Massive Terror Attack Averted, “Islamophobia” Spin Machine Running Hot….

More “young adult males” of some irrelevant faith arrested  (Bolt)

We are ‘maturing’, our ‘homegrown’ wakademic Wally would say.

Al Qaeda is defeated and on the run, Obama would say, and “lets not rush to conclusions”, because that could irritate Muslims, and they really hate beating the “Islamophobia” drum. Right?

We now recognise terrorism as a “perpetual irritant, and that while it is tragic and emotionally lacerating, it kills relatively few people and is not any kind of existential  threat”. Learned analysts call this disease IRRITANTISM

Still no Tea Party terrorist plot, so the hunt for the elusive Tea Party murderer continues.

Lets move on, just another “irritant”

TORONTO – A potential bomb plot on a Via passenger train over the Niagara River has been averted, police say.  

“Two people who have been arrested, they are linked somehow to al-Qaeda”-

 No way. Must be a setup.

Maybe Justin  Trudeau can talk with them and find the root cause?

The Need for Tolerance

The Need for Tolerance (but not tolerance of “islamophobia”?)

 (No tolerance for “Islamophobia” – that’s  a crime against humanity!)

… A cloud of apprehension continues to loom over Muslim-American communities across the country. Many of the repercussions of Boston have yet to be fully seen or felt.

More muslim (but not Kuffar) victimhood at The Cornell Daily Sun (April 22, 2013
By Monica Sharma 
islamophobia in the US is on the rise … but muslim terror attacks have nothing to do with religion (or something)

Islamophoes (sic) Use Boston to Profile Muslims   Sunday, 21 April 2013

… Boston bombings had “brought out the usual hate-mongers” on the Internet who “exploit these kinds of incidents to further their anti-Islamic agendas,” Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman for the umbrella Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), told Philadelphia Inquirer. …

… Media and right-wing pundits began inflaming passions against Muslims again, beginning a new round of Islamophobia.

Some, like Republican Representatives Steve King and Louie Gohmert, even used the attacks to call for halting plans to reform immigration policies on claims of fighting terrorism. …

More on muslims following a strange god and false prophet at OnIslam, apparently unaware of the extent of the fakery and rebellion they are caught up in. Those who follow false prophets do so at their peril.  (Mullah)

Sharia 4 Canuckistan!


Faisal Kutty Pushes for the “Indigenization” of Sharia in Ontario

 You may get clueless Ontario taxpayers to fund your Eid al Fitr festivals, Faisal, but no way we’re gonna opt for sharia.
Not so fast:
“Ontario  delayed an opportunity to indigenize or Canadianize Islamic law rulings”–
See, its just a temporary delay. it will come, its inevitable…….
  • Feisal Kutty has a website. Its all about ‘injustice’, yuman rites, halal slaughter  and all the things that keep a good MuBro innocent, even if he is a red hot Islamic terrorist……

"The western world needs to be brought down to its knees and replaced with an Islamic state…."

No worries: Obama is working on it.

That’s when he’s not on holidays or playing golf:

More on the Toronto Jihad Bookstore  via GoV & Vlad

There are times when Tarek Fatah tells the truth:

What about the Sikhs? Are they kosher?

Jonathan Kay Meets The Radical Sikhs

BCF:  Hilarity ensues… I had my own introduction a couple of years ago.

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Al Reuters Grieves Over Failed Sharia Finance Racket in Canada

“Canada bankruptcy may hurt Islamic finance in North America”

By Shaheen Pasha and Cameron French (Al Reuters)

Interesting that Prince Al Waleed bin Talal invests his money in Citibank, Chase and other solid money making machines, yet our elites would have us believe that  Sharia Finance is something we must have to be all inclusive and diverse, no matter what the cost.

Looks like the dhimmified Brits aren’t having any luck with this scam either:

Winston Churchill was right all along:

 Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

DUBAI/TORONTO (Reuters) – The insolvency of an Islamic mortgage lender in Canada may hinder the growth of sharia-compliant finance in North America, where the industry has struggled to gain traction in the absence of a supportive regulatory framework.

UM Financial Inc was ordered into receivership in October, leaving about $32 million worth of mortgages in the hands of Toronto’s legal system. Accounting and business advisory firm Grant Thornton was appointed receiver by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Not to worry; the O’turd figured it all out:

Marxist Muslim POTUS insists that “Capitalism Failed- It Never Worked…” 

Obama says capitalism has “never worked.”  – Geller says Obama never worked.

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“God’s curse on them for generations. May the Devil shit on their graves” and “There is nothing more important than our honour.”

“Clumsy” Honor Killing in Canuckistan

“They betrayed Islam”- and his name is Mohammed:  

BCF wonders: I wonder why the Globe has “honour killings” in quotes?

Prosecution paints picture of clumsy cover-up in ‘honour killings’ trial


First-degree murder charges were laid against Mohammad Shafia, 58,  his second wife, 41-year-old Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and their son, Hamed, 21.

