Lawssuits for Abuse of Islam and the ‘Profit’ Mohammed?

Seems to be their ONLY problem. Forget poverty, disease, illiteracy; Nothing else matters! That’s what Mohammeds cult seeks to achieve: No criticism of terror & murder in the name of Islam, no obstacles in the way of peaceful da’awa, (proselytizing especially in the prisons) the building of mosques and most of all no mockery of this belief-system that is so utterly bizarre and holds more than ONE billion people in shackles: ‘Say we are a religion of peace of we will kill you…’

The peculiar and clueless illogic of the jihad-apes…

JEDDAH, 28 December 2006 — A two-day conference organized by the Makkah-based Muslim World League yesterday called for a consultative commission in order to take legal action against those who abuse Islam and its Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islamic sanctities, at local and international courts of justice, the Saudi Press Agency said.

One thought on “Lawssuits for Abuse of Islam and the ‘Profit’ Mohammed?”

  1. Dear Muslims,

    Mohammed was a liar.
    And a child molester.
    And a murderer.
    And a thief.
    And mentally disturbed.
    And a misogynist.
    And brutal.
    And stupid.
    He was certainly NOT perfect.

    Please feel free to sue me now, you bunch of whining losers.

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