WaPo's Moral Collapse

Spencer: The Washington Post’s moral collapse

Preemptive Dhimmitude on Steroids

Update: “These insane calls to violence have gone on for too long”

A mainstream media columnist notices media cowardice in the face of violent intimidation from Islamic supremacists. More on this story. “On the Media: Where’s Muhammad? Not on many comics pages,” by James Rainey in the Los Angeles Times,

The catch is – Mohammed is not depicted in the picture at all.

Yet, the Washington Post and other newspapers refused to run the cartoon, out of the potential that some Muslims somewhere might be offended.

The WaPo’s ombudsman writes (Elder of Ziyon)

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WaPo discovers 'anti-Muslim groups', goes back to sleep…

What is the future of the anti-Muslim movement in the United States?

Honey, we are the future. Yours is what’s left of yesterday’s paper……

By Michelle Boorstein/WaPo

For years there has been a small but passionate group of people concerned with the influence of Islam, and their activism seemed to be largely focused on blogging and lobbying political conservatives. But their presence — and the arguments they raise — seem to be coming into the broader sphere of late.

There’s the fight over a mosque at the Ground Zero site, and this weekend the on-line electronic payment firm PayPal reportedly cut off the anti-Muslim blog Atlas Shrugs, saying it’s a hate site.

Needless to say, this has prompted a roar from Atlas Shrugs supporters who see political bias.

Commentators across the spectrum, from the libertarian Becket Fund to the progressive Media Matters are asking: Where is this anti-Muslim movement going? How significantly will it steer the debate in this country about religious freedom and bias?

Stay tuned! Get with it or go down with spin!

Atlas Shrugs:

"Outreach Imam" gets FBI support

  • “Muslims recoil from FBI outreach”- 9/11 bonds endangered by profiling, mosque spies

An incredible puff piece. A classic example how the media aids and abets Islamic terror,  from the Washington Post’s  Samantha Henry ASSOCIATED PRESS |

  • We covered the activities of this headbanger  Qatanani for a long time. The creeps who support him used anything from blackmail to intimidation and strong-arm tactics to keep this well connected  jihadist in the US:

Mohammad Qatanani’s mosque was full of FBI agents the night before he was to find out whether he would be deported.

  • No wonder. All that “sensitivity training” works like Kool Aid…

But even though the federal government was trying to link Mr. Qatanani to foreign extremists, the agents weren’t there to keep an eye on him. They wanted to show their support for a Muslim leader they considered a valued ally for the relationships he helped forge between the FBI and Muslims in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001. Continue reading "Outreach Imam" gets FBI support