Shortly before the defendants were arrested, the father said of the four: “They committed treason from beginning to end. They betrayed Islam and our traditions, they betrayed everything.”

A tableau of horror was unveiled as the trial began. (More)


Winnipeg: Wrong Assumptions, Negative Attitudes & Stereotyping of Islam to be Cured by Diversity Training

National conference in Winnipeg aims to change negative attitudes, assumptions about Muslims

Canucks need to be open minded and need to understand that the freedom sack is truly liberating and protects women, sez Marwa Fadol. Ignorant infidels with negative attitudes about Islam must be properly educated….

By: Carol Sanders/WinnipegFreePress/thanks to Mullah

A recent poll shows that more than half of all Canadians have a bad feeling about Islam, and a national conference in Winnipeg this week is hoping to change that.

Shahina Siddiqui of the Islamic Social Services Association says conference aims to inform service providers of the needs of their Muslim clients

“Canada is a great place to be,” said Marwa Fadol, a Calgary school psychologist and speaker at the two-day forum for service providers that starts Wednesday.

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Islamist groups seek ‘parallel society’ in Canada

Really? Why would they do that?

But there’s nothing to worry about, because “Muslims are just like Mennonites, ” (no shit) but Kathy Shaidle, still wonders: “because who among us, can forget the fateful day when Mennonites drove their horse drawn buggies into the lobbies of the World Trade Center…?”

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report says hardline Islamist groups want to build a “parallel society” in Canada, which could undermine the country’s social cohesion and foster violence.

Thanks to Silvana/National Post

The de-classified Intelligence Assessment obtained by the National Post says extremists have been encouraging Muslims in the West to reject Western society and to live in “self-imposed isolation.” The report focuses on groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which do not advocate terrorist violence but promote an ideology at odds with core Western values.

“Even if the use of violence is not outwardly expressed, the creation of isolated communities can spawn groups that are exclusivist and potentially open to messages in which violence is advocated,” it says. “At a minimum, the existence of such mini-societies undermines resilience and the fostering of a cohesive Canadian nation.”

Something tells me this is not a female…….

But wait a minute: haven’t we seen similar moves by Muslims to be a state within a state in the UK and Australia? Isn’t it a religious obligation on Muslims to infiltrate, to increase their numbers and then conquer the infidel nation state by all and any means?

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Canada: Father kills daughter over Muslim prayers, family rallies around accused father

Nothing unites Muslim families better then the murder of a sibling.

Remember “Undercover Mosque?”

Remember the imam who instructs the believers: “By the age of 10 if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her,”?

Well, he’s not some greasy “hard-liner”, but a mainstream Muslim. And in this case, the guy who killed his daughter for not praying like a lunatic is not just a poor illiterate headbanger, but a well educated, westernized Muslim.

“Her father called 911 on Wednesday, saying he had ‘slapped’ his daughter during an argument at their apartment.”

Maybe he forgot he was under Canadian law for a moment, as Islamic law is curiously less gung-ho about penalties for parents who kill their children, especially when one stops to think of what’s higher on the list for Sharia’s punishments. That includes apostasy from Islam, for which the penalty is death, according to Muhammad’s own command. That is also of interest here in light of the victim’s reported refusal to participate in prayers.

But for children: “Retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2.).”

Here’s more: Islamic/Sharia Law allows to kill:

Apologists will protest that ‘Umdat al-Salik is but one book. However, it is one book that was certified as “reliable” as a manual for Shafi Islamic jurisprudence by Al-Azhar University, one of the highest institutions of learning in Sunni Islam. Why, pray tell, didn’t Al-Azhar, where one would think “misunderstanding” Islam would be less of an issue, kick it to the curb as un-Islamic, and morally reprehensible in general?

Meanwhile, how many others like Noutene Sidime live in terror in Canada, the U.S.,and elsewhere, while the apologists spin and the politically correct maintain their polite silence?

Lastly, note the headline. Note what’s important here. “Family rallies around accused father,” by Irwin Block for Postmedia News, October 13 (thanks to JW):

“MONTREAL – The extended family of a 71-year-old father charged with aggravated assault in the death of his 13-year-old daughter has rallied in support of both victim and accused.

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Polygamy, child brides pose problems for Canada

Polygamy, child brides pose problems for immigration officials in Canada (and the rest of the world!)


OTTAWA – Forced marriages, child brides, polygamy and arranged marriages between first cousins are some of the problems that Canadian immigration officials in Pakistan have to deal with.

The problem is Islamic immigration altogether, because no other group of people has a religious mandate to kill and subjugate us.

Related links:

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Why is Deportation Such a Dilemma for the Bleeding Hearts?

Ex-child refugee faces deportation to native Somalia after life of crime in Canada

Once again the bleeding hearts come out in defense of the indefensible. Once he was a child, but now he is a grown man, and a dangerous criminal. Still, Andrew Duffy from the Ottawa Citizen describes him as an “ex-child”

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man, who came to Canada from Somalia as a child refugee and went on to a life of crime, faces deportation to a strife-torn homeland that he hasn’t seen since the age of eight.

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