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Eye on the world:

Iran: Bomb Goes Off During Military Parade

Tehran, 22 Sept. (AKI) – At least nine people were killed by an explosion Wednesday when a bomb exploded in the northwestern Iranian city of Mahabad during a military parade.

Update: The death toll is now at 12

It’s a damn shame Ahmadinejad wasn’t there.

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he believes Osama Bin Laden is hiding in the US

Larry King does it again: Most of Mr Ahmadinejad’s contentions went unchallenged as King struggled to adjust to his unusually combative guest. When the chat show mainstay asked the president whether he was worried that Mr Netanyahu’s fear of Iran could prompt a pre-emptive strike, Mr Ahmadinejad launched into a rant. More

Ahmadinejad’s Food Stinks Up Hotel

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn’t need nuclear weapons — his food stinks so bad, he’s practically cleared out the Hilton Manhattan East. The finicky fascist brought his own personal chef to prepare his meals while he’s in town for the UN General Assembly, a source told The Post’s Helen Freund. Unfortunately, his meals “make the whole hotel stink like hell,” said the source. The Hilton did not return a call for comment. Read The Full Article

Imam Rauf: "a call to prayer from the world trade center rubble: islamic dawa from the heart of america, post 9/11…"

The Ping Pong POTUS:

‘Courageous’ Obama Backtracks in Just 24 Hours… only to  backtrack again: you see,  “his defense of the right to build a mosque does not mean he supports the project.” In other words, he was for it before he was against it, but being a Muslim he is actually for it, but saying so is not good for the Islamic cause, so lets just hide behind the constitution while the shoe fits, shall we…?

Imam Rauf: “a call to prayer from the world trade rubble: islamic dawa from the heart of america, post 9/11.”

Rich Lowry, NRO

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the project’s imam, wrote a book called What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right with America. But as former prosecutor Andy McCarthy points out, it was published in Malaysia under the more pungent title A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11 (dawa is Islamic proselytism). A noncommercial edition was published by two organizations that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and promote Hamas.

Rauf himself won’t condemn the Palestinian terror group. Asked about Hamas in a recent radio interview, he said, “Terrorism is a very complex question,” the stock answer of anyone excusing terrorism. “I am a peace builder,” he explained — so long as peace-building doesn’t require saying a discouraging word about the Palestinian murderers of innocent Jews. (I hasten to add that “peace’ in Islam has a very different meaning to what it means to us/ed)

Not to worry:

“The Mosque will be an Islamic YMCA,” sez Ground Zero imam, “it will only be a tiny mosque”

Village Mohammedans

NEW YORK – When Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf decided to build a Muslim cultural center in lower Manhattan, the model he chose couldn’t have been more mainstream American — the Young Men’s Christian Association chapters found in cities across the United States.

The planned building will have a prayer room for Muslims, he said, but it would only be a small part of the 13-story complex.  Read more at weaselzippers

Sure. Its no longer  just a mosque. It became a “community centre” as soon as the the first opposition to it was voiced.   Just like the “tiny minority of extremists” that keep plaguing us. Just like those  tiny “firecrackers” Hamas shoots into Israel. Just like the 16.000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 that we should ignore because they are all committed by misunderstanders of Islam.

If in trouble; minimize it. Belittle it, belittle your opponents, play victim,  obfuscate, prevaricate, lie, deny, twist the facts and stay on course. Islam, only Islam matters. Allah is with those who stay the course…..

His endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque is another case of Obama standing “with the Muslims” and against Americans of all other faiths

Islam Means the End of Religious Freedom

At an Iftar dinner in the White House, Hussein Obama proclaimed that he supports the building of the Ground Zero mosque as part of his “unshakable commitment to religious freedom”. Which of course sounds very noble and good, until you ask a single question, Where is the religious freedom in the Muslim world?  (Daniel Greenfield has the story)

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Crawling Sharia

2.5 million enraged Muslims threatening to leave Facebook

Unless some pro-Islamic supremacist Facebook groups that have been shut down are reinstated. “2.5 Million Muslims Threatening to Leave Facebook,” from FoxNews.com,

Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s rejection, Muslims continue to demand Islamic holidays in NYC …

Muslims are religiously obliged to make Islam the dominant religion and to kill and die for Allah. What makes you think they’d stop demanding “their rights?” Dhimmi Bloomberg, a Jew who didn’t cave in yet?  Stay tuned, it has only just begun……

Hate crime, hate crime!

Historic Churches Defaced with Islamist Graffiti…. “Clear off, Zionist dogs” painted on 1,700-year-old church in Turkey

Life is Good at Gitmo – Detainees Enjoy Playstation3…

NBC, CBS won’t air anti-mosque ad

A conservative political action committee blasted the CBS and NBC networks Wednesday for rejecting its ad imploring Americans to fight the mosque proposed for Ground Zero. New York Daily News, 15 July 2010

Look at this picture. Now, tell me: Who are the real fascists?

The man in the photo is Frank Vanhecke, the party leader of Vlaams Belang. On September 11, 2007, during a peaceful demonstration against Islamization in Brussels, he and other party leaders were knocked down, roughed up, handcuffed, and hauled away to jail by the police. Mr. Vanhecke even had to endure the pain and humiliation of being grabbed by the privates and perp-walked to the bus with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Now, tell me again: Who are the real fascists? (Gates of Vienna/Read further…)

Supplementary Jizya Levied From the EU

The European Union is acting decisively once again to help the “Palestinians”, who are, as usual, unable to function without jizya payments (aid money) from wealthy Western countries.

Aid is fungible, of course, and the more that pours in for hospitals and schools, the more there is available to fund terror attacks against Israel. But that’s none of the EU’s concern.  ANSAMed has the story (H/T GoV)

New York: Starbucks gets hit by "Explosive Device…"

Melanie Phillips: The Protocols Of The Drinkers Of Coffee

New York City: Bomb goes off outside Starbucks

There is no telling who did this at this point. It could have nothing at all to do with jihad.

So why am I posting it?

Because New York Islamic jihadist Youssef al-Khattab, who calls for genocide and has threatened others, hates Starbucks (and how very interesting that he has removed the video to which Jawa linked).

Also, jihadists in London hate Starbucks.

And Sheikh al-Qaradawi hates Starbucks.

Worth watching.

“Explosion outside UES Starbucks,” by Scott Curkin for WABC-TV, May 25 (thanks to the Jawa Report) via Raymond from JW:

NEW YORK (WABC) — An explosive device blew out the windows of a Starbucks coffee shop in a blast that rocked an Upper East Side neighborhood.The loud blast was heard at the intersection of Third Avenue and East 92nd Street just before 4 a.m.

The explosion took place on 92nd and 3rd avenue.

Police are still looking for the person who left the device outside of the Starbucks.

The time of day echoed that of a pattern of unsolved early morning blasts that have occurred outside the British Consulate, the Mexican Consulate and the Armed Forces recruiting booth in Times Square over the past two years….