The Myth of the Moderate Muslim

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We have two kinds of Muslims: Terrorist Muslims and ignorant Muslims. The former are those who know Islam well and live by its dictums. The latter have no clue about their religion and have an idealized image of Islam that has no bases in facts.

Every “moderate” Muslim is a potential terrorist. The belief in Islam is like a tank of gasoline. It looks innocuous, until it meets the fire. For a “moderate” Muslim to become a murderous jihadist, all it takes is a spark of faith.  It is time to put an end to the charade of “moderate Islam.” There is no such thing as moderate Muslim. Muslims are either jihadists or dormant jihadists – moderate, they are not.  (by Ali Sina,,)

Patton’s Rock Soup Method

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Diogenes spent 1,400 years looking for a Moderate Muslim and never found one. Now Diogenes was a smart fellow, but maybe he didn’t look in the right places. Her should have tried California. What could be more moderate than a Muslima wearing a headscarf at a Disneyland Theme Park? (How about Heinrich Himmler wearing a Swastika at Dachau?)

Let me Know if You Find BigFoot While You’re Hunting for “Moderate Islam”

David Swindle: The Appeasers Pretzel Logic

Will New York’s Mosque Protests Aid Terrorist Recruiters?

Yesterday I published a post at NewsReal Blog explaining the anti-Semitism embedded within Islam and the consequences we see today as a result.

John Guardiano submitted a rebuttal. His response in a nutshell: I’m helping the enemy by agreeing that their interpretation with Islam is correct. Instead of telling the truth about Islam — “demonizing” Islam in John’s words — I should be embracing some supposed “moderate Islam.” I should be labeling those who want to kill Jews and impose Sharia on the planet as “misinterpreters” of true Islam. (Newsrealblog)

Opinion: Do moderate Muslims exist?

According to Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim needs just three things in order to be “European”: be law-abiding, speak the language, be loyal to the country and its values (critically and constructively). But, in fact, you can be the most radical Muslim and still be law-abiding, speak the language and be loyal to all the values you’re not critical of. A good example of such a Muslim is Tariq Ramadan himself.

I don’t think that’s enough. Integration is not about being law-abiding, or about accepting those values you think don’t conflict with your religion. It’s about integrating those values into your outlook and religion. (Islam in Europe)

“Moderate Muslims” threaten to turn “radical” if they get angry

A very revealing AP puff piece on the horrors that “moderate” Muslims are supposedly experiencing in America today. “NYC mosque debate will shape American Islam,” by Rachel Zoll for AP, August 29 (thanks to Robert Spencer):

NEW YORK – Adnan Zulfiqar, a graduate student, former U.S. Senate aide and American-born son of Pakistani immigrants, will soon give the first khutbah, or sermon, of the fall semester at the University of Pennsylvania. His topic has presented itself in the daily headlines and blog posts over the disputed mosque near ground zero.What else could he choose, he says, after a summer remembered not for its reasoned debate, but for epithets, smears, even violence?

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Trust the imams, not the rabbis

Carl in J’lem presents:

I trust the Imam and the Muslims at the new Ground Zero “Cordoba” mosque to tell me the truth of what they think about Israel and the United States. After 9/11, the Imam said America shared responsibility for the destruction of the World Trade Center. Now, that same imam refuses to condem Hamas. And hesupported the anti-Israel flotilla that led the international political ambush of Israel. This imam is honest. He’s just anything but “moderate.”

The Mosque’s Imam Is A “Moderate” But Abe Foxman Is A Bigot?

The imam of the Ground Zero mosque has been characterized as a ‘moderate.’ The Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman came out against the mosque and has been branded as a ‘bigot.’ In light of the organized Jewish community’s leadership’s failure to back Foxman, the Jewish Week’s Jonathan Mark explains why you can trust what you hear from the imams, but you cannot trust what you hear from many American rabbis.

How about all the Jewish leaders and rabbis who call this imam “moderate” and support his proposed mosque? How honest are they?

How many of these rabbis, these professional dialoguers, ever can be counted on to speak up about the state of Islam in the United States — other than to constantly trot out the so-called moderates? Remember, when these rabbis say “moderate” they mean the masquerade of an imam who supports the flotilla and who refuses to condemn Hamas. That’s their idea of “moderate.” Would these rabbis say the imam is more “moderate” than, say, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister; or Hillel Lieberman, a sweetheart of a settler?

How many of these rabbis — how many Jewish newspapers and organizations supporting the Ground Zero mosque — had anything to say when Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor started calling Jerusalem (the entire city that is ruled by its Colonial Governor Obama, who forbids the building of Jewish apartments there) by its Islamic name, “Al-Quds?” Dear reader, do you call Jerusalem “Al-Quds”? You can watch Obama’s advisor calling it Al-Quds here. You can watch that same Obama official, John Brennan, saying that jihad is a legitmate expression of Islam here.

