Catholic Church is falling into a Muslim trap, according to convert baptised by the Pope


Update: the reason why apostates of Islam are seen as traitors who must be killed before they spill the beans:

The ex-Muslim journalist baptised by Pope Benedict XVI this year has warned the pontiff that Catholic dialogue with Muslims is based on naive misconceptions about the “peaceful” nature of Islam.

Magdi Allam, whom Benedict baptised in St Peter’s this Easter, has told the Pope that Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the Vatican’s head of inter-religious dialogue, was wrong to claim this year that Islam “promotes peace” and that Islamist extremists betray their faith.

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How the Obaminator pulls the Marxist wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Americans

Neal Boortz

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully,” the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father.” “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” These are the friends that Obama says he “chose carefully.” 

Somehow, at the same time, he’s planning a “civilian national security force” that is as powerful and well-funded as the US military: Obama outlines plan for national service. Will it be his own private Gestapo? Will Obama elevate the thugs from the Nation of Islam to a hit squad against dissenters?/ed

Barack Hussein hires numerous Nation of Islam members as part of his campaign staff.

WoJ illustrator Shem was not happy with the comments on his latest cartoon, here is the improved version and his comment:

“due to comments made about my style being “too kind”, i have refined a recent cartoon to offer to the snarling public”.
unkindly yours

The Obaminator: a fraud like this one?

Other news: Qatar joins the club of howlers against freedom of speech; no critique of Islam, or else…

Islamic science watch:  Bayer Invented Its Cure for AIDS on the Basis of a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad about the Wings of Flies

Talk is cheap: U.S. experts and leaders suggest “talks” with Taliban

Iran’s children are the enemy:  Plight of Iran’s death-row youngsters

Muslim Student Association (MSA) at San Diego Mesa College calls Obama, the “half black kafir”


Socialists encourage voter fraudThe Gap:  “Vote twice”?


Finally, someone ELSE is talking about his first book.

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Vatican: Magdi Allam tries to warn Pope about Islam, Federico Lombardi say’s “that’s your opinion”

Muslim convert to Catholicism tells pope Islam is not inherently good

Convert Magdi Allam

* Truth has become “opinion”, good is evil, right is wrong and a “religion cannot be inherently bad”, right? RIGHT?

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Muslim-born journalist baptized by Pope Benedict XVI at Easter asked the pope to tell his top aide for relations with Muslims that Islam is not an intrinsically good religion and that Islamic terrorism is not the result of a minority gone astray.

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What Really, Really Worries Bin Laden: “The Jews are free to do whatever they wish with Muslim women”

*  Projection alert:

* once again Bin Laden, a good Muslim, is accusing the Jews of doing what Muslim Arabs, the “best of peoples” would do if they had the upper hand in Israel: raping Jewish women.

* Theoretically, if Jews were as perverted as Muslims are,  they could indeed do that.. But because Jews are NOT raping Muslim women, they are accused of being ‘racist’-  if you’re a Jew, you just can’t win.  But you can always blame the Jews!

IDF soldier unwilling to submit to Arab rapists

Refusing to Rape=Racism if you are an Israeli Soldier

* Rape: Nothing to do with Islam?

* Muslim Rape

Osama bin Laden: “The Jews are free to do whatever they wish with Muslim women”

Islamist Propaganda Alert. More on this story. “Guantanamo Yemeni claims ‘al Qaeda’s best video,'” by Jane Sutton for Reuters, October 29:

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Canada: how to sentence an Islamic terrorist without mentioning “Islam” or “terrorism”


Canuckistan : Islamic terrorist found guilty of “some” charges

“Duped” into thinking he was only killing NATO forces, not UK civilians

His “high-profile” lawyer insists that his client “was duped by the extremists into believing the group intended to wage an attack on NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, rather than targeting civilians in the U.K.” More telling is the fact that the word “Islam” does not even show up anywhere in this report. Rather, we are told that the accused followed a “unique brand of ideological hatred.” What, pray tell, could that be?

Khawaja guilty on some but not all terror charges, from CTA.CA, October 29 (thanks to JW):

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BLiar: Forever Deluded, In The Footprints of Peanut Carter

Let’s give the Palistanians a state, weapons, money…

* He should have been put out to pasture, long ago. Along with his illustrious wife, Cherie BLair. But he loves the limelight too much to just go away,  he sees himself as an important dancer on the world stage, and strangely, in this ‘global village’ of insignificant, mediocre bureaucrats and pretend-leaders, he has found a place, where he believes he belongs. Just like a village idiot belongs…

Israeli-Palestinian peace key to relations with Islam: Blair

By JANICE ARNOLD, Staff Reporter   /  CJN

MONTREAL — Solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the single most important step in improving relations between the West and the Islamic world, former British prime minister Tony Blair, left, said last week in Montreal.“If we are able to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, protecting the security of Israel and [creating] a state for the Palestinians, nothing will do more to say to that region that we in the West do not have a double standard, that justice is not only for those of the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is also for the Islamic people,” he said.

It will also be a powerful symbol in promoting Western values elsewhere in the world where allies are needed, added Blair, who has been special envoy of the so-called “quartet” of Middle East peace negotiators – the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia – since July 2007, shortly after leaving political office.

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Total Recall

Netherlands: Imams recalled to Morocco

Rabat medina

The governing bodies of mosques in the Netherlands are alarmed by the departure of at least 40 imams on a government-paid trip to Morocco. [ed: paid by the Moroccan gov't]
* A great opportunity to revoke their visas…/ed  

After being invited to the authorities in Rabat to Morocco, the clerics left on Friday without consulting the boards which administer the mosques.