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Islam DownUnder

NAB and Shari’a finance.

An examination of the discriminatory practices of the National Australia Bank (NAB)

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A report on ABC’s Lateline program  has brought to the fore something which I have been talking about recently: Islamic finance coming to Australia. According to Ali Moore, Islamic banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in finance, fueled by petro-dollars and with Australia being near the hub of Islamic banking for the Asia-Pacific – Malaysia, there seems to be growing pressure on Australian financial institutions to cash in on the “halal dollar”.

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National Australia Bank To Offer Sharia Loans…

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Whatever it takes to make Australia Islamic:

ONE of Australia’s major banks is planning to introduce “Muslim-friendly” loans that do not charge interest to comply with sharia law.

Instead, the National Australia Bank will structure an Islam-approved line of finance to make money from alternative methods.

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Australia For Sale: Allahu Akbar!

ABC News

Former NAB boss to head Govt property venture

The National Australia Bank’s executive director Ahmed Fahour is leaving the bank to head up the Federal Government’s moves to shore up the commercial property sector.

* The idiocy of “defamation of religion”

* This time the brownshirts hide behind religion. So far, it’s working well for them.

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