Taliban: Feelings Hurt!


Taliban Statement Denounces Tony Blair for Calling ‘Radical Islam’ the Greatest Threat; Says: ‘The Enemies of Islam Have Succeeded in Their Plans to Such an Extent That Today, Our Enemies Can Call Any Muslims… Radicals’

Taliban with feelings…..

Poor dahlings!

They must be ‘moderates’, then! Moderate, as in moderate killers, moderate head-choppers, moderate child rapists,  moderate suicide bombers…..

The Taliban statement, titled “Is Islam Really the Greatest Threat to the World Today?”slammed Tony Blair for the statement, noting that it were not the Muslim nations, but the United States which used nuclear weapons on Tokyo and Nagasaki. The statement also accused the Western countries of using uranium-based chemical weapons in Afghanistan.

I didn’t know that the Taliban are Japanese, did you? Since when do they  have a mandate to speak for Japan?

“European Powers… Concocted a Complicated and Malevolent Plan to Distort the Religion of Islam… They Tried to Dilute the Concept of Jihad in Islam”

The list of grievances is endless:

“People Like Tony Blair Know That Islam Is the Only Viable Force in the World Capable of Thwarting Their Colonial Ambitions” — The U.S. and Allies “Have Openly Burned Our Koran, and Perpetrated an Act of Desecration By Drawing Cartoons Of Our Holy Prophet… and Called Our Religion a Threat to World Peace”


Tony BLiar Still Blabbers About "Radical" Islam

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has described “radical Islam” as the greatest threat facing the world today. (BBC)


Aug. 21, 2007 :  Turkish PM Tayyip ErdoÄŸan on the term “moderate Islam,” often used in the West to describe his AK Party: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

Tony Blair pelted with eggs at book signing in Dublin (BBC)

Eggs and shoes have been thrown at the former prime minister Tony Blair as he arrived at a book signing in Dublin.

German Bank Chairman Thilo Sarrazin:

“All Jews share a particular gene,” Sarrazin said in an interview published on Sunday. “That makes them different from other peoples.”

Harry Cummins:

“All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics”. (Source)

Reactions to Sarrazin, in German:

Angela Merkel defends Musel-Migrants, sez ‘integration succeeded’: Merkel verteidigt türkische Migranten

Editor in Chief of Swiss  ‘Weltwoche’ confirms Sarrazin’s writings:  Köppel: Hysterische Diskussion um Sarrazin

German Socialist Party won’t be seen with Sarrazin: SPD-Kreisverband bereitet Rauswurf vor

Not as dumb as he looks:

Trump tells  Letterman to shove it:

a befuddled Letterman wondered: “Describe for me what insensitivity is manifested if it’s built there?” And Letterman fretted: “Does this suggest that we are in fact officially at war with Muslims?”

To which, Trump observed: “Well, somebody knocked down the World Trade Center.”

They really love Tony BLiar (in Kosovo)

Tony Blair: ‘A Leader, A Friend, A Hero’

The Daily Telegraph has the story: they love him in Kosovo.

(No wonder. In one of the greatest betrayals in human history this creep convinced Slick Willie to bomb the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homelands  to establish 3 brandnew narco-jihad statelets right smack in the middle of Europe)

Atlas Shrugs: what really happened in the Balkans

The more light is shed, the more foul the stench….

Huge props to Julia Gorin, who is keeping Atlas & WoJ readers updated on the exposure of the lies and libels used to demonize the Serbs and lure the US into fighting with Muslims against the Christians in the Balkans. Nuremberg II: **Crickets Chirping** in Newsrooms Across the World

Alternative Reality:  Inayat Bunglawussi has a website hilariously entitled Inayat’s Corner. if you wanna test the limits of your sanity pay it a visit. (H/T Harry’s)

Taliban Monkey’s

Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents are training monkeys to use weapons to attack American troops, according to a recent report by a British-based media agency. Weasel Zippers has the story from  The People’s Daily

From the RoP:

Eyeontheworld: Abbas offers Israel the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem (which belong to Israel anyway) as part of a peace deal / More…

His chances are good:

Abbas’ associates trying to convince Norwegian committee members to grant him Nobel Peace Prize

(Ynet) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, diplomatic source in Oslo say.

‘Moderate’ Pali Terrorist Calls for Arab Invasion of Israel…

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, branded a “moderate” by the international community, let his true colors show during a recent meeting with writers and journalists when he stated that he would favor a pan-Arab military offensive against the Jewish state

Pakistan:  Bomber Takes Out 65 People in Line for Aid…

Jihad vs wheelchairs & cripples:

A SUICIDE bomber struck outside a government office in Pakistan’s tribal belt yesterday, killing at least 65 people among a crowd waiting for aid distribution.

Yesterday’s attack also wounded at least 100 people in Yakaghund village in the Mohmand tribal region. The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility, according to local media reports.

Many of those killed and injured were queuing for wheelchairs and farming equipment handed out by the government to people displaced by the conflict. More>>>

Musel-mob Massacres Christian Wife and Four Children…