Asshole of the Month: Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali

Sheik Taj Al-Din Al-HilaliSorry for being late with this story, but while traveling I am not always able to keep up to date.
Anyhow, here’s the link which makes Hilali, the self-proclaimed ‘Mufti of Australia’-, the Asshole of the month! Can’t think of anyone more deserving of this title which comes with absolutely nothing at all.

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Paul Carter, the guy who wrote this article, still calls the mufti ‘controversial’- Hilali is anything but ‘controversial’! What is the ‘controversy?’ He is an enemy agent, a subversive, a soldier of Allah who doesn’t respect Australians and the laws of Australia. He, and his community of infil-traitors hold us in utmost contempt and have no qualms to demonstrate it at every occasion.

Their intentions are clear, Muhammedans like Hilali and Trad did not come to Australia to become Australians, they came to Australia to make Australia Islamic. They came to replace our ‘man-made laws’ with the sharia. To build more Islamic fortresses (mosques), to infiltrate and subvert the public sector, to gain as many converts (‘reverts’) as possible by peaceful da’awa, to upkeep the Islamic invasion by intermarrying only with other Muslims from Muslim countries, so they can all bring their relatives a.s.a.p into the country, and since they always sell their (block)-vote to the most pandering politicians, they work to gain political power by any means possible and to eventually take over.

Islamic Friendship Association president Keysar Trad today criticised and defended his close friend, saying some of his comments were “ill-advised”.

“I believe his intention was to indicate that we choose to be in Australia because we love Australia, because his Egyptian interviewers were asking him why he stays and puts up with the controversy here,” Mr Trad said.

“He was defending Australia, but saying sometimes democracy fails, and the reaction to his comments put a lie to the democratic principle of free speech.

Keyzar Trad is a lying turd. He would say anything to push the Muhammedan agenda. It is time for Australians to choose, and to choose well, who comes to settle here. Coming to Australia is not a choice that Muhammed worshippers are free to make. If the Mufti is presently out of the country, notify him that his citizenship has been revoked. Bar him from re-entering Australia!

Can’t be done? Why not? Is he not guilty of perjury, did he not swear a false oath of allegiance to Australia and its people, when he swore to uphold its laws? Ever since Hilali (as well as Trad and many others) is in the country he has been working against the interests of the people of Australia. We don’t have to put up with that. It is time to show these buggers which way the wind blows.

What benefit has Australia by allowing these enemy agents to remain?

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  1. “Ever since Hilali (as well as Trad and many others) is in the country he has been working against the interests of the people of Australia. ”

    Could one classify this as treason/sedition also?

    I once saw trad’s website and he also made mention of our convict roots and therefore muslims were superior. (Sorry don’t have the URL).

    I’d be happy if they both went.

    One local newsite said the members at Lakemba mosque stood behind him yet again.
    Again,, I didn’t keep the url as I have read so much about this.

  2. well it is true that we are descendants of convicts. At least he didn’t call us descendants of apes and pigs.
    You have to admit that the yobbo element that often rears its ugly head in Australia ( vis a vis Cronulla riots ) must have something to do with our poor breeding. The Poms love reminding us of it too.
    Also, if Hilali had said this pre 9/11 it wouldn’t have even made the news.
    Everything the poor Muzzis do these days is exagerated by the media. They are going throught what the Vietnamese went through in the 90’s, the Meditarranean immigrants went through in the 50’s and 60’s and the Chinese in the 19th Century. They are also going through what the Jews went through in the 1930’s in Germany. They are being blamed for everything. If Kuwait , S Arabia , Yemen and Syria stopped buying our lamb and wheat their would be an economic crisis in Australia. Is that what you want ? Emirates Airlines contributed billions to the Australian economy last year. Do you want them to stop flying here ? Some of Australia’s leading cancer specialists are muslims. Do you want to deport them ? The CEO of the NAB is muslim. Is he a terrorist ?

  3. From the Australian:

    “I have lived in Australia for more than a quarter of a century, and I know the basics of the work of the calling to Islam, and I understand the Western mentality, particularly the Australian one. And I know that the Australian law guarantees freedoms to the point of insanity. We have a third sex, in between. Neither male nor female. It does not belong to masculinity or femininity. And there are churches that conduct marriages between same-sex people.