“The State Department has no responsibility to send fruitcakes around as if they are representatives of America,” says former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, who told Fox News that Imam Rauf should be dumped from the trip and that the State Department should investigate how he was included in the first place.

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"The World's Most Wanted: A 'Moderate Islam'"

Idiot of the month: Juan Williams:

We Don’t Want To Antagonize Moderate Islam By Using the Terms ‘Jihad’ or ‘Muslim Radicals’

Robert Spencer:

I recently participated in a FrontPage Symposium, “The World’s Most Wanted: A ‘Moderate Islam,'” about that great unicorn in which everyone believes and depends upon but which no one has ever actually seen, moderate Islam.

In this special edition of Frontpage Symposium, we have invited four distinguished guests to discuss the question: Is there a moderate Islam? Our guests today are:

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Spencer: Is There a Moderate Islam?

How much longer will we be chasing this mythical creature, like the unicorn, bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster?

Childish detractors like John R. Guardiano only add nonsense to rubbish and annoy the s*#t out of those who know their stuff.  Why should those who sound off in ignorance be accepted as partners in debate?   Today, the “moderate Muslim”  remains more elusive than a cure for cancer. There is at least a theoretical possibility that a cure for cancer can be found one day… unless of course Islam takes over and drags us all down into its own endless Dark Ages.

But hey, don’t curse Guardiano just yet: there  is always another wakademic f*kcwit who can do you one up; meet Philip Jenkins from Pennsylvania State University, who is also the author of books  like ‘Jesus Wars’.

There is no end to this.

“Much to my surprise, the Islamic scriptures in the Quran were actually far less bloody and less violent than those in the Bible.”

‘Is the Bible more violent than the koran?’

Its not like we haven’t heard it before:   Yashiko Sagamori wrote the following article 2003:

Take a look! Has anything changed?


Robert Spencer:

Over at the NewsReal blog they’ve been arguing for several days, while I was flying through the air in a tin can, giving a talk, flying elsewhere in another tin can, etc., over whether or not I am right about the non-existence of moderate Islam. And so now it is time for a Marshall McLuhan moment. If you don’t know what I mean by that, watch this clip.

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"Moderate Muslims"

How the so-called moderate Muslims are part of the problem of Islamic extremism and terrorism…

But not to worry: as always, none of the above has anything to do with Islam. You know the routine: can’t blame the religion of a gazillion people for…., can’t tar all Muslims with….,  Islam is not a monolith…..blah blah….

Islam Watch

We all remember a fateful day of September 11, 2001, when 19 Muslim men, proclaiming the greatness of Allah, “Allahu Akbar”, acted on the dictates of their faith.


Pictured: Al Qaeda regularly murder people they consider enemy collaborators, or infidels, or not “True” muslims. (Pat Dollard)

Related Link:

But, do you ever recall loud denouncements from all Islamic institutions that soundly rebuked these hotheads? Do you remember if mosques, from Quetta to Cairo, repudiated Osama Bin Laden, and ever issued fatwas against Mullah Omar? Do you marvel at the facts that 99% of Muslims, who call themselves “moderates”, ever swiftly showed their solidarity with the western world, making the remaining 1% (”extremists”) outcaste and pariah of the society?

Hmmmmm… Me neither!

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Australia Goes Dhimmi

Because it worx so well in other places, especially in those places which will become Islamic within the next 20 years.  If we don’t dig our heels in and stand up to those who are doing this to us, it will happen here too:

wing-islam4dummiesAndrew Bolt – Monday, July 20, 09 

Hey, don’t tell us, tell them:

A GUIDEBOOK for politicians, police and public servants on how to talk about Muslims and terrorism without implicating the religion of Islam should be released by the end of the year. The book, A Lexicon on Terror, was conceived by Victoria Police and the Australian Multicultural Foundation, but was so popular it became a national project, an international conference on Islamophobia at Monash University heard yesterday.

Tell, for instance, the people who have generated these reports over just the past day:

Radical Islamist group takes over French hostages

Jakarta bombings: Why Indonesia’s Islamist radicals attack

Muslim extremists seeking to overthrow Indonesia’s democracy

Suspected Islamist duo killed American in Mauritania: state security

German Islamists heading to Pakistan training camps

44 top Islamist militants held in Bangladesh

Taliban Threatens to Kill US Soldier Unless West Stops Bombing …

Join jehad or invite wrath, Zawahiri tells Pak

There is, of course lots more where that came from. There’s plenty more in the annals of this blog, and if you really want to learn about the ideology of jihad and Mohammedanism, you can log on to Jihad Watch, or Faith Freedom International where your questions will be answered by ex-Muslims. What more does it take for you to educate yourself?

* Update: and who came up with this “guidebook?” look no further than  Hass Dellal OAM, an “Australian of Turkish descent” He is also the “executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation”. At Monash you can find other illustrious characters like Waleed Aly. Waleed is currently a lecturer at the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University.

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