BNP's Griffin on Question Time: "We are the aborigines here"

england-fans_1507084cA young fan supports England

Watch the far left loons become increasingly unhinged as Nick Griffin reduces them to stumps:

Video here

Jack Straw turned ashen-faced when Nick responded to his ‘Nazi’ smear by pointing out that “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler.” Time and time again Nick gave as good as he got.

Here’s an account from  one who was there:

Fellow British Patriot

“The man’s got guts!” “At last, someone saying exactly what we all feel”. “The hand-picked audience in the studio hated what Nick had to say, but we loved it”. “I’ve never seen such political bullying on TV in my life.” “When he pointed out how all the others are racist against the English, we were all cheering”.

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UK: Fascist Labour Shills Go Ballistic Over BNP Win

“Supporting the BNP – a fascist, racist organization, is ten times worse”   than ….what? Labour?
H/T Counter Jihad

European Union laws guaranteeing freedom of movement and personal data will prevent a £1.2 billion Government plan to institute anti-terror security measures on routes into this country from the Continent, it has been revealed.  The shocking news, contained in an announcement from the Eurostar train service, means that all the tax money already spent on putting the much vaunted ‘e-Border’ scheme, due to take effect at the end of next year, has been wasted. BNP 

Labour calls BNP ‘racist and extremist’

The Telegraph — Bruno Waterfield

Baroness Kinnock, the newly appointed Europe minister, said that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader and an MEP since the last election, had not been invited to the occasion. “We do not associate in any way with what are clearly racist and extremist individuals,” she said. “It was not my decision, as some people think, but I fully support it. It is long-standing Government policy not to have such dealings with racist extremists such as the BNP.”

Mr Griffin also accused mainstream British politicians supporting Unite Against Fascism, which he called “an organisation of far-Left criminals which routinely deploys intimidation and violence against nationalist dissidents in Britain”.

Limitless immigration to Britain will not keep Home Secretary awake at night…

Muslims burning union jack 
The Daily Mail – Tim Shipman

Home Secretary Alan Johnson last night refused point blank to cap the number of immigrants coming to Britain. And he said he does not ‘lie awake at night’ worrying about the population hitting 70million.

Official figures show at the current rate of increase the British population will hit the milestone within 20 years, with a further seven million immigrants placing a burden on public services.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has pledged that the Government will not allow the population to grow to that level. But last night he was apparently undermined by his boss.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Johnson said he would not bring in a cap because it would harm the economy, claiming the argument that immigration had made a contribution to the economy was ‘irrefutable’.

‘I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70million,’ he told the cross-party group of MPs.

‘I’m happy to live in a multi-cultural society. I’m happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but also where we can go and live and work in other countries.’

UK’s schools suck due to foreigners

Happy foreign students in UK 
The Telegraph — Graeme Paton 

Extra pressure on reception classes in September is a “direct result of mass immigration” into the United Kingdom, it was claimed.

In the last eight years, the number of births to foreign mothers has increased by 64 per cent, figures show.

But in the same period, birthrates among UK families rose by six per cent.

The Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration said ministers were “misleading” the public by failing to acknowledge the problem. 


BNP's Griffin: Islam is a cancer

By Cathy Newman/ Channel 4

Video here


islam_is_the_answer*  “Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer” and “exterminate those who slander Islam”-  good Muslims practicing freedom of speech…

“Islam is the cancer, expulsion is the answer…”

As the BNP struggles for right-wing support in the European Parliament, leader Nick Griffin tells Cathy Newman he believes there is “no place in Europe for Islam”.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin has described Islam as a “cancer” that should be removed from Europe by “chemotherapy”. 

* Yes indeed, Islam is a cancer and highly contagious on top of it. And since the BNP is the ONLY party in the UK that stands up to the Islamic invasion,  native Brits have little choice other then to support him. Its a matter of self-preservation. We must ignore the  defamatory ‘dirty tricks’ by Labour and their Mohammedan masters…

If UK foreign policy is a reason for homegrown islamic terrorism (As espoused by Bunglawala) then can’t UK domestic policy be seen as a reason for homegrown far right terrorism, or is that not allowed?

article-1087101-028748b1000005dc-156_468x372               *  What about a Fair Go? Lets give Nick Griffin the benefit of the doubt!

In an interview with Channel 4 News, Mr Griffin, who has just been elected to the European Parliament, said there was “no place in Europe for Islam”.

He added: “Western values, freedom of speech, democracy and rights for women are incompatible with Islam, which is a cancer eating away at our freedoms and our democracy and rights for our women and something needs to be done about it”.

The BNP leader said he agreed with a candidate for the Flemish far right party, Vlaams Belang, who had declared: “We urgently need global chemotherapy against Islam to save civilisation.”

The remarks will fuel controversy over the BNP’s success at the European elections last month. The party’s two winning candidates – Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons – take up their seats in the European Parliament next week.

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