Abu Hamza Must Repay $ 2 Million

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Jailed Abu Hamza ‘must repay $2M’


He never will, of course not. Not one red cent. With the mindset of the Jihadi who set out to destroy western society by any means, who preaches that robbery and rape of infidels is perfectly in line with the teachings of the profit Muhammad: Abu Hamza was just following his religion.

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Alleged Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, jailed for inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder, was ordered to repay £1 million ($1.97 million) in state legal aid Thursday after a judge ruled he lied about his finances.

Egyptian-born Hamza, 49, who is serving a 7-year sentence, ran up the legal bill during his trial and failed appeal.

At London’s Old Bailey court, Mr Justice Hughes said Hamza lied about owning a house in order to claim legal counsel, paid for by the state.

The judge ordered Hamza to repay the £1,088,945 within 28 days because he had “provided false and inadequate information”.

Hughes said Hamza would be unable to meet the costs in full.

The bill is set to grow because Hamza is applying to appeal against his conviction to Britain’s highest court.

The judge said Hamza had come up with a “fabricated story” that his sister owned his £280,000 house in west London.

The court heard that supporters were giving Hamza at least £25,000 each year in cash and gifts to help him meet his high living costs.

Hamza, who appeared in court via a video link from a high security prison, was jailed last February after being found guilty of 11 of 15 charges mostly relating to sermons he delivered in the 1990s.

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  1. No doubt the do gooders will take up a collection for the good fellow. They can’t stand to see such a fine man being tormented like this.

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