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Who's afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Feminist leader Naomi Wolf howls as her justifications of Islamic misogyny are exposed


Newsflash: WASHINGTON/AP — Obama trufer czarVan Jones resigns as environmental adviser amid controversy over past statements. (wonder which sewer rat will replace him..) Good riddance, jackass!


Leftist feminist Naomi Wolf, like other Leftist feminists, have in their overriding multiculturalist relativism a soft spot for Islam and its oppression of women. Phyllis Chesler, Jamie Glazov and David Horowitz have noticed, and the sparks are flying. This article is written by a defender of Wolf. “Feminists face off over the veil,” by Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon, September 5, JW:

Turning a Blind Eye to Misogyny


Pic  thanks to Tundra Tabloids: The Burqa: Ultimate Feminist Choice?

Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, because there’s another battle royal raging over the veil. In one corner, we have Naomi Wolf, third-wave feminist heavyweight and author of “The Beauty Myth,” defending Muslim garb. In the other, we have Phyllis Chesler, second-waver and author of “The Death of Feminism,” attacking both the veil and Wolf for daring to defend it.

The first shot was fired with the Sydney Morning Herald’s publication of an article by Wolf headlined “Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality.” She recounts her travels in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt, and the time she spent with women in “typical Muslim households.” She observes, “It is not that Islam suppresses sexuality, but that it embodies a strongly developed sense of its appropriate channelling — toward marriage, the bonds that sustain family life, and the attachment that secures a home.” There was “demureness and propriety” outside of the home, “but inside, women were as interested in allure, seduction and pleasure as women anywhere in the world.”

How interesting that the same things that Western feminists have scoffed at for decades — “marriage, the bonds that sustain family life, and the attachment that secures a home” — become warmly appealing when they see them in the Islamic world.

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Free speech wins huge victory in Canada

Some good news, for a change:

At issue here was not true hate speech — racial slurs, etc. — which are indefensible. Rather, the aim of such laws is to crush political dissent. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is trying to strong-arm Western nations into imposing hate speech laws that will restrict speech about Islam they don’t like, including explorations of the motives and goals of jihad terrorists.


This was in Canada the law that snared Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn for anti-jihad statements. But now this ruling is a major setback for that effort, however, although all such a law would need in the U.S. would be an activist President without much attachment to free speech and five compliant Supreme Court justices. But that could never happen, now, could it?

“Hate speech laws violate constitution: Rights tribunal,” from Canwest News Service or Jihad Watch

Musel News:

No Naomi Wolf, You ApologizeBy: Jamie Glazov / NewsRealBlog

To the millions of Muslim women whose persecutors you support — and whose enslavement you abet. ….more

More Obaminations:

Obama wants to change the system itself. He is a radical’s radical, with an authoritarian impulse. His Alinskyite training means that social unrest doesn’t unnerve him; it plays right into his hands. Social unrest is both his modus operandi and his mid-term goal. The more unrest, the greater the crisis; the greater the crisis, the more excuse he has to use and consolidate central power in order to completely remake society.

Obama is far more dangerous than Carter or Cilnton ever were

Naomi Wolf @ Puff Ho goes insane over Palin

Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf

*  Look who’s spewing venom at governor Palin at Puff Ho: none other than Naomi Wolf, previously featured here for all kinds of stupidity. (I need a hijaab, to set me free…)

The Battle Plan II: Sarah “Evita” Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State


Please understand what you are looking at when you look at Sarah “Evita” Palin. You are looking at the designated muse of the coming American police state.

*  Read it if you can bear it. Its nauseating.

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