Volkszorn in Pankow/Berlin

An update on the Ahmadiyah mosque in Berlin:

The Movement by Joachim Swietlik and the residents of Heinersdorf in Pankow/Berlin against the building of a mosque seems to be sabotaged by the authorities. In typical misguided authoritarian fashion it appears the links on the web have been disabled for the time being, in order to prevent mass-demonstrations and possible street fights. All opponents to the building of the mosque are stigmatized as ‘racists’ and the fact that NPD skinheads (similar to the British BNP) are trying to get a piece of the action doesn’t help the cause.

If you know somebody in Berlin or in Germany please check with them and see if we can get some news-updates, possibly in English.

For the moment I found only this link accessible:


Some more links from Germany on current stories:

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  1. It appears the German government has gone from one extreme in the 1930’s to another today. Neither extreme is good for the German people, that’s for sure.

  2. By the way Sheik, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this but right next to this box as I’m typing this there’s a Google ad for a free Koran! I clicked on the ad and it took me to a website that seems a bit interesting-looks like the enemy is helping sponsor you and the fools don’t even know it.

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