Clueless? No. John Brennan, Obama's Obama's counterterrorism czar, is a Moslem plant!

A tool.

John Brennan is (another) tool installed  by the O-bastard to advance Islam in America. Just like  BO’s freshly appointed hafiz (envoy) Rashad Hussain from the Muslim Brotherhood. What has the Organization of Islamic States done to deserve a special ambassador along with what it already receives from U.S. taxpayers?


Homeland Insecurity Counterterrorism Chief: “Tolerance & Diversity Define Islam…”

John Brennan put down his Christian upbringing, then said Islam helped “shape his world view”. He lived  in the ME,  six and a half years. That’s enough to learn and to know Islam.

An update from this article here:

Is Obama Spokesman John Brennan a Muslim Plant or Not?

Gateway Pundit: news:

“They are not jihadists, for jihad is a holy struggle, an effort to purify for a legitimate purpose, and there is nothing — absolutely nothing — holy or pure or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,” Brennan said. “We are not waging a war againstterrorism because terrorism is but a tactic that will never be defeated, any more than a tactics of war will. Rather, such thinking is a recipe for endless conflict. … We are at war with Al Qaeda and its extremist allies, and any comment to the contrary is just inaccurate. We will destroy that organization.”

The Other Stupid Things John Brennan Said

Michelle Malkin/FSM

It’s bad enough that John Brennan, President Obama’s national security deputy, thinks Gitmo jihadi recidivism is “not that bad.” But in his talk last week with Islamic law students at New York University, Brennan made even more reckless comments about our counterterrorism programs while pandering to one of the worst Muslim grievance-mongers and sharia peddlers in America.

During the question-and-answer session, Brennan welcomed a question from Omar Shahin. He identified himself as the head of the “North American Imams Federation.” What he didn’t mention was his role as the chief ringleader of the infamous flying imams. You remember them: They were the six Muslim clerics whose suspicious behavior — provocatively shouting “Allahu Akbar!” before boarding the plane, fanning out in the cabin before take-off, refusing to sit in their assigned seats, requesting seat-belt extenders, which they placed on the floor — led to their removal by a U.S. Airways crew in 2006.

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LGF teams up with LoonWatch

Malevolent libel blogger Charles Johnson must be affected by a case of mad cow disease. All that’s left for him now is joining the trufers, he’s been just about everywhere else.

Here’s his latest attack on Michelle Malkin, H/T ZIP:

Charles Johnson: Michelle Malkin’s a Racist!…

…because Malkin poked fun at the Obama’s taste in art. I highly doubt MM knew the piece chosen for the White House was from an African American and the original was done by a white European. However, the Chuckster is convinced she knew hence making her a raaaacist…..


“LoonWatch”  and LGF: a match made in heaven:

Here on the Bunglawussi site, they just love it:

Robert Spencer: teaming up with Euro-supremacists again

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Iran: Roxana Saberi is not alone

* No Tears for Roxana Saberi: Debbie Schlussel is no bleeding heart

No Tears for Roxana Saberi: American-Iranian Apologist “Reporter” Got What She Deserved

Iran rushes a woman to the gallows

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ruling regime in Iran is a throwback to barbarism. Latest case in point:Delara Darabi.

* Michelle Malkin seems to be more sympathetic:

US journalist Roxana Saberi turns 32 today in an Iranian prison. After an hour-long trial, she was sentenced to eight years behind bars for “espionage.” She was initially told she was arrested for buying bootleg wine, and then because she was working as a journalist without a license. She’s now on day five of a hunger strike. Today, one of her defense lawyers was denied access to her.