Australians: Help Identify the Enemy & their Agents!

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In order to raise awareness to the jihad activists and to keep the Australian public informed, it might be a good idea to collect a list and a database of subversives. Not just a list of the takiyya-masters, hate-preachers and potential terrorists, but also  collected   evidence that links them to subversive activities  past and present. This should include a database on the notorious Sheik Hilali, the slick Melbourne lawyer Waleed Ali, Sheik Omran and his soldiers, the ex-Gitmo-Jihadi Mamduh Habib as well as ‘Jihad-Jack’ etc.

But not only:

Those who aid and abet the enemy, like lefty-looney lawyers & judges who openly demonstrate for the release of David Hicks and seek to pervert justice and freedom of speech in order to bring us the sharia, should not be spared any embarrassment in having to explain themselves for their treason and face the consequences.
It is now 5 years after 9/11 and we still treat the enemy like a friend! 5 years after 9/11 Mohammedan infiltration continues and NOT ONE politician is willing to stand up in order to stop the invasion!

Lets STOP fooling around:

Islam is not a ‘race’- being against Islam does not make us or anyone else ‘racists’, xenophobic’ or bigoted: Islam is a totalitarian ideology in the guise of religion. Islam is reverse racism! Muslims did not come to Australia to become Australians: Islam has come to Australia in order to make US Islamic!

Is not every mosque a bunker, is not every madrassah a center of indoctrination? Can you prove that not every Imam is an enemy agent? Obviously not. On the contrary it might be quite easy to prove that most of the Imam’s in Australia are enemy agents and agent-provocateurs.

It is time to organize against subversion and the perversion of our legal system! Australians: Stand up for your rights!

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  1. Yes-compile lists of the Islamaniacs and especially their lapdogs. Shame and harangue them whenever possible. The more exposure of their evil activities, the better. It’s like picking up a rock after it rains and seeing all those weird bugs under it crawling away from the sunlight-make these insects squirm at every turn.

  2. Sign me up dude. I live in Sydney. Went back to my old house in Smithfield not long ago. Had a few words with the new tenant (man of middle eastern appearance) in the front yard. The hatred burned in his eyes. It was automatic. I did nothing to provoke it, hell I’m a tolerant sensitive new-age public servant. But to him, I’m just an automatic infidel. I felt like the slightest wrong word and a pack full of them would have come screaming out of the house. It’s too late for integration, folks. Ain’t no reasoning with primitives like that.

    And my other previous home-town of Merrylands is sadly losing its merriment. After school, the train station is flooded with the little hooded kiddies. I’ve seen the older youths “of middle eastern appearance” openly mouthing off at police from the sanctuary of their packed subarus “we’re not afraid of you”. The cops do nothing.

    It’s no surprise we can’t get cops, nurses, posties and other public servants to work in the south-west anymore.

    I’m with former Senator John Stone who is calling for an end to Muslim immigration. I’m with the Tunisian government who is ripping of hijabs “as a solid defense against the regressive forces of fanaticism and extremism.” I’m with Rupert Murdoch who says Muslims will always identify themselves with religion before nationality.

    And I’m with ASIO who will encounter an ever increasing workload identifying home-grown terrorists so long Australia’s Muslim population increases. The UK is already at critical mass i.e. there are so many home-grown threats that they are unable to cope. It’s all downhill from there.

    Australia has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of Europe which is surrendering to Eurabia. Wake up Australia. Time to raise your voice and shout down the suicidal left-wing political correctness the infects our country. Otherwise, we will be looking back like Salmon Rushdie in the UK and saying:

    “… in the name of tolerance and acceptance, we tied our own hands and slit our own throats.”

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