    Hilali: It is none of your business. You know nothing of Australia and Australians! If you believe even for one moment that we are waiting for a twisted, dimwitted Muhammedan like yourself to impose his twisted ideas of morals and justice on us you are seriously mistaken!

    Now many politicians have invited him not to return from the Middle East. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone called on Hilali to respect Australian society or stay out of the country. “Australians can be forgiven for questioning how seriously Sheik Hilali takes his citizenship pledge to Australia and its people, a pledge that he shared Australia’s democratic beliefs and he respected our rights and liberties,” she said. “I remind Sheik Hilali that if he doesn’t like Australia, our heritage or our way of life, he doesn’t have to come back.”

    Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile said the comments were what had come to be expected from the sheik. “Obviously, they were totally inappropriate, as we’ve come to expect from Sheik Hilali,” he said. “You would ask yourself a question: ‘Why does an individual live in a country where he doesn’t agree with the laws of the land?”

    uranda Seyit, executive director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, said the comments were the sheik’s extreme personal opinions and did not represent the views of the majority of the Muslim community.

    “I would like to reiterate to all Australians, including our people of Anglo-Saxon heritage, that there is no substance to the idea that Muslims have more of a right to Australia than the early settlers,” he said in a statement.

    “We are all Australian and we should all respect and support one another as Australians.”

    Seyit suggested the Lebanese community consider “sending him (Hilali) out to an early pasture”. “We are all just shell-shocked. Muslims just want to get along and be a part of the nation, not as outsiders whom others only see with disdain,” he said.

    See the Taqiyya? See how ‘shell-shocked’ they are? How they all ‘just want to get along’ and sing ‘kumbayah’ with us?

    Should we not tell them that we have their number, that we know that they have to fight in Allahs name until there is only Muhammeds religion? Should we not get them to re-educate themselves and either publicly declare their allegiance to Australia or ship out? Time is running out!,20867,21051494-601,00.html

  4. Jihadi:

    Not every state in Australia started as a penal colony. Then after that came many free settlers and after WW2 heaps of European immigrants who made a huge contribution to Australian Society.

    I am sure a lot of Aussie people at Cronulla did not come from convict roots, however the “other side” most definitely all had muslim roots.

    I am sure there are high achieving muslims in Australia. But please don’t forget that every race or religion in Australia can proudly boast high achievers so what is your point singling out muslims and then ignoring everyone else? Is this some perverted societal division or a type of racism on your part?

    How you can compare jews to muslims amazes me. Jews are a minority in the entire world. Muslims number in the billions and have not faced 2000 odd years of persecution because they, the Jewish race, did not have their own homeland till after WW2 and that is being denied to them by muslims since day 1.There are so many muslim countries – and growing – I have lost count!

    As far as other ethnic groups go they have assimilated a lot better within a generation. I know because I am one of them. I do not have convict roots and I doubt any Aussie of Euro background (not UK or Ireland) has convict early settler roots.

    Furthermore, the main trouble with islam in countries where it can be found – meaning western/non-muslim countries – is that it makes no secret of the fact that it wants to take control of the world and we are seeing this happen in many places. Other immigrant ethnic groups have never made such claims. They have all wanted to become “Aussies” or “Yanks” or whatever. They left much old baggage behind and started afresh.,21985,21056007-5005961,00.html

    The sheik has done it again. The usual muslim response: blame someone else, out of context, the Prime Minister’s fault,the media,,,,whatever: it wasn’t me.

    So what the muslims do is exaggered? Really? It is not always even covered by the press. The acts of terrorism committed in the name of islam do much of the talking. If there is exagerration then the reason is just that.
    Gimme a break!!

