Integration is not happening…

(in other words: they never really left the African souk and many parts of France today look just like it…)
(ANSAmed) – PARIS, MAY 8 – Some 80% of Muslims in France believe they remain faithful to their countries of origin, according to a survey by the American Gallup research institute that questioned a sample of Muslims in 27 countries. In all 8% said they were not faithful to their original countries and 12% did not reply. The research also showed that in Britain Muslims “loyal” to their original countries amount to 82% and in Germany the figure is 71%.
moslem_deutschland  * Compare that with government spin:     

 * Just to show you how Euro-governments manipulate the data to keep the restive natives tranquilized…

The survey published yesterday but carried out in 2008 adds that only 44% of French of other religions believe that are faithful to their country against 35% who believe the contrary and 21% who didn’t reply. The French emerged as the most tolerant on religious matters and, together with the Dutch, the most willing in Europe to welcome a neighbour of another religion. At the other end of the spectrum are the Israelis who say openly that they do not respect other religions, according to the survey. The poll, carried out with the support of the Coexist Foundation, a British charity that promotes inter-religious relations, covered a sample of 500 Muslims per country. The samples of people from other religions varied from 100 to 1000 people in size.(ANSAmed).
* Hey, its not all bad news: Israeltag in München

Australia: KRudds Peoples News is All Good!

*  The only thing wrong with it is that its not the truth: from the Peoples Republic of Kruddistan:


Andrew Bolt: KRudd’s message received

It’s just under a month since the Special Minister of State, John Faulkner, declared that “the best safeguard against ill-informed public judgment is not concealment but information”. He added that “there is a growing acceptance that the right of the people to know … is fundamental to democracy”.


Five days after this tragedy, there has been virtually no official information released on the event, even though the Government would almost certainly have received a brief from the navy. HMAS Albany had intercepted the boat and some navy personnel were on board it, and were injured, when the explosion took place.

We’re not allowed to know anything that might reflect badly on the KRudd Government or the boat people who blew up their own vessel. Only happy news is to be fed to us:

SEVERAL sailors and an RAAF Reserve doctor will be recommended for bravery awards in the wake of last week’s boat-people tragedy off northern Australia…

that should shut them up. Stay tuned for new arrivals!

The great circus begins again, with human rights lawyers as the prime attraction and taxpayers as their dupes:

A human rights lawyer says the Federal Government could be liable to pay compensation to the families of those killed and injured after the Ashmore Reef asylum boat explosion.

Leftwing Blogosphere Runs with Al Jizz Theme: Somali Pirates Are Misunderstood… MSM Parrots Same Crap…

Update: there is no escape from this madness:


CNN practicing Ismaili Muslim and Islamo agit-prop Zain Verjee tells us we “must address the root causes”- the aid we give to Somalia is “not nearly enough” and that “we have to build infrastructure to help these poor disadvantaged people” (sic) I quickly switched to FOX only to hear the same garbage from another wakademic ‘terrorism expert’… Nobody stated the obvious; that Somalia is a failed state because of Islam, that it is Islamic terrorism that drives piracy and that we have NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to reward these parasities for their attacks on international shipping.

But hey, that would make sense. We can’t have that…

* What are all those Muslims doing at CNN anyhow?  ( Hala Gorani,Octavia Nasr,  Riz Khan etc??)

Somali Shabab Al-Mujahideen Movement Spokesman Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Vows to Continue Fighting Foreign Forces in Somalia, Says Somali Pirates ‘Created by the Americans,’ Calls African Peacekeeping Forces ‘The Enemies of Allah’         MEMRI

In an interview, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, spokesman for the Shabab Al-Mujahideen in Somalia, discussed his organization’s ties with Al-Qaeda, said that the Americans and the Western countries had created the Somali pirates, and called the African peacekeeping forces “enemies of Allah.”

Leftwing Blogosphere Picks Up Al-Jazeera Theme: Somali Pirates Are Misunderstood Ecologists

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