At last they ain't grinnin' no mo'

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THE family of two Islamist extremists executed this week for the 2002 Bali bombings criticised an Indonesian website for publishing close-up photos of them in funeral shrouds, a report said today.

Family condemns photos of dead Bali bombers on Ar Rahmah website

* Muslim cleric critical of suicide bombers quickly put down

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Australia: Ameer Ali Whining

Dutifully reported by Sanna Trad for the Australian

* What Sanna,  daughter of radical Keysar “out of context” Trad doesn’t tell us, is that for Ameer Ali “Australia is a Muslim nation”

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The former chairman of John Howard’s Muslim community reference group, Ameer Ali, said members of the Australian Government were hypocrites for not protesting against the execution.

“What have we achieved by executing these people?” Dr Ali said.

“We have just made it easierfor them to execute the Bali Nine. Australia should have taken the opportunity to try to put an end to this barbaric penalty known as capital punishment.”

* Well, I guess in case the Bali Nine are executed we will see Australians  go on a violent jihad against the Muslims, what say you? Isn’t this what Australians always do?

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Anticipated execution of Bali bombers brings out copy cats in droves in moderate Indonesia

Bombs found as execution date nears

Agence France-Presse

* Nutroots Down Under oppose death penalty for any reason: Execution wrong – even for terrorists, by Tim Goodwin

  • Bali bombers in isolation
  • Police reveal bombs found this week
  • Families not told executions imminent

INDONESIA has stepped up security around foreign embassies amid fears of attacks as it prepares to execute the three Islamists convicted over the Bali nightclub bombings which killed 202 people.

Interesting link:

The latest scare:  a sort of hudna was agreed with Muslim leaders; they get their pornography bill passed in return for not becoming violent over the upcoming execution of the three Muslim butchers on death row and for the conviction of Rizieq Shihab./Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro

Indonesia: Vague anti-“pornography” bill passes to shouts of praise to Allah, protests from religious minorities

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Bali will be attacked again warn bombers

Details of the firing squad which will execute Bali bombers

“Bali bombers are laughing because they’re embarrassed”- (Yusuf Irfan, Muslim agit prop Down Under)

(Raden Wardana/AFP)

Amrozi says he thinks “Thank God” “Allahu akbar” when he thinks of the Bali bombings

The three Islamic militants awaiting execution for the Bali bombings have warned that militants will target tourists in more attacks on the island.

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The glorification of the Bali bombers

Muslim students: Bali bombers are “holy warriors

* Update: Threats emerge over fate of Bali bombers’ bodies

The cognitive dissonance between what these students say and what I hear from Muslim students on university campuses in the U.S. is enormous. These students openly acknowledge the Islamic imperative of violent jihad; on American campuses, Muslim students profess outrage and wounded indignation, exhorting me to “Stop the Hate” and pretending that I made up this Islamic imperative, and that it doesn’t really exist at all. But if they consider Muslims such as the students at the Darusy Syahadah Islamic school — and those who taught them — to be twisting Islam and distorting its teachings, why is it that they never seem to do anything within the Islamic community to fight the spread of these teachings, but instead reserve all their ire for me simply for pointing out that many Muslims understand Islam to be exhorting them to violence and supremacism?

I’ve asked this question innumerable times, of course, and never gotten an answer, because there is no answer. Or rather, there is only one answer, and it is obvious, but Islamic groups in the U.S. still seem to be banking on the majority of Americans not noticing, or caring about, this obvious answer and its implications.

“Islamic students praise Bali bombers,” from AFP, October 26 (thanks to JW):

FOR the skullcapped students of the Darusy Syahadah Islamic school there is no question that the three radical jihadis behind the 2002 Bali bombings are heroes.

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Australia's Courier Mail: 'Shoot the Bali bombers, and soon'

* What happened to the Courier-Mail? A right-wing takeover? This PC-rag suddenly comes out calling for the Bali-bombers to be shot? My, perhaps things are changing. in a place where moonbats stand united against capital punishment, this is a different wind:

By Mike O’Connor/Courier Mail

WHILE large numbers of Australians are mourning the diminution of their superannuation savings, next Sunday some of their number will feel the pain of a much greater loss.

On that day, six years will have passed since the Sari Club in Bali’s Kuta Beach was turned into a killing ground by militant Islamic bombers who murdered 202 people, 88 of whom were Australians.

Amrozi, Muklas and Imam Samudra have since been convicted of carrying out the bombings and sentenced to death, but still the three elude their fate.

*  Not to worry, sez sharia shyster Yusuf Irfan: they’re not laughing at the victims. They’re “laughing because they’re embarrassed!” Amazing that the frolicking mole (as he calls himself when he posts here) gets away with depositing turds like this in the Herald Sun, which is a respectable publication with a conservative ambit.


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Bali bombers threaten revenge over executions

* Ever wondered why they haven’t been smoked yet? Could THIS have something to do with it:

Narrated Abu Juhaifa: “.no Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel.” Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Num. 283.
Volume 4, Book 52, Number 66:

a Geoff Thompson  ABC news

Iman Samudra, one of the Bali bombers on death row   

Convicted Bali bomber Iman Samudra (Reuters: Supri Supri)

The three Bali bombers on death row in Indonesia have threatened reprisals if their executions go ahead.

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Bali bombers get a Ramadan discount


Islamic radicals to get sentence cuts

* Indonesian Muslims are laughing all the way to the next bombing. For most, the Bali mass-murderers are seen as ‘mujaheddin’, holy warriors. Their government treats them with velvet gloves because it fears a ‘backlash’ from the ‘radicals’. But of course these radicals are just a ‘tiny minority of extremists’- and Indonesia practices a ‘moderate form of Islam’, isn’t that right?

By Karen Michelmore/Nine MSM

Nine Islamic radicals convicted over Bali’s two terrorist attacks are in line to receive sentence cuts next week – on the same day as the anniversary of one of the bombings.

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