‘Write SOMETHING about Saddam…’

I am getting e-mails telling me ‘your silence about the death of Saddam is deafening’- , so I guess we better mention that the Iraqi dictator has been executed today.

Am I surprised that the execution came suddenly? Yes I am. Is this NEWS that matters to this website and the global jihad? Not really…
Does his execution make any difference to the global jihad, to the building of mosques and madrassahs behind enemy lines, to the ever increasing numbers of Mohammedan infil-traitors, who keep coming to settle and conquer our lands, the dar-ul-harb, who undermine our security, who cost billions of dollars of taxpayers money in monitoring, who spread an ideology far worse than communism or Nazi-fascism ever were, and who steadfastly hold on to a belief system that teaches them to lie and to deceive, to hate and kill unbelievers, lest these filthy kufr’s pay the Jiziyah with willing submission and live as dhimmies under their Mohammedan masters?

Saddam is dead and that is good. Does his death make any difference in the war against the global jihad? Perhaps, perhaps not. At least there is no official reward of $25.000.00 dollars any longer for the families of suicide bombers. There is also no safe haven for terrorists like Abu Nidal who found shelter in Iraq after he hijacked the ‘Achille Lauro’ and killed Mr. Klinghoffer in his wheel-chair and threw him over board. For the foreseeable future there won’t be any scuds out of Iraq threatening Israel. Big deal? Hmmm, but at what a price…
Anyway, the purpose of this website is not to smear the American administration for its failings in the ‘WoT’, but to to bring awareness to the global jihad, to the effect of ever increasing numbers of Mohammedans in our midst and the the impact on our freedom, freedom of expression and speech, freedom which we had taken for granted and which is now under threat by the
“believe it or else ” brigades…

The threat to us by demographics, by out-breeding and continuous unhindered Muhammedan immigration, is far greater than the threat of jihad-terror.
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The global jihad continues. It is permanent and relentless. Saddam Hussain did play his part in it. His death doesn’t move me or anyone I know. Good riddance….

3 thoughts on “‘Write SOMETHING about Saddam…’”

  1. Yup, Saddam is dead. I’m not overjoyed nor sad, for his death means little in the relentless war Islamania wages against the world. Saddam could have still been alive and in power had he not gone nuts and tried to grab Kuwait-I never will understand why he did that just two years after his 8 year war with Iran ended. The man brought the fate he received upon his own head all by himself. Should Iraq remain intact i think another of his ilk will one day rise to take over the place-hopefully, he’ll be somewhat better behaved at least.

  2. i think his death is signifcant. Iraq has now become THE breeding ground for Islamic Jihadis. Iraq will become an Islamic Republic with Sharia Law similar to Afghanistan. Saddam was the most irrelgious Arab leader of our time and Iraq was indeed the most liberal of all Arab states in that alcohol was actually allowed to be drunk there, women were not required to wear niqabs andChristians there lived relativley in peace compared to other Islamic nations. A reminder about the crime for why he was exeuctued: for killing 142 Shiites muslims in Dujail. These same types are now blowing themselves and innocent people up in Baghdad every day. History will prove the Saddam was the greatest leader Iraq ever had.

  3. Geez, I wonder if the Bushes are mourning or celebrating the death of their once pal? After all, they were the best of buddies before they became the worst of enemies and it was the US who put him in power and took the power away from him…~sigh~ What a prostituted system this is!

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