  5. Gramfan: beg to differ about your point regarding the “other side” in the Cronulla riots. Most of those Lebanese involved in that incident were actually Christians. 60pc of Lebanese in Australia are Christians in case you didn’t know. But let me guess, you probably think there were no Lebanese Christians involved in the Cronulla riots because in your narrow minded view of the world all Muslims are bad and all Christians are good.
    Good point you made though about every race/ethnic group having its achievers. In fact it may surpise you to know that the vast mojority of the 360 000 muslims in Australia are law abiding hard working people. In fact the prison population ( by percentage ) of Muslims of any race is by far the lowest in Australia after Indigenous, Anglo and then Asian.
    And just like the average Aussie the biggest concerns in the lives of most Muslims is paying their mortgages and raising their children. By the way I have Jewish friends who agree what is happening to the Muslims lilving in Western countries is very similar to what happened in Europe in the 1930’s.
    If you speak to a “real” Jew you’ll find they have little or no resentment to the Muslims. Ask them what they think of Germans and the resentment is still very strong.

  6. Jihadi

    I wouldn’t know about the exact figure re Christian Lebanese or Muslim Lebanese at Cronulla. It was never made public.

    What is clear is that obviously the common denominator was “Lebanese”. Being of this nationality may possibly explain some similar behavioural traits. I don’t know,,it’s possible due to cultural/environmental issues. I repeat – possible.

    I do not believe that all muslims are bad and all christians are good.
    (I have particular high regard for the Nobel Lauareate, Mr Younis. A wonderful man!)
    Big assumption on your part. I believe there are only 2 kinds of people on this planet: good ones and bad ones. Simple as that!

    Come to think of it you are making a lot of assumptions about me, when in fact I didn’t attack you, but what you said.

    Since muslims are a minority here at the moment I would expect there to be less of them in our prisons: simple maths. And I am willing to bet there are even less Jews in prison as their numbers are even smaller than what the muslim community claims, and even fewer eskimos – just following your logic here.

    Your Jewish friends say all that? Really? You have Jewish friends or is this a “some of my best friends are Jewish” type of line. My,,how many times I have heard that one from so many people of diverse ethnic backgrounds! Sort of like a fashion accessory.

    I also have many Jewish friends who obviously disagree with your Jewish friends. I know a Holocaust survivor who sees radical islam as worse than Hitler,and her fellow-survivors feel the same way. Amazing!

    Could you please define “real” jew? I don’t know what that means.
    Perhaps I only know “fake jews”? Are you for real??

    While I freely admit muslims seem to be in the news a lot it is still nowhere near the anti-semitism shown to Jews in past centuries: muslims have a huge numerical advantage also. I think this is a most important point.
    It gives them a voice that is frequently, but not always, heard and heeded.
    And there is always an islamic country they can go to if the nazi-style cattle trains roll again. Jews didn’t have this option.

    We have an islamic advisory board to John Howard. Tell me is there another minority religion that has this luxury?

  7. gramfan: thanks for vindicating me. Seems you agree with me that the “other side” in Cronulla were Lebanese. But our media branded them as muslims and turned the whole thing into another “all muslims are bad” scenario. Try to think of the Cronulla riots as nothing more than gangs in LA or Chicago having an all out brawl except in the States it would have been black gangs versus Hispanic gangs. Or Asian gangs versus caucasian. Whatever. In the case of Cronulla though because there were some muslims of Lebanese origin the whole things gets turned into a Muslim versus Christian thing. It really is pathetic. Blame the muslims even though most of them were Christian Lebanese. By the way I know Jewish people in Australia who grew up in Israel before it even became Israel and they lament about the good old days before all the trouble of 1948 and they have a lot of respect for the Arabs. One further point, after the Spanish Inquisition of the 15th Century when practically every Jew was expelled from Spain by the Christian King and Queen , where did most of them end up ? Turkey … a muslim country …. that’s right … a country where they were welcomed and flourished. Funny how the tolerant Christians are the ones who kick them out and the evil Muslims welcome them. Look what the lovely tolerant Christians did in Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Austria, etc etc did in the holocaust.!! You really need to learn some history….

  8. Jihadi…
    You are just another Muslim Wanker.
    I had 10 of your wussy little soft-cock mates taken for a long ride Outback about 12 years ago. All Lebs, mate. All screaming: “We’re Lebs! We’re Lebs! Wee’z gunna get yuse!”

    You’re spruiking Bullshit, boyo.
    Gramfan has probably never been to Cronulla Beach. I have!

    Expect a testicle-ectomy sometime soon.
    You won’t miss ’em.

  9. The poster above, ‘jihadi’ is disingenuous. His analogy is lacking, misleading and false.

    ‘Lets take a closer look at his gibberish:

    ‘Also, if Hilali had said this pre 9/11 it wouldn’t have even made the news.’

