ugly email missives, but a year in jail for them? This is something altogether different. The Department of Justice is enforcing sharia and abandoning rule of law.

Washington – Maryland Man Sentenced To 1 Year For Sending Threatening Email to Illinois Mosque

Oskar Freysinger: Europe is running adrift, not because of fanatics who occupy the land, but because of cowards who let them do it…

Oskar Freysinger: Is Islam a Threat?

First, the Diamant Conference Center in Schaerbeek closed its doors to me under pressure from the mayor and the police on the leaseholder of the room, and then it was the turn of the Crowne Plaza Hotel to deny me a room. Its owner had at least the elegance, after having first accepted and then rejected the conference, to meet us, Marcel Castermans and me, to express his embarrassment of being unable to fulfill his commitment. “However,” he advised during this interview, “The Crowne Plaza is no exception as to its rejection. Currently, you will not find any hotel room in Brussels prepared to welcome you, as political pressures are too great. You see, I am a businessman, and cannot go against the system “. The manager of the Crowne Plaza didn’t know how right he was, because the owner of a third venue, who originally gave his approval, recanted just this morning.

This is why Europe is running adrift: Not because of fanatics who occupy the land, but because of cowards who let them do it.

I am, however, happy with the outcome of this matter, which sees me now speaking in French in a Flemish parliament hall. Thanks to Philip Dewinter, the only person this morning to support free speech in this city of Brussels which has been placed under the wet blanket of an anti-liberty clique.

Intolerance and censorship are now the preserve of those who have only the words “openness” and “tolerance” on their lips. Paradoxically, our fight for freedom, is also conducted for them and their children, despite the fact they are trying to muzzle us.

Read it all, on the Gates of Vienna

In other news:

A Court Date for Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

BPE Press Release on Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

From the Gates of Vienna

I reported yesterday that our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been given a court date (November 23) for her trial on “hate speech” charges. Regular readers are aware that Elisabeth has been charged for speaking the simple truth about Islam; for full details, see the list of previous articles at the bottom of this post.

Below is a press release (pdf, German) issued yesterday on behalf of Elisabeth by BPE Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa). Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

A reminder: readers may donate to Elisabeth’s defense fund at her legal defense website.

When they woke up, they realized that they were living under sharia….

Diana West

Sharia Transit Authority

From the New York Daily News:

The protester who burned pages from the Koran outside a planned mosque near Ground Zero has been fired from NJTransit, sources and authorities said Tuesday.

Dr. Andrew Bostom has a few things to say about this travesty:

Burning the Constitution with the Koran

You bet this train man with the wife and two kids at home looked nervous. It wasn’t America, land of the brave, he was living in anymore. It was somewhere else — in a state of sharia.

Islamic law is here and now. But it is enforced not by the fatwas of ayatollahs or mullahs of the Islamic umma, but by the arbitrary powers of psuedo-ayatollahs and faux-mullahs of the American state — in this case, the New Jersey Transit Authority. Elevating Islam’s law above our Constitution, these government officials have chosen to punish the “blasphemer,” in the process devaluing and, indeed, ceding our constutitional rights to speech and protest. All NJ Transit is missing is a banner saying: “9/11/01, Mission Accomplished.” (Read it all)

If you think what’s happening in America is bad, take a look at Austria, where things are far worse:

“Justice Must Not Be Made the Handmaiden of Sharia”

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

For the last ten months Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff has had the possibility of a formal charge hanging over her head, based on what she said last November in a seminar she gave about Islam. She has been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it seems that the red patent-leather stiletto heel of Austrian “justice” has finally thumped against the floor.

The travesty of the matter is that Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff did not learn of the charge filed against her through a court document.

She received no official summons.

It was not communicated through her lawyer.

No, that’s not the way they do things in modern multicultural Austria. As is typical of the corrupt soft-totalitarian state known as the “European Union”, she learned of the official charge via the Austrian media.

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