UK: "Fearful Muslims" Seek Protection From the EDL

People ‘living in fear’ of EDL demo

Strange. The EDL have not killed or bombed anyone, Muslims  do it all the time. The EDL have not raped, bashed or killed  any children,Muslims have. So why should people of Luton fear the EDL yet welcome radical ISLAM…?

Isn’t it unislamic to seek the protection of  the kuffar?

Qur’an (5:51)

“O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

Vlad Tepes presents: Norway TV tries  to do a hit job on the EDL
Too funny that Anjem Chaudrey claims the EDL is “confrontational”…..

LEADING councillors have issued a desperate plea to the government ahead of the English Defence League march planned for Feburary 5, saying the event is likely to cause “serious disorder”.

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Luton "Cleaners" Jailed

Adelaide Now (thanks to Mullah)

The massive infiltration of Western airports by Mohammedans is no accident. Many airports are beleaguered by Mohammedan taxi drivers and inside you find large numbers of baggage handlers, cleaners and service personnel,  strategically  positioned. Any idea why that is….?

TWO cleaners at London’s Luton Airport were jailed after being caught on camera stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage.

TWO cleaners at London’s Luton Airport were jailed after being caught on camera stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage.

Airport CCTV footage shows the thieves in action. Picture: Sky News

Covert police footage captured the pair patting down bags before dipping in and helping themselves to iPods, cigarettes and cash, Sky News UK reports

Some $55,000 in cash was discovered at Interserve worker Anthony Currant’s home – as well as 12,000 cigarettes and 66 packs of tobacco. Police found 4,800 cigarettes and 144 packs of tobacco at accomplice Abul Hussain’s house, plus a number of electrical items, jewellery and a quantity of cash.

The pair were jailed after being arrested in February.

Police began the operation after passengers complained that valuables went missing from their luggage.

Secret cameras caught the two workers diverting arriving luggage into a smaller room, where they rummaged through suitcases and bags.

Thefts from luggage at the airport dropped 77 percent after the pair was caught.

Currant was sentenced to six months in jail, while Hussain received a three-month sentence for his lesser role in the thefts.

“Travellers can be reassured that we take the security of their luggage very seriously,” Sgt. Steve Farrer, of Luton Airport police said.

“With an average of around 700,000 passengers travelling through the airport each month and around seven pilferages now being recorded each month, this makes up a very small percentage of all baggage handled.”

Islam Has Waged War on the West since Its Inception

Muslim Colonisers Attack Police in Luton

BNP/thanks to Davey

Luton-Muslim-riotIn an unprovoked attack which signals yet another upsurge in Islamist aggression, Muslim colonists attacked police in Luton who were sent to the area to protect them from alleged ‘right-wingers’ who were never there.

According to police, at least 200 Muslims attacked officers “for no reason at all” while they were patrolling the Bury Park area looking for signs of the ‘right-wingers,’ identified as the organisations called March for England, UK Casuals United, United People of Luton and the English Defence League.

Despite much media hype over these supposed groups, they were nowhere to be seen. This did not deter the Muslim mobs, and police had to send in an extra 50 officers and six police horses as the unprovoked violence escalated. Two of the mob were arrested for public order offences as the Muslims threw assorted objects and fireworks at the police.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, from the Bedfordshire Police was quoted in the local media as saying that he was “extremely disappointed that some members of the Asian community have used today as an opportunity to commit disorder.

“There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park,” he said.

Within hours of the violence ending, Muslims had posted videos of their attacks on the police on the Internet. In the videos, Muslims can be heard shouting “Where’s da BNP” along with various epithets.

If the BNP is the only political party in Britain today that promises to reverse Islamic immigration, what  choice do the natives have but to vote for them?


Islam, far from being a “religion of peace,” has encouraged its followers to wage violent war to spread its message ever since its creation in the eighth century AD, the monthly meeting of the British National Party in Tameside was told last night.

“Most people do not realise that the Middle East was not originally Muslim,” guest speaker Arthur Kemp, BNP website content editor, told the nearly 50 people who packed into the venue.

“In fact, even the city of Mecca, which is today Islam’s most holy city, was attacked by Mohammed and his supporters from the neighbouring city of Medina and forcefully converted to Islam,” he said.

“From there, Islam expanded by force into what was one of the first original Christian countries, Egypt, where the Christian Coptic population was suppressed and the rest of the population coerced into Islam,” Mr Kemp said.

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*  Somalia: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”  turns into   ‘I’m not a pirate, I’m the saviour of the sea’-(wackjobs from the left run with it…)


It is highly doubtful that permission would have been granted by the heavily Muslim infested ‘police-service’- in once great Britain the rot is worse than  in EUrabia. But “not having permission”is the excuse they used to stop the demo:  Daily Star

76784_1_thumb3POLICE broke up a march yesterday by British people wanting to “reclaim” their streets from Muslim fanatics.  Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq.

Riot police with horses and dogs sealed off the town centre before scuffles broke out and several of the 200 demonstrators were arrested.

Last night onlookers accused the police of “breathtaking double standards”.

Luton Muslim: "They are only about 10 to 15 hotheads. The best thing to do is just to ignore them. They do not represent the views of the community."

* Hmm, but the  “Muslim community” didn’t demonstrate in favor of the troops either. Neither did they declare their loyalty to the infidel nation state of Britain. What are the views of his community then? And why should we believe a guy who adheres to a religion that teaches “war is deceit?”

Brits call for crackdown on Muslims abusing returning soldiers


Not to worry, though: Akbar Dad Khan, of Luton’s Building Bridges organisation assures us that, “They are about 10 to 15 hotheads. The best thing to do is just to ignore them. They do not represent the views of the community.” More on this story.

“Calls for crackdown on parade Muslim extremists,” by Thomas Harding for the Telegraph, JW:

Politicians and families of dead soldiers have united in urging the Government to crack down on the outlawed al Muhajiroun organisation after British soldiers were abused by Muslim protestors in Luton.

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