    Means what? That a lot of people woke up on 9/11 and take a closer look at what the ‘RoP’ has in store for us?

    ‘Everything the poor Muzzis do these days is exagerated by the media. ‘

    Really? They have been getting a free ride. Hardly any hard questions have been asked of them. The media is rather squeamish and lets them off every time.

    ‘They are going throught what the Vietnamese went through in the 90’s, the Meditarranean immigrants went through in the 50’s and 60’s and the Chinese in the 19th Century. ‘

    No they don’t. None of these immigrant groups came with the mental baggage and the hostility that Mohammedans harbor against us. Islam is Arab imperialism and Arab supremacy. Its not us who resist assimilation. Its them who want to make us Islamic.

    ‘They are also going through what the Jews went through in the 1930’s in Germany. They are being blamed for everything.’

    No they don’t. No Muslim has to wear a yellow star, no Muslim has been barred from work or school and none has had his property confiscated. None of them have been sent to concentration camps in cattle trains.

    ‘If Kuwait , S Arabia , Yemen and Syria stopped buying our lamb and wheat their would be an economic crisis in Australia.’

    It would be a litmited crisis. Besides, they would have to find another supplier or starve.

    ‘Is that what you want ? Emirates Airlines contributed billions to the Australian economy last year. Do you want them to stop flying here ?’

    Billions? Nonsense. Where is evidence of that?

    ‘Some of Australia’s leading cancer specialists are muslims.’

    No they are not. Name them!

    ‘Do you want to deport them ? ‘ Yes I do.

    ‘The CEO of the NAB is muslim. ‘

    Is he really? Does he wear a coffee-filter and does he bang his head on the floor 5 times a day? I doubt it.

    ‘Most of those Lebanese involved in that incident were actually Christians. 60pc of Lebanese in Australia are Christians in case you didn’t know’

    That must be the reason why they gathered in the mosque and went straight for the churches to burn them and shoot them up, makes perfect (Muhammedan) sense…

    Try not to lie and distort facts. You just confirm that Muhammedan’s cannot be trusted.

  10. Sheik,
    ‘Jihadi’s’ first sentence in his first posting makes it quite clear that he is not an Australian.

    He doesn’t know as much about Australia as a six year old kid.

    Sheik. You just gotta watch out for these poofie-prics. Lots of ’em have had what they think of as a ‘British’ education. Then they go to The Colonies with their pouncy accents and prissy prose.

    Fookay! Fookay!

  11. Hilaly’s a twit.
    I like Trad bestest.

    His use of the English language is so versatile.

  12. Gramfan,

    Would you like to play Parse That Sentence?

    I’ll sing the song and clap hands while you, and Sheik toss it back and forth.

  13. I cannot see how I vindicated you re Cronulla Jihadi. I said the facts weren’t known.

    Mother, you are right I haven’t been to Cronulla, but I have police friends in high places.

    Sheik and Mother, thanks for jumping in there. There was so much bull from Jihadi it was hard to know where to start at 1am. I agree, he is not an Australian either.

    Also, he didn’t define “real Jew”. I was dying to see that answer,lol!
    That was a beauty!

    I think I have had a similar conversation with Jihadi on another ‘blog or two.
    Mental deficiency – hard to have an “intelligent conversation” with people who suffer from it.
    And what a terrific user name – “Jihadi”!

  14. to the Sheik: where were all the muslims from Indonesia and Malaysia that day ? if this was a muslim v christian thing where were all the Pakistanis, Bengladeshis and Iranians ? there are tens of thousands of them living in Sydney. This was nothing more than gang warfare as I explained above but good attempt at turning it into a “all muslims are bad ” scanario. You are also obvioulsy unaware of the amount of real estate that Emirates invested in Australia as well as the hundreds of millions of dollars rich Arabs from the Emirates have been spending in Sydney and the Gold Coast. No, the CEO of the NAB does not wear a coffee filter but neither do 90pc of all muslims lilving in Australia. They are just normal hardworking ( harder than most Anglos I might add ) who just want to get their mortgages paid and their kids off to school.
    By the way the comparison with the Jews in Europe of the 1920’s and 30’s is very valid. Remember Hitler got elected with 30pc of the vote. If people like the ones who post on this site and yourself got into power it wouldn’t be long before we see mass deportations, banning of Muslims working in government, closing of Mosques etc etc. What you want for the muslims is what Hitler did to the Jews. Please learn from History.
    And Granfam a “real” Jew is one that recognises that creating Israel in the 1940’s was a mistake. You know , someone lilke Anthony Lowenstein. You need to read his book ” My Israel Question “. You’ll learn something.

