‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes again in Thailand

Another 2 Buddhist teachers shot dead, burned in southern Thailand.
From Reuters

Now this is something we will cover in depth as soon as we get a bit more of a routine in this blogging business. The Thai’s have been hard done by, the Mohammedan ‘insurgency’ in the south needs to be addressed, not with origami swans and financial gifts to the Mohammedan menace, but with internment and re-education camps, a severe purge on all hate-preachers and militants, a massive military presence (without the Mohammedan coup leader who sacked Taksin Shinawatra and who is now driving the country to the abyss, because as a Mohammedan his loyalty is, (how could it be any other way?) with the ‘ummah’ the Islamic cause. More later!
YALA, Thailand (Reuters) – Suspected separatists shot dead two Buddhist teachers on Friday and burned their bodies in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south, police said, the latest attack in a three-year insurgency that has killed more than 1,800.

The teachers were ambushed in their pickup truck only 300 meters (yards) from the village school where they taught in the southern province of Yala, police said. Security forces are bracing for a new round of attacks on government buildings, officials and civilians to mark the third anniversary of the renewed insurgency on January 4, police said.

“We knew they were going to do it, but we didn’t know the target,” Police Colonel Pumipetch Pipatpetchpoom said of the attackers. “Our security checkpoints have blocked them from entering the city, so they had to do it in a village,” he added.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the violence which has seen almost daily gun and bomb attacks in the three predominantly Muslim southern provinces bordering Malaysia.

Thailand’s military-appointed government has embarked on a peace drive in the Malay-speaking region, an independent sultanate until the Buddhist-dominated Bangkok government annexed it a century ago. But the attacks have continued.

The Education Ministry said this week 110 schools had been hit by arson attacks and 71 teachers and school staff killed in attacks since January 2004.

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  1. I just don’t know how much more “peace” the world can take. Let’s give war a chance!

  2. Saddam Hussein executed. His official crime ? killing 142 shiite muslims 10 years ago. The same types that are blowing themselves and innocent people up every day in the streets of Baghdad. History will prove that Iraq was much better off with a leader who knew how to control the most volatile mix of religious an ethnic groups on the planet.

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