Gitmo Update: Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan Leading the Protests

When a Mohammedan shill and agit-prop like Irene Khan, a veritable enemy agent at Amnesty International, leads useful idiots in protest against what is a rather effective method to keep enemy combatants from the theater of war, then you know that the ‘human rights’ card is being abused. Severely.

Once again, the usual suspects are at large and do their usual song and dance. As if Mama moonbat supported by ex-terrorists protesting wasn’t bad enough already!
Here’s the link:

By Michelle Nichols Wed Jan 10,

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Detainees at a U.S. military prison camp in Guantanamo Bay need to be charged or released and the jail shut down, human rights groups said on Wednesday ahead of the fifth anniversary of the camp’s opening in Cuba.

They been saying this from the very beginning. Have you ever seen a guilty Mohammedan?

Global vigils have been planned by Amnesty International — in countries including Australia, Israel, Italy, the United States, Japan, Paraguay, Spain, Tunisia and Britain — to mark the anniversary on Thursday and urge closure of prison.

Which means useful idiots and their Muslim handlers protest against the US keeping dangerous terrorists out of circulation.

“No individual can be placed outside the protection of the rule of law, and no government can hold itself above the rule of law. The US government must end this travesty of justice,” said Amnesty International’s Secretary General Irene Khan.

This from a Muhammedan shill who respects no law other than the sharia. Quite a mouth full!

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also want the U.S. Congress to restore the rights of detainees in the naval base camp to contest their imprisonment — known as Habeas Corpus — removed under tough new anti-terrorism laws signed by President George W. Bush in October of last year.

I’m going to march in protest aginst halal-burgers and Korans in the prison cells of Gitmo. I would like to see a re-education program implemented, one that includes de-islamization of these Muhammedan zombies. You with me?

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  1. Oh for Heavens sake.
    Let them light candles and stay out in the cold all night.
    No-one pays ’em any attention.

    More Gitmos, I cry! More Gitmos!

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