  15. So we have a guy here by the name of “jihad” who is trying to tell us how benign the intentions are of momos.

    I quote [about as much as I can stand]:

    By the way I have Jewish friends who agree what is happening to the Muslims lilving in Western countries is very similar to what happened in Europe in the 1930’s.
    If you speak to a “real” Jew you’ll find they have little or no resentment to the Muslims. Ask them what they think of Germans and the resentment is still very strong.

    To Which I say: If you speak to [not that you can – since all they do is talk and scream] moslem then you will soon find that they wish to expell all non-mo Israelis into the sea before they taske over the State.

    it’s in the current Charter of hamas and it was in the PLO too. AQnd just ask Ach-ich-bin-ein-dummer-Nazi from Iran how he feels about the Jooz.

    And Saddam paid the suicide bombers.

    Go tell THAT to your “real Jews” asshole!

    Better yet, get out of the WEST!!! i am losing my patience with these duplicitous scum. Answering them with logic and thoughful arguments is so useless and so draining. I’d much rather pull a trigger.

  16. “And Granfam a “real” Jew is one that recognises that creating Israel in the 1940’s was a mistake. You know , someone lilke Anthony Lowenstein. You need to read his book ” My Israel Question “. You’ll learn something. ”

    Oh good. You answered my question. I doubt I would learn anything from this idiot who serves your purposes. It never fails to amaze me how muslims start quoting Jews -who they hate with a vengeance – when it suits them!
    Anthony Loewstein is a moronic little ignoramous who knows nothing. Almost all Jews have distanced themselves from him,,,,,the little fleabag he is! He has no scholarship whatever.

    So are you saying that a learned rabbi who doesn’t agree with AL isn’t a real Jew? So all the Israeli citizens who believe in Israel’s existence are not real Jews? What are they then? Why are the muslims always trying to kill them if they are not real Jews? Why did Hitler try to kill them if by AL and your definition are “not real Jews”???

    Do you expect anyone to listen to a twerp like that? Can’t you do any better? Thought not.

    Creating Israel was never a mistake. It was there long before your moron prophet ever existed, and long before Jesus Christ – and I hate to put Him and mo in the same sentence – was born.

    Go read some history that hasn’t been tampered with by muslims and revisionist. Then get back to me. Till then I am no longer wasting my time with you.
    Anthony Lowenstein indeed!! Obviously another “useful idiot”!

    All of you ilk read revisionist history. Muslims are so good at re-writing it it makes me puke.
    I am sure I am much older than you and have studied world history for many,many years.
    You probably get your info from your local imam who is obviously a genius like you.
    Bugger off!!

  17. you do know that it was the Romans who expelled the Jews from Israel 2000 years ago….. you know the diaspora and all that …… Islam wasn’t even around then but I suppose your types blame the muslims for that as well .. and you’d be the first person to oppose Aboroginal land claims in Australia too.. you hypcrite. It really is not the problem of an ordinary Palestinian living in the 21st century that the Jews got expelled from that part of the world 2000 years by the Romans and now feel they have some god given right to get it back. Most forward thinking Jews agree.

  18. vindicated again. Is that all you could come up with ? typical.
    It so easy taking an argument to the simple mind of a right wing loony who can only see the world in black and white.

  19. Last word: muslims seem to see the world in black and white.

    You know nothing about me and assume to know it all.
    You don’t know what ‘vindicated’ means. You are a waste of my time. End!

  20. jihadi, If you’d bother to study actual history rather than make it up, you would know that the Roman empire was in terminal decline 2000 years ago and did no such thing as expel the Jews from the Holy Land. The Jewish elites ran the joint on the Romans’ behalf. You are thinking about the ancient Egyptians who took the Jews into slavery in Egypt around 2500BC, which act resulted in the birth of Moses and his later leadership of the Jewish tribes back to Israel, the Promised Land. It was in fact Mohammed and his followers who began the extermination of Jews at Medina in 7thC AD. Read your history, old son.

  21. ‘Jihadi’ above, with his typical Muhammedan agenda, wants us to believe that the Cronulla riots were ‘gang warfare’- as if the rape-epidemic against Australian girls (who are seen as ‘war booty’ by the Muhammedan scum) never happened, just as if the life-guards had not been attacked, and just like his co-religionists smear-campaign against the Jooozzz (3000 Jews didn’t come to work on 9/11 LOL!) he tells us ‘Malaysian and Indonesian Muslims were missing’ from the riots, so it couldn’t have been what it was? ???

    So Emirates & rich Arabs invested millions in the Gold Coast & Sydney? Big deal! The Japanese and Chinese have invested billions long before that ME-scum popped up. It is true, for a few months a year the Gold-Coast is overrun by Muhammedans. With large numbers of hijabbed, robed and bearded supremacist Arab scum and lots of rude & misbehaved children other tourists stay away. That’s right folks: Who wants to stay in a hotel that is largely occupied by Muslims? While some may have gained from it others have lost big. Because of the Arabs the traditional Chinese, Japanese, American or local tourist stays away.

    Muhammedans are ‘hardworking’- more than Anglo’s? Evidence please.
    Last time I looked very few of them could get a job because they lack everything it takes. It is the group of immigrants with the most dole-bludgers.

    Jihadi sez:

    “If people like the ones who post on this site and yourself got into power it wouldn’t be long before we see mass deportations, banning of Muslims working in government, closing of Mosques etc etc.”

    Absolutely. Muhammedanism and the Jihad ideology is far worse than the Nazi’s ever were. Islam doesn’t belong in Australia or in any other western nation. It is the purpose of this website to reverse the infiltration and subversion of our societies.

    No, the worshippers of Muhammed are not Jooozzzz and never will be. They are the murderers, the assassins and the worst haters of Joooozzzz and while Israel shines, their own miserable Arab nations drown in their own filth, and that filth they want to export to us, folks: Don’t let ’em! STOP ’em NOW!

  22. mareeS:
    “The 2,000 year dispersion of the Jewish diaspora beginning under the Roman Empire, as Jews were spread throughout the Roman world and, driven from land to land, and settled wherever they could live freely enough to practice their religion. Over the course of the diaspora the center of Jewish life moved from Babylonia to Spain to Poland to the United States and to Israel. ”
    and to Sheik:
    are you saying Lebanese Christians are not involved in any of the rapes that happened in Sydney ?

  23. Muslims don’t play well with other children. Where there’s religious conflict anywhere in the world, it’s always muslims versus someone else. How does one tolerate the intolerant? How does one accommodate a creed that elevates homicide to religious obligation?
    jihadi, when your head is firmly in the sand, another part of your anatomy is fully exposed.

  24. Obviously, Lebanese Christians are not taught that infidel women are war-booty.
    All of those convicted in these gang rapes were Muhammedans. Lebanese & Pakistani’s.
    Should you have evidence to the contrary you are most welcome to post it.
    Also Scandinavia suffers from rape epidemics by Muhammedan perpetrators. Google ‘Fjordman’ & ‘Rape’ …

    Re. Israel : Even the Koran grants it to the Joozzzz. How can you deny it?

    But this is what Islam teaches since 1400 years:

    Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad:

    “The Hour [of Resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and kill them. And the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!”

    Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, pp. 2238-2239, no. 2921-2

    Sahih Bukhari, vol. 3, p. 1070, no. 276, and p. 1316, no. 3398

    Sahih Ibn Hibban, vol. 15, p. 217, no. 6806 and others

    Dozens of times in recent years, Palestinian religious leaders and academics have taught publicly that this genocidal Hadith, articulated more than a thousand years ago, applies today and is a religious obligation:

    Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Maadi

    “We are waging this cruel war with the brothers of the monkeys and pigs, the Jews and the sons of Zion. The Jews will fight you and you will subjugate them. Until the Jew will stand behind the tree and rock. And the tree and rock will say: oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

    PA TV, September 12, 2004

  25. well, yes, the gang rapes that you referred to were Lebanese ( 14 of them convicted – don’t know where you got the Pakistanis from ) Muslims but this does not suggest a pattern that Muslims living in Australia are rapists intent on targeting Anglo girls. Give me examples of gang rapes committed by Malays living in Australia, or Iranians or Turks or Afghanis and then you would have made your point that all Muslims are low life scum who do nothing but rape the local girls. This is a one off example where the rapists happened to be Muslims. I can assure you per head of population far more rapes are committed by Anglo Australians than Muslims. Just look at the prison population . Muslims make an extremely low percentage – they make up 1.8 pc of our population and yet the percentage of Muslim prisoners in Australia is less than 0.01 percent. It’s the descendants of convicts that you should be more worried about. By the way Kiwis make up the largest group of people on the dole in Australia far outweighing the number of Muslims bludging off the system.

  26. Guys
    I was out all day. Keep this for future reference. It is from a Christian Website, although Joseph Farah has said similar. MareeS is correct.

    A list of facts

    1. Nationhood and Jerusalem – Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam.

    2. Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

    3. Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years.

    4. Arabs have only had control of Israel twice – from 634 until the Crusader invasion in June 1099, and from 1292 until the year 1517 when they were dispelled by the Turks in their conquest.

    5. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital, and Arab leaders did not come to visit.

    6. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran. There are vague references to Jerusalem in the Hadiths – stories about Mohammed – that he stopped his night journey (which the Koran explains took place in a dream!) at the “farther mosque” (or “distant place”). Muslims explain that this means “at the edge of the Temple mount”, although no direct reference to Jerusalem or the Temple Mount is made.

    7. King David established the city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mohammed never came to Jerusalem.

    8. Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Some Muslims (i.e. those between Israel and Saudi Arabia) pray with their backs toward Jerusalem.

    9. Arab and Jewish Refugees – In 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews. Sixty eight percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier.

    10. The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms.

    11. The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000. The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is estimated to be the same.

    12. Arab refugees were INTENTIONALLY not absorbed or integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of the 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into their own peoples’ lands. Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel, a country no larger than the state of New Jersey.

    13. The Arab – Israeli Conflict – The Arabs are represented by eight separate nations, not including the Palestinians. There is only one Jewish nation. The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost. Israel defended itself each time and won.

    14. The P.L.O.’s Charter still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Israel has given the Palestinians most of the West Bank land, autonomy under the Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them with weapons.

    15. Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews were denied access to places of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths.

    16. The U.N. Record on Israel and the Arabs – Of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel.

    17. Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 were directed against Israel.

    18. The U.N was silent while 58 Jerusalem Synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians.

    19. The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

    20. The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall

  27. Gramfan you Say….
    How you can compare jews to muslims amazes me…. Jews are a minority in the entire world. Muslims number in the billions and have not faced 2000 odd years of persecution because they, the Jewish race, did not have their own homeland till after WW2 and that is being denied to them by muslims since day 1.
    You are so right,, the land that belongs to Israel is a tiny little strip of land…
    Muslims are trying to take the world, yet are angry at Israel wanting a slither of land… Muslims say that modern day Israel took it from them, when the Quran clearly says that it was taken from the Jews by Mohammad, who proudly skited about raiding their villiages and slaughtering all who would not submit,, and they now dare to say that the land was theirs..
    They have two sets of standards,, they feel that they can take land from the infidels yet they feel that the Jews have no right to live on the land which was purchased by Jews from the few scattered Muslims who wondered around in the desert and who thought it was worthless.. at least the Jews didnt go in and do what Mohammad did to them..
    The lack of knowledge that non Muslims have of the situation there shows how lacking in common sense that people have… a tiny country of only 9 million people are the cause of the Middle East, come on, wake up!!!!! when you are surrounded by billions of Arabs who are taught hate towards Israel from the moment their heads pop out of the womb, do you think that Israel would be that stupid to cause trouble… get some brains Europe…and think for yourselves instead of listening to the left wing media, and remember that some of it is owned by Muslims…

  28. this from wikipedia

    1.The patriarch Abraham was a migrant to the land of Canaan from Ur of the Chaldees.

    2.The Children of Israel experienced the Exodus (meaning “departure” or “going forth” in Greek) from ancient Egypt, as recorded in the Book of Exodus.

    3.The Kingdom of Israel was sent into permanent exile and scattered all over the world (or at least to unknown locations) by Assyria.

    4.The Kingdom of Judah was exiled by Babylonia, returned to the Levant, and then the Kingdom was exiled again by Rome.

    5. The 2,000 year dispersion of the Jewish diaspora beginning under the Roman Empire, as Jews were spread throughout the Roman world and, driven from land to land, and settled wherever they could live freely enough to practice their religion. Over the course of the diaspora the center of Jewish life moved from Babylonia to Spain to Poland to the United States and to Israel.

    6. Many expulsions during the Middle Ages and Enlightenment in Europe, including: 1290, 16,000 Jews were expelled from England, see the (Statute of Jewry); in 1396, 100,000 from France; in 1421 thousands were expelled from Austria.
    Many of these Jews settled in Eastern Europe, especially Poland.

    7. Following the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, the Spanish population of around 200,000 Sephardic Jews were expelled by the Spanish crown and Catholic church, followed by expulsions in 1493 in Sicily (37,000 Jews) and Portugal in 1496. The expelled Jews fled mainly to the Ottoman Empire, the Netherlands, and North Africa, others migrating to Southern Europe and the Middle East.

    8. During the 19th century, France’s policies of equal citizenship regardless of religion led to the immigration of Jews (especially from Eastern and Central Europe), which was encouraged by Napoleon Bonaparte.

    9. The arrival of millions of Jews in the New World, including immigration of over two million Eastern European Jews to the United States from 1880-1925, see History of the Jews in the United States and History of the Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union.

    10. The Pogroms in Eastern Europe, the rise of modern Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the rise of Arab nationalism all served to fuel the movements and migrations of huge segments of Jewry from land to land and continent to continent, until they arrived back in large numbers at their original historical homeland in Israel.

    what gives them some god given right to re-occupy lands that they hadn’t lived in for 2000 years ? gimme a break

  29. Because, Jews have lived in this land continuously from the time of its original conquest by Joshua more than 3200 years ago until the present day, though Jews were not always in political control of the land, and Jews were not always the majority of the land’s population.
    Sorry my last post was incorrect there are only 6 million Jews but there are 4.5 million Arabs in Israel, non of whom want to leave, so if Israel was so bad why dont these arabs want to leave…
    jihadi you ommitted to say from the wikipedia also said that, Jewish and Arab representatives will be consulted about Jewish immigration it says that After the period of five years, no further Jewish immigration will be permitted unless the Arabs of Palestine are prepared to acquiesce in it.”
    It also said that …Section III. Land: Previously no restriction had been imposed on the transfer of land from Arabs to Jews, while now the White Paper stated:
    “The Reports of several expert Commissions have indicated that, owing to the natural growth of the Arab population and the steady sale in recent years of Arab land to Jews, there is now in certain areas no room for further transfers of Arab land…

  30. jihadi did you notice in my last post… THE SALE of Arab land to Jews???? no of course you didnt….
    In 1915, approximately 83,000 Jews lived in Palestine among 590,000 Muslim and Christian Arabs. According to the 1922 census, the Jewish population was 84,000, while the Arabs numbered 643,000.4 ….The Jewish population increased by 470,000 between World War I and World War II, while the non-Jewish population rose by 588,000.13 In fact, the permanent Arab population increased 120 percent between 1922 and 1947.14

    This rapid growth was a result of several factors. One was immigration from neighboring states — constituting 37 percent of the total immigration to pre-state Israel — by Arabs who wanted to take advantage of the higher standard of living the Jews had made possible.15 The Arab population also grew because of the improved living conditions created by the Jews as they drained malarial swamps and brought improved sanitation and health care to the region.
    Arabs continued to assert they were being displaced. The truth is that from the beginning of World War I, part of Palestine’s land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. About 80 percent of the Palestinian Arabs were debt-ridden peasants, semi-nomads and Bedouins.18

  31. “what gives them some god given right to re-occupy lands that they hadn’t lived in for 2000 