Sex, Goats, Fake Hate Crimes & "She Seduced Me" Rape…"

Today’s offerings from the RoP:

Make him an offer he can’t refuse:

A BAHRAINI man, who allegedly sexually assaulted another, offered the victim BD3,000, a horse and a goat to drop the charges, a Bahrain court heard yesterday.  Rapist Offered Victim a Goat to Drop Charges…

Hate crime, hate crime:

No Discrimination Found in UK Bus Incident – Veiled Passengers Were Abusive toward Driver…

Yet another claim of victim status that turned out to be just the opposite. The fake hate crimes are, of course, a tactic for which the motivation is clear, and this incident is closely akin to those. “Claim of ‘Islamic veil bus ban’ thrown out,” by Ross Lydall in theEvening Standard, July 28 (thanks to JW)  UK: Students accuse bus driver of banning them from bus because of their Islamic dress — until video showed they were just being abusive (Question: why weren’t they held responsible? Why were they not penalized or at least made to pay  court costs and a hefty fine?)

28-Year-Old Claims 14-Year-Old Girl ‘Seduced’ Him at Her Home…

ABU DHABI // A 14-year-old Brazilian girl was charged with consensual sex and her school bus driver charged with raping her after the girl’s parents told police she had been assaulted.

Sex, lies, and the unholy Qur'an.

How the Islamist Mindset Rationalizes — and Promotes — ‘Sex Sins’

Posted By Raymond Ibrahim

Is it inconsistent for Muslim “holy warriors” to engage in voyeuristic acts of lasciviousness? Because would-be jihadists and martyrs have been known to frequent strip bars — such as the 9/11 hijackers and Major Nidal Hasan [1], whose “late-night jiggle-joint carousing stands at odds with the picture of a devout Muslim” — many Americans have concluded that such men cannot be “true” Muslims, leading to the ubiquitous conviction that they are “hijacking Islam.”

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Love Jihad and other Strange Sex Stories from the Muslim World

The deepest differences between Muslims and Westerners concern not politics but sexuality. Each side has a long history of looking at the other’s sexual mores with a mixture of astonishment and disgust. Here are some examples of customs and social attitudes from the Muslim side of the divide (in reverse chronological order) that have me, for one, shaking my head: Daniel Pipes has more>>

Rape ‘harmless fun’ says lawyer:

THE alleged abduction and gang rape of a woman was dismissed as harmless fun by a female defence lawyer in a Bahrain trial yesterday.  Three men accused of the attack should be acquitted because young people often commit crimes for “fun”, without criminal intent, said lawyer Fatima Al Hawaj.   More

Kerala High Court tells Central and State to probe Love Jihads

Oct,2009: The kerala High Court has directed the Central and State governments to inquire into ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Romeo Jihad’, a campaign propagated by Muslim organisations to convert girls into Islam under the pretext of love. The report has to be filed within three weeks.

“Teenager” accused of raping woman

Islam had taken the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to a “dirty and smelly” flat above a snooker hall in Birch Lane, West Bowling, Bradford, before locking the door behind them, prosecutor Simon Phillips said.  “This was to be the beginning of a lengthy ordeal lasting about nine hours, during which, he detained her in that flat. He threatened her and raped her,” he said. Telegraph

“Love Jihad” against Hindu girls in India, nearly 3000 missing

Jihadi Romeos promise to marry unsuspecting young girls within 6 months if they convert to Islam and take and dump these girls in the conversion centers. These Romeos then go for their next prey. These girls are subject to various tortures for weeks in these conversion centers. There is information that these girls are shipped to foreign countries after drugging them. They are shipped from the unmanned coasts of Kochi, Kozhikode, etc., to Mangalore, Goa, Chennai, Lakshadweep, from where they are taken abroad. They are taken to the Gulf countries under the false pretence of a job and forced into prostitution once they reach there.

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It was found in investigations that many of the muslim girls found in police raids in the red light areas in Kochi and Kozhikode were actually Hindu-Christian girls who had converted to Islam in places like Mangalore and Bangalore.

The statistics of the Jihadi conversions in Kerala since 2006 are shocking. The number of those converted in this way was 2876. Cases were registered in only 705 of such incidents. Kasargod tops the list of Jihadi conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police. More>>

Ignored by society, Afghan dancing boys suffer centuries-old tradition

By Atia Abawi, CNN

  • Young boys in Afghanistan are used as sex slaves through “bacha bazi” or “boy play”
  • Human rights group: Problem is not appreciated or accepted by society
  • Issue has very little profile in a country torn apart by war and conflict
  • One teen was 13 when his neighbor made him watch a sex tape, then raped him

Islam and homosexuality: more rampant paranoia and hypocrisy

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — A young boy dressed in women’s clothing, his face caked in make-up, dances the night away for a crowd of men.

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