Amanpour v/s Islamic Scum: Clueless & Confused

Some of Choudray’s previous work, documented and preserved

Could it be that jihad is not ‘inner struggle’ after all?


Sententious airhead Christiane Amanpour takes a stroll with Anjem Choudray, the founder of the group so far over the line it was actually banned in Britain, Al Muhajiroun, and chats about murdering infidels, hating the Pope, and shari’a law. Includes scenes of the disgusting Islamist demonstration outside Westminster Cathedral: 


Radical Islam vs. CNN Airhead with thanks to LGF 

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  1. I wish Amanpour would go back to Iran and stay there. That shrew is highly annoying and that’s about the nicest thing I can say about her.

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