American Hostages to Jihad in Algeria: 1640 to Present

American Captives in Algeria: 1640 to Present (Andrew Bostom)

“These merciless Barbarians are taught by their religion to treat the Christian Captives with unexampled cruelty, and that in so doing they do God a service.”

Andrew Bostom reminds us of the barbaric treatment freshly captured slaves could expect from the barbarian Dey of the Algeriennes:  “now I have got you, you christian dogs, you shall eat stones.”   (thanks to the Religion of Peace)

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Black Slaves of Islam

Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors

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Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors (Jalila)

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Recently a young writer and filmmaker named Layla Merritt wrote to me about work she has been doing researching and working on a documentary that is dear to her heart. While the film is in development, she created a rough cut trailer and uploaded it to YouTube — it is above. The first day it was on YouTube, she received a serious distribution inquiry from California Newsreel, the premier distributor of education films in ethnic studies films to institutions. But after that, Layla began receiving harassing emails and threats from angry Muslims around the world, who said things like “I can get to you easily, Jew.”

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Sowdi Barbaria Sends Maids Home in Body Bags

Saudi ‘regrets’ Indonesian maid’s mistreatment ~ beat, burnt, broke bones, stabbed and slashed with scissors

Islamization Watch

Nov. 17, 2010, Sumiati from Indonesia lies in a bed at King Fahd hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia. She arrived in Saudi Arabia a high-spirited 23-year-old, eager to start work as a maid so she could help support her family back home. Four months later, Sumiati was Indonesia’s poster child for migrant abuse.

The real question is how many maids are going to have to be carried out of that place on a stretcher?

Kissing up: official of the Indonesian consulate in Jeddah.

“(Ms) Sumiati is recovering now. She is in a good state of health … her appetite is good,” Mr Wahyudi told AFP.

“But she needs to be operated on at least once again, on her abdomen,” he added.

This is an example of how much the Indonesians don’t want to offend ~ there are two parts, people can earn a lot of money relative to what they earn in their countries. And two, the Indonesians view the Saudis as superior ~ as God’s chosen people.

These countries have classes on how to be a maid in a foreign country ~ where these girls could just as easily learn computers or some other valuable skill.
There are no laws to protect foreign workers. I’m surprised this lady was even arrested.

AN INDONESIAN maid badly beaten by her Saudi employer is recovering but faces more operations, an Indonesian diplomat said, as the Saudi labour ministry said it regretted the case.

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Nailing the Maids

SRI Lanka is probing allegations that one of its nationals employed in Jordan was forced to swallow nails, in the third case involving alleged torture in three months.

A housemaid identified as D M Chandima has told the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in Amman that her employer forced her to swallow six nails, an official at the Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka said yesterday.

“We are awaiting a full report from doctors,” said the head of the bureau, Kingsley Ranawaka, adding that the authorities would decide on the next steps after looking at the medical evidence.

The report came as another Sri Lankan housemaid who had been working in Kuwait accused her employer of driving 14 wire nails into her body as punishment for failing in her work.

The woman, identified only as Lechchami, 38, underwent surgery to have the nails removed after returning home to Sri Lanka, the director of the hospital in the northwestern town of Kurunegala said on Saturday. (Herald Sun)


Growing calls within the country to stop sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia after two cases of alleged torture.

Indonesian maids’ protection urged

Al Jizz

Members of Migrant Care hold banners that read ‘Saudi Arabia: Criminal on Humanity during a protest in Jakarta [AFP]

There are growing calls within Indonesia to stop sending migrant domestic workers to Saudi Arabia, following two cases of alleged torture by employers in the past week.

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Saudi Master Embeds 24 Burning Hot Nails into Maid's Foot…

Thanks to the RoP

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

The Sowdi Barbarians  really have a way to treat their domestic servants:

(August 25, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mrs. L.T. Ariyawathi (49), a mother of three has returned from Saudi Arabia after less than five months of employment. Within a short time of her return she was hospitalized for an operation to remove 24 nails from her foot and a needle implanted by her employer. Doctors who x-rayed her at Kamburupitiya hospital have identified these items and are preparing to operate in order to remove them.

Mrs. Ariyawathie explained to the doctors about the manner in which husband and the wife of the family she went to serve as a domestic helper punished her after some house hold glass items fell from her hand. While the wife held her tightly the husband implanted the burning hot iron nails in her foot. On a separate occasion the wife implanted a needle in her forehead. (Sri Lanka Guardian)

Other links from the RoP:

Vlad Tepes Links:

Warner Bros. had it all figured out in 1940

And now, the few who remember, are not allowed to say it.

Saudi Maids

Arab News

Saudi Arabia one of the largest aid donors in the world?

Saudi Arabia: “majority of housemaids treated well, its only the media”  that gives us (Islam) a bad name…

And anyway:

The Kingdom’s stand is very clear when it comes to human rights. Its gesture toward other countries is also well known; it is one of the largest aid donors in the world…. A country that maintains solid and good relations with the international community will not tolerate any kind of abuse within its borders and this is not just because Saudi Arabia follows the teachings of Islam, a great religion that denounces any kind of abuse even of animals, but because it is the natural act by any decent human being regardless of his religion.

Tortured Maid….

There is no end to the BS these goat-molesters expect us to believe. Read it and weep>>.


Even when maids are rescued, they are not allowed home without their employer’s permission, and the Indonesian and Filipino Consulates maintain safe houses where some maids spend years before being allowed home. Usually they have to drop all charges against their employer and renounce unpaid salary before the employer will give them the exit visa they need to leave.

Related news:

Pakistan: Christian maid burned alive to keep her from reporting rape

Another in a long line of stories of abuse of Christian workers by Muslims in Pakistan. This behavior has its roots in the doctrine that unbelievers are “vile” (Qur’an 98:6) and must be subjugated (9:29), and of the lawfulness in Islam of sex with slaves and captives (4:24). “Punjab: Christian maid burned alive to prevent her from reporting a rape,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, via Jihad Watch

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Kuwait: Muslim takes 2 maids home for trial, rapes and returns them next day…

“Not fit for the job..!”

Arab Times

Kuwait : A man in charge of a maid recruiting agency has accused a Kuwaiti citizen of raping two Eritrean maids recruited by him, reports Al-Shahid.
In a case registered at the Jahra police station, the man said the citizen had come to his office and taken the girls on a trial basis. The citizen had promised to transfer their residence if their work was good. The man said he was surprised when the citizen returned the maids the next day claiming they were not fit for the job, taking advantage of the maids’ inability to understand Arabic. After he left the two maids revealed they were raped by the Kuwaiti and his friend.
Investigations are underway to find and arrest the citizen and his friend.

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  • Saudi Arabia: The Mistreatment of the Slaves

    Sri Lankan maid fractures legs in attempt to escape sponsor

    To use the term “maid” is a misnomer – these women (and boys) are nothing more than modern day SLAVES. Slaves to be abused, raped, tortured, maimed, and killed.


    Gulf labour laws fail to halt abuse Al Jazeera

    arab-slave-tradeArabs were slave-hunters and traders long before Christianity and before Muhammad invented Islam…. slavery is sanctioned in the Koran and since the Koran is the word of Allah….

    By Shabna Aziz/Saudi Gazette

    DAMMAM – A housemaid, 48, is convalescing in Dammam Medical Complex after she jumped from the second floor of her sponsor’s home to “escape from the torturing sponsor and family”.
    Rita Joseph from Sri Lanka fractured both her legs as a result of the high jump. Her backbone is also broken. (“Rita Joseph” sounds like she’s a Christian./ed)

    Update: Kuwaiti gets 10 years in jail for torturing maid to death

    He’ll be out in less than two. If a guy can get away with murdering his wife in an ‘honor killing’ with a few months, why would they keep him longer for killing a lowly maid servant, an infidel on top of it?

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    UK jumps on the Sharia Express Train:


    08cleric600Surprised? Well, they already have their own neighborhood police, just ask Omar Brooks aka Abu Izzadeen... who keep infidels out of Muslim territory…

    Canada: Kingston Police Call It A “Muslim Honor Killing”

    Now watch the ummah howl:

    At 2pm est today, on a CFRA radio press conference, it was announced that the police have finally described the deaths of four Afghan-Canadian girls and women, as a “Muslim honor killing.” If the police are right, this is the fifth known honor killing in Canada since 1999 and it brings the death toll to nine victims. I am no statistician but I have friends who are and they tell me that this is a very high number given that the Muslim and Sikh population in Canada is no more than one million.

    Read the complete original version of this item from Phillis Chesler

    Pamela has more, much more… EVEN MORE HONOR KILLINGS IN CANADA

    Religious Cleansing in Iran: Islam has very little  tolerance for others once it gains the upper hand.

    Obama nominee: Animals can sue people

    A consumer-freedom group says President Obama’s nominee for “regulatory czar” is an “animal-rights zealot” who may make life difficult for hunters and meat-eaters. More>>

    Kuwaiti Gets Light Sentence for Beating, Torturing, Killing Maid…

    Christian Shot Eight Times for Refusing to Pay Jizya…

    "Where Islam touched, there is no recognition of the ways of life of the people. Islam, being a way of life, swallowed all that was African in the people."


    Here is a stinging indictment of the historical revisionism and outright denial surrounding the treatment of black Africans under Islamic regimes. “The trouble with Black Muslims,” by Rudolf Okonkwo for the Examiner, June 28 via JW:

    Even Obama cannot say it. But someone has to say it.

    We cannot be talking about this season of hate without mentioning the steep decline into actionable hate by misguided black Muslims.

    The first time I met a black Muslim in America was in the 90s. I had just arrived from England and this man wearing a bow tie and three-piece-suit approached me with a copy of the Final Call newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He wanted me to buy the newspaper but I resisted. He told me it was the bestselling newspaper in America. I told him I was new in America but I was sure the Final Call could not be the bestselling newspaper in America.

    “You’ve been brainwashed,” the man said to me.
    “By whom?” I asked.
    “By the blue-eyed white devils who run the world.”
    “O’ yeah.”
    “They don’t want you to know the truth.”
    “Like what?”
    “Like all the great things our forefathers did.”
    “Like what?”
    “Bro, you have to open your eyes. We have to get on with the program of our forefathers.” “And what is that program?”That was how we began a discussion about the world and the place of the black man in it.

    *  Reparations Disclaimer on Slavery Apology Outrages Congressional Black Caucus, “More Than Just an Apology Should be Made”….

    “Why are you a Muslim?” I asked him at one point.
    “Because my people were Muslims before the blue-eyed white devils bought us and brought us to America as slaves and forced us to be Christians and to worship a blue-eyed Christ.”
    “O’ yeah.”
    “But I am from Africa and my grandfather was never a Muslim nor was he a Christian.”

    He was shocked when I said that.

    “It is OK if you want to be a Muslim and follow Elijah Muhammed and changed your name to Muhammed, too. But don’t tell me you are trying to be like your forefathers,” I said. […]

    Some of these people are carrying their misguided and misrepresented history and anger out in the open and are even planning to act on them. It concerns me. And it should concern you, too.

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