Al Reuters Cooking the News Again?

Watch for kidnappings and forced conversions of Reuters reporters!

Only this time the Hamas terrorist are the accusers, in what Charles Johnson (LGF) calls a ‘reverse double backflip’ PR-move:

Hamas denies Meshal spoke of recognizing Israel

Hamas Accuses Reuters of Lying?

Claims Never Said Recognized Israel
“Hamas denied Wednesday that its Damascus-based political leader Khaled Meshal told Reuters in an interview that his group would consider recognizing Israel once a Palestinian state is established,” Haaretz reports (via Andrew).

One hour after the Reuters interview was published, the Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad told Haaretz that Meshal said, “Israel exists- and that’s a fact.”

However, Hamad maintained that Meshal did not say anything about recognizing Israel. “There was no change in our stance that Hamas does not recognize Israel,” he said.

It’s to laugh. Meshaal says, “sure, there’s an entity called Israel, that we want to destroy,” and Reuters trumpets it like a breakthrough.
Indeed, Hamas is trying to get its hands on the money  (The Jiziyah) that requires it to recognize Israel, without actually recognizing Israel.

And the terrorists’ willing helpers play along.

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