LGF teams up with LoonWatch

Malevolent libel blogger Charles Johnson must be affected by a case of mad cow disease. All that’s left for him now is joining the trufers, he’s been just about everywhere else.

Here’s his latest attack on Michelle Malkin, H/T ZIP:

Charles Johnson: Michelle Malkin’s a Racist!…

…because Malkin poked fun at the Obama’s taste in art. I highly doubt MM knew the piece chosen for the White House was from an African American and the original was done by a white European. However, the Chuckster is convinced she knew hence making her a raaaacist…..


“LoonWatch”  and LGF: a match made in heaven:

Here on the Bunglawussi site, they just love it:

Robert Spencer: teaming up with Euro-supremacists again

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was dead chuffed that he was recently invited to speak at a rally in Berlin organised by an outfit called Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, which Spencer described as “the most important German human rights organization, seeking to preserve European values, freedom and democracy”.

LoonWatch examines the actual ideology of the BPE. They note “an emerging trend amongst some right-wing and fascist groups proclaiming their unconditional support for the state of Israel. What is likely is that many of these organizations, whose roots are steeped deep in a history of anti-Semitism are recreating themselves; dropping a now unpopular prejudice (anti-Semitism) for one more in vogue – anti-Muslim Islamophobia. Gone are the days when what they claimed to champion were the ‘Christian values and traditions of Europe’; now they have added ‘Christian-Jewish’ values to their slogans.”

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