"Where Islam touched, there is no recognition of the ways of life of the people. Islam, being a way of life, swallowed all that was African in the people."


Here is a stinging indictment of the historical revisionism and outright denial surrounding the treatment of black Africans under Islamic regimes. “The trouble with Black Muslims,” by Rudolf Okonkwo for the Examiner, June 28 via JW:

Even Obama cannot say it. But someone has to say it.

We cannot be talking about this season of hate without mentioning the steep decline into actionable hate by misguided black Muslims.

The first time I met a black Muslim in America was in the 90s. I had just arrived from England and this man wearing a bow tie and three-piece-suit approached me with a copy of the Final Call newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He wanted me to buy the newspaper but I resisted. He told me it was the bestselling newspaper in America. I told him I was new in America but I was sure the Final Call could not be the bestselling newspaper in America.

“You’ve been brainwashed,” the man said to me.
“By whom?” I asked.
“By the blue-eyed white devils who run the world.”
“O’ yeah.”
“They don’t want you to know the truth.”
“Like what?”
“Like all the great things our forefathers did.”
“Like what?”
“Bro, you have to open your eyes. We have to get on with the program of our forefathers.” “And what is that program?”That was how we began a discussion about the world and the place of the black man in it.

*  Reparations Disclaimer on Slavery Apology Outrages Congressional Black Caucus, “More Than Just an Apology Should be Made”….

“Why are you a Muslim?” I asked him at one point.
“Because my people were Muslims before the blue-eyed white devils bought us and brought us to America as slaves and forced us to be Christians and to worship a blue-eyed Christ.”
“O’ yeah.”
“But I am from Africa and my grandfather was never a Muslim nor was he a Christian.”

He was shocked when I said that.

“It is OK if you want to be a Muslim and follow Elijah Muhammed and changed your name to Muhammed, too. But don’t tell me you are trying to be like your forefathers,” I said. […]

Some of these people are carrying their misguided and misrepresented history and anger out in the open and are even planning to act on them. It concerns me. And it should concern you, too.

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Clever: How Gaddafi "Saved" the Jews and Confiscated All Their Property…

   Gaddafi invites back expelled Jews   

Vlad Dracula was the last European who knew how to deal with Islamo-scum like Gaddafi PoS: When two emissaries of Sultan Mohammed II refused to take off their turbans, explaining that such was the Turkish custom, Dracula had the turbans nailed to their heads.


Libyan leader tells Italians expelled from country 40 years ago they are free to return


Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi ended a first visit to former colonial power Italy on Saturday by inviting Italians expelled in the wake of his 1969 revolution to return to the North African country.
Gaddafi received a delegation of Italians expelled from Libya when he swept to power four decades ago and promised the doors of his country were open to them.
“Gaddafi has acknowledged our problem. He has invited us all to return to Libya,” David Jerbi, one of thousands of Libyan Jews forced to flee the country.
Jerbi said Gaddafi did not explicitly speak about the case of Libya’s Jewish community which traces its origins to Roman times and has dwindled almost to nothing.
“It’s a very good start on his behalf: he has approached us and is opening possibilities,” Jerbi said outside the park where the Libyan leader pitched his tent during his stay.

Gaddafi angered Rome’s Jewish community by calling the meeting on a Saturday, the sacred Sabbath day. Many Jewish leaders refused to attend.

The Libyan leader, who says the wounds of the past have healed, angered many Italians by wearing a photograph of an executed resistance leader on his arrival in Rome, and by criticizing the condition of women and democracy in Europe.

Some Italians deported from Libya sounded skeptical about Gaddafi’s offer, which did not appear to deal with reparations.
“He told us that he was forced (to expel us) and that by doing so he saved our lives because the Libyan people wanted to kill us,” said Umberto Robbi, who was expelled in 1970.

“So to save us he also confiscated all our property.”

Al Sharpton, this one goes out to you: Iraqi Blacks Are Still Treated as Slaves, What Are You Gonna Do About It?

Institutionalized Racism: Blacks are -still- treated as slaves in Iraq


NEW ON MEMRI.ORG: Obama Election Gives Hope to Iraqi Blacks Who Are Still Treated as Slaves

Following are excerpts from a TV report on blacks in Iraq, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on February 6, 2009:

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“People Call Me ‘Slave'”

Reporter: “People still call them slaves in an age in which the world’s loftiest palaces have collapsed. Their great suffering includes many forms of oppression of men by their fellow men, who use them as tools. They were not permitted to own land, and used to work for the feudalists. They constitute a substantial percentage of Iraqi society. Most of them live in Basra, in south Iraq.


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Pinch me, this can't be true!

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

* The handwriting of picaninni poontang hangs over the U.S. like a curse!

Libya to receive reparations for Reagan air strike

Country will be paid ‘settlement’ for U.S. retaliation after terrorist attacks

By Chelsea Schilling

 Despite 189 American lives lost in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, the U.S. settled all lawsuits against Libya for terrorist killings and restored diplomatic relations with the country today – with reparations to be paid to Libya.





President Ronald Reagan ordered air strikes on Tripoli and Benghazi on April 15, 1986, after Libyan terrorists planted 6 pounds of plastic explosives packed with shrapnel on the dance floor of La Belle discotheque in Berlin, killing three people – including two U.S. soldiers – and maiming 200 others.


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