Norway doesn’t want any more mosques either…


What is the world coming to! And I have such fond memories of  Kristiansand!

What a pretty and very pleasant seaside village,  and now this:

Three Muslim organizations in Kristiansand have outgrown the two existing mosques and have applied to local authorities for help in finding a site where they can build a new mosque.

Things have changed. In the seventies there wasn’t anything Islamic in that neck of the woods….

3 thoughts on “Norway doesn’t want any more mosques either…”

  1. I think it’s only fair that if any new mosques are built in the lands of infidels they should be subject to height requirements (just like churches in the ummah). I think a mosque should be no bigger than 8 feet by 8 feet. If this is too small for “worship” then I guess it’s too bad. Even at that size I think it’s too big but I AM trying to be a little kind to the cultists of death.

  2. IF you ask for my opinion, the dimensions should be no larger than a coffin.. After all these cultists are mere zombies!

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