KRudds Highway to Afghanistan "a Visa Factory for People Smugglers"

…and they just keep coming! They don’t even need an escort, they know the way:

But not to worry, they will all be fast-tracked:

Room for more on Christmas Island: KRudd

Emma Rodgers/ABC

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Christmas Island detention centre still has further capacity despite the arrival of another 181 asylum seekers yesterday.

Tents and demountables are already being used to house some of the asylum seekers.

The boat carrying 181 asylum seekers was intercepted last night near Christmas Island. Those on board have now been taken to the detention centre.

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Department of Immigration figures show there are now 1,628 asylum seekers, including 14 crew members, being held in the detention centre. It can house 1,848 people.

Tents and demountables are already being used to house some of the asylum seekers but Mr Rudd says there is not yet any need to take asylum seekers to the mainland.

“At present our advice is that Christmas [Island] remains the best place to accommodate people and there is still capacity there,” he told AM.

“As the Immigration Minister has said on previous occasions, there are always contingency plans in terms of the use of the purpose-built facility in Darwin. But at present capacity still remains at Christmas [Island].”

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says the latest arrivals will push the centre to breaking point.

“Christmas Island was already operating at unsustainable levels when I left last week,” he said.

“It is now at bursting point, with this latest illegal arrival, thanks to the failed policies of the Rudd Government.

“Kevin Rudd has created a sea highway to Christmas Island which has become a visa factory for people smugglers.”

A spokesman Immigration Minister Chris Evans has released a statement saying work is underway to increase Christmas Island’s capacity to 2,200.

"Poor Peoples Travel Agent" Aids & Abets Islamic Invasion of Australia

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 09 


Ian Rintoul denies it, but there is at least the possibility that this refugee advocate helps to lure illegal boat people here, only to blame government when the predictable drownings occur: 

REFUGEE advocate Ian Rintoul denies having any contact with people-smugglers, whom he describes as “poor people’s travel agents”.

And he blames Australia’s border protection policies for the probable loss of 20 or more lives from a boatload of refugees that went missing in Indonesian waters last Wednesday.

The Australian last week revealed that Mr Rintoul was in regular mobile phone contact with a passenger on the sinking vessel, who told him the engine had failed.

Only a ”possibility” that he’s responsible?

I’d say it’s a certainty. He was obviously aware that this boat was comning he should be charged as an accessory.  If people die, accessory to murder. All care and no responsibility… “As refugee activists such as myself become known and trusted, some asylum-seekers may come to us before they approach the authorities.”

I think Mr Rintoul needs to be put under a microscope.

Fools & Tools: Aussie Female Provides Muslims With Fake Passports

Daily Telegraph

“That goatf*kcer was the best thing that ever happened to me…”

0660825200A POST office clerk and a suburban mother allegedly masterminded a fake passport racket to bring illegal immigrants into Australia.

The false passports created at Fairfield Post Office were used by a people-smuggling ring to fly illegal immigrants directly into the country, police claimed.

Postal worker Lara Triglia and her alleged accomplice Samira Al Kanani, 44, faced Parramatta Bail Court yesterday.

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Australia: KRudds Peoples News is All Good!

*  The only thing wrong with it is that its not the truth: from the Peoples Republic of Kruddistan:


Andrew Bolt: KRudd’s message received

It’s just under a month since the Special Minister of State, John Faulkner, declared that “the best safeguard against ill-informed public judgment is not concealment but information”. He added that “there is a growing acceptance that the right of the people to know … is fundamental to democracy”.


Five days after this tragedy, there has been virtually no official information released on the event, even though the Government would almost certainly have received a brief from the navy. HMAS Albany had intercepted the boat and some navy personnel were on board it, and were injured, when the explosion took place.

We’re not allowed to know anything that might reflect badly on the KRudd Government or the boat people who blew up their own vessel. Only happy news is to be fed to us:

SEVERAL sailors and an RAAF Reserve doctor will be recommended for bravery awards in the wake of last week’s boat-people tragedy off northern Australia…

that should shut them up. Stay tuned for new arrivals!

The great circus begins again, with human rights lawyers as the prime attraction and taxpayers as their dupes:

A human rights lawyer says the Federal Government could be liable to pay compensation to the families of those killed and injured after the Ashmore Reef asylum boat explosion.