Alternative Reality from Al Jizzeera

A letter from an American to the Qatari Jihad-propaganda network al Jizzeera:

Hi Sheikha,

What is Jihad? We keep hearing this word even in our media, however, regardless to the negative portrayal the main stream Western media provides, I’m sure many Europeans and Americans, as much as I, don’t know the exact meaning of the word.

Is it terrorism? Is it carrying weapons to attract more adherents to your religion?

Or is it carrying weapons to fight the infidels, like what the Muslims used to do some 1400 years ago?

Steve B. from the States

Here’s Sheika defending the ‘Religion of Peace:’

And here’s Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch taking her to the cleaners:

3 thoughts on “Alternative Reality from Al Jizzeera”

  1. more on Saddam ……
    this sums it up from me —– a comment on jihadwatch….

    “Saddam is going to be killed because he was a secularist who suppressed Islam, whether Sunni or Shia. He protected Christians and even let his daughter convert to Christianity without objecting.

    Yes, he killed a whole lot of Shi’ites and Kurds and say God bless him for it. The Shia he killed wanted to turn Iraq into another Iran while the Kurds were being stirred up by the Muslim brotherhood. Now that Saddam is gone, these creeps are in charge and the Christians now face extermination.

    Saddam was a dictator and a thug. Well a dictator and thug is exactly what Iraq needed. To bring democracy to Muslims is to allow them to live by the Quran.

  2. more on saddam ….
    it took:
    3000 dead american soldiers
    untold billions
    tens of thousands of dead iraqis

    but president McDoodypants got his revenge

    i hope he can sleep well
    what a piece of shit the US has a leader .

  3. I’ll stick to the definition of jihad that the jihadists themselves use over and over again-killing as many infidels as possible until they either submit or are all dead. It might mean other, less murderous things but then again those other meanings aren’t the cause of death for many infidels.

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