WaPo discovers 'anti-Muslim groups', goes back to sleep…

What is the future of the anti-Muslim movement in the United States?

Honey, we are the future. Yours is what’s left of yesterday’s paper……

By Michelle Boorstein/WaPo

For years there has been a small but passionate group of people concerned with the influence of Islam, and their activism seemed to be largely focused on blogging and lobbying political conservatives. But their presence — and the arguments they raise — seem to be coming into the broader sphere of late.

There’s the fight over a mosque at the Ground Zero site, and this weekend the on-line electronic payment firm PayPal reportedly cut off the anti-Muslim blog Atlas Shrugs, saying it’s a hate site.

Needless to say, this has prompted a roar from Atlas Shrugs supporters who see political bias.

Commentators across the spectrum, from the libertarian Becket Fund to the progressive Media Matters are asking: Where is this anti-Muslim movement going? How significantly will it steer the debate in this country about religious freedom and bias?

Stay tuned! Get with it or go down with spin!

Atlas Shrugs:

3 thoughts on “WaPo discovers 'anti-Muslim groups', goes back to sleep…”

  1. * Paypal Called, Paypal Caved

    I joined Paypal so I could donate to sites like this, among other things. Not sure if GPal operates in Oz, but maybe Paypal will think twice before blocking infidel sites again.

  2. I wonder why does huge companies need to preemptively act on such things in regards to islam, but they dont care about real consumer issues.

    I have a funny feeling that the fear of muslims making noise scares them.

    and since Pamela could shakeup some headlines, they caved in. What about the average joes that dont have a decent voice?

  3. That was why Pamela stuck with GPal – she knew that smaller sites may not have the clout to buck paypal. As sharia finance takes over, anyone not kowtowing to muslims will not be able to buy or sell. A step towards the Mark.

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