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I am taking liberty to post this here (with your permission) Mr. Bolt:

Posted by Homefront of The Gap/Brisbane on Thu 28 Dec 06 at 02:19pm
Andrew and all here present,
In my experience this war is being lost on not only the military but the demographic and cultural front. For those of you who do not believe it read Ba’at Yeor’s “Eurabia”, Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”, Oriana Fallaci’s “The Rage and the Pride” and “While Europe Slept”. The latter was written by an openly gay Journalist who fled Americas supposed conservative American bigotry against Gay marriage to live in europe only to be subject to much dire immediate physical harm from the new europeans (muslim north africans) who are soon to overwhelm and dominate the continent demographically. These new europeans are more preoccupied with whether to kill or imprison homosexuals rather than whether to allow them to marry.

Within our lifetimes because of high immigration from the Islamic world, low birth rates and weak PC hampered defence of our culture much of the western world starting with Europe will disappear. In Italy they are already considering legally allowing female circumcision to placate their new North African masters as well as having already set aside beaches for exclusive muslim use on the Mediterranean so they do not have to lay eyes on or share sand with filthy infidels like many of us. Back to segregation we go – but then I guess under the new PC standard discrimination in social security and otherwise against “morally inferior” oppressor people such as white people cannot be regarded as true discrimination.

Instead of focusing on our disappearing liberties and the decline of western style democracy our media focuses on reflexively criticizing America’s foreign policy. A strategy undertaken by doomed post Christian Europe if only to make them seem momentarily relevant before they become the latest entrants into the Islamic world and their people are dhimmified, driven out or enslaved. Roughly 30,000 people primarily from the professional classes (lawyers, schoolteachers and doctors) since Theo Van Gogh’s murder by a raging Islamist are now leaving the Netherlands for nations perceived to be less friendly to the Islamic world like the United States and Australia each year. This White flight will further press Europe’s inevitable decline. The Netherlands symbolically died as far as I was concerned when the local authorities removed a mural with the sixth commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill” from a site near Theo Van Gogh’s murder because a local Muslim group complained that it was “racist”. They even confiscated the camera of a person who was trying to film it – no doubt anticipating a righteous outpouring of anger from the Christian community and a premature exposition of their weakness and insidious antiChristian agenda.

Whilst the west rolls over and goes to sleep the seeds of our doom are planted and grow to bear fruit in Europe. If we do not own our own countries what purpose is there in going overseas to try and shape the emergent darkness? That darkness whether we choose to name it as such invariably falls under the banner “Islam” with it’s foot soldier the “muslim”. If our societies are so transformed by this barbaric death cult then what point is there in fighting for them? Win the battle at home, expel the cultural Marxists from our universities and schools and then worry about the Islamic aggressors when their allies within are gone. Send our John Pilgers and Noam Chomskys to live where they belong – in Iran.

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  1. one simple question.
    When was the last time an Islamic nation invaded a Christian nation ?
    can’t you idiots see that the Muslims of the world see our illegal invasion of Iraq as a Christians versus Muslim war. They see it in a very simplistic way just like all right winger’s view of the world. Everything is black and white in the mind of a simple right winger. All muslims are bad in your eyes. In the eyes of a Muslim all non-Muslims are bad. It’s such a pathetic simplistic view of the world.

  2. Bozo sez:

    “When was the last time an Islamic nation invaded a Christian nation ?”

    25 years ago Islamic Turkey invaded Christian Cyprus.  Around the same time, Indonesia annexed Christian East Timor. In Africa you have jihad  where ever you have Muslims. In Somalia the Islamists had only just conquered the country and established sharia courts, when they called for jihad against Ethiopia. Fortunately they got clobbered and the Ethiopians had them run for their lives. That all happened last week.
    You views (‘right wingers/black & white) don’t interest any soldier of Allah. To them, you are an infidel who must be forcibly converted or killed. You can keep bitchin’ about ‘right-wingers’ and ‘simplistic views’- but the first thing when dealing with  Muhammedan Barbarians is to become a little barbaric yourself.

    Or become an Eunuch in the sultans harem….

  3. Sheik,
    I love Bolt’s ‘blog and can hardly wait till he finishes his holidays.(That is if he decides to come back).

    Meanwhile, check out Piers Ackerman:On this link about Lebanese muslims being allowed into OZ there is a particularly nasty little post from a lebanese guy.

    I know all of us are doing their best to get the word out.

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