The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders

Frank Salter/Quadrant

The poor quality of analysis behind Australia’s abandonment of traditional assimilationist immigration policy reached its apotheosis recently in a spate of articles by well placed commentators. The proposal of the moment was open borders, immigration unrestricted by consideration of all factors save for security.

Most Australians will reject the proposal as absurd. Unfortunately the analytical basis for policies followed by federal governments since the 1970s has not much differed apart from economic criteria.

Prof. Mirko Bagaric (SMH, 7 April 2010, p. 15[i]), professor of law at Deakin University, argues for unrestricted immigration from the poorest to the richest countries as the best means to reduce Third World poverty. Initially his article came as a pleasant surprise to one who applies biological concepts and methods to the study of human society. Prof. Bagaric opened by stating two truths about human ethnocentrism: “[M]ost still prefer people of their own type and find different cultures jarring”; and “It is in the human DNA.” [ii]

However from that point the article provided almost no hint that humans are an evolved species with an interest in survival. Prof. Bagaric superficially discusses three interests that could be affected by open borders – material prosperity, national security, and cultural tradition – more of which later. This leaves many interests unmentioned.

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WTF is wrong with our media?

Christian Science Monitor goes to bat for islam

Sample: “Why are many Americans distrustful of a religion and people they know very little about?”

Islam deserves a media makeover. At a time when the United States is mired in two wars in locations where the majority of the people practice Islam, the future of American-Islamic relations is at stake.

Sheik sez:

Why does Islam “deserve a media makeover?” What makes Islam deserve anything at all?

The future of  “American-Islamic relations” ended with 9/11.

And long before that. Aiding & abetting the enemy in a time of war is treason. What are these wankers on about?

If you can be bothered to take a closer look  you’ll quickly discover that the CSM offered a soapbox to Amjad Mahmood Khan, a Mohammedan agit prop who promptly used the opportunity to do his Islamic duty to promote Islam, to engage in the usual lies and dissimulation, otherwise known as taqiyya.

Worthless, useless, infuriating to some, but our media seems to believe it is easier to pull the Islamic wool over our eyes and ears than to tell the ugly truth about the marauding serial killer Muhammad.

Here’s another article from the NYT,  again putting lipstick on a pig and pitting hope against the ugly reality:

In Germany, Xenophobia Diverted by Open Doors

Then, there is Wikipedias definition of “Islamophobia”, conflated with “racism”, which it is not:

It is viewed as a new form of racism whereby Muslims, an ethno-religious group, not a race, are nevertheless constructed as a race.

Right. So Islam is not a race, but should be viewed as a “form of racism”. Strange that Wiki doesn’t tell us why it should be viewed as “a form of racism”. Interesting also, that Wiki states correctly that “the belief that all or most Muslims are religious fanatics, have violent tendencies towards non-Muslims, and reject as directly opposed to Islam such concepts as equality, tolerance, and democracy” and does not  even deny it.   I think these good people have their knickers in a twist.

Bunglawussi has a new definition of “Islamophobia” on his website.

Whereas before these creeps claimed that “Islamophobia is anti-Islam bigotry” they now  have a time wasting page that  offers you different kinds of poison, but at least you can chose.


Meanwhile, the UK produces hit records every week day:

Fighting for the right to wear her cross: Mrs Chaplin is being supported by the Church of England community including Reverend John Eustice, left, and barrister Paul Diamond

Christian nurse ‘ordered to remove crucifix… at hospital where Muslims are  allowed to wear headscarves’      Read more:

Litigation Jihad

British hotel owners had their business and livelihoods ruined after a run in with a rabid ‘revert’

Look at what the Australian media is doing:

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph attacks Christians with the scathing headline:

Is this the most useless man in Australia?”

(smearing a decent bloke)

Indonesia offers to solve  another problem KRudd created

Say what you want about any previous ALP Prime Ministers but at least they had some substance, some backbone. This train-wreck of a leader that we have now has displayed once again just how distant he really is from the true Australian ethos.

Not only is he not demanding that the Indonesians should sign the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 — thus actually dealing with these country shoppers before they sail (or fly) off to the great southern land of liberal softies and no border security — but now he is doing a deal by asking the Indonesians to do the right thing in controlling the disgusting trade of people-smuggling before it becomes our issue. He is even asking if we catch them first, can we can send them back to Indonesia and the Australian taxpayer will foot the bill for the costs incurred by the Indonesian Government?!? How can this be true?

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Nobody is Illegal in Obamaland


They’s  all potential community organizers and Obama voters:


Obamaland: Illegal to arrest Illegals

Atlas Shrugs:

Have you heard about Obama’s  “new” federal guidelines that prevent officers from arresting illegal aliens. When did this come about? Why has no one mentioned it? Is this Obama flying under the radar net of media reporting? Have you ever heard of anything so nonsensical or dangerous  as making it illegal to arrest illegals. What will this do to our immigration problems as outsiders learn that is now legal to sneak into our country.  I guess Obama is going to import his electorate for 2012 – no rational, America loving America is going to vote for the enemy in the White House. 
Read the whole thing  here:

PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrested 72 people during a three-day crime sweep in Chandler and Queen Creek southeast of Phoenix.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says the operation started as an attempt to control illegal immigration, but new federal guidelines prevent deputies from arresting illegal immigrants solely for being in the U.S. illegally.

The sheriff’s office says it released three illegal immigrants from custody Thursday and seven Friday based on instruction from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The first two days of the operation resulted in 68 arrests, including 14 illegal immigrants who committed a civil or criminal violation and the 10 who were released.

Of the 72 total people arrested, 25 were illegal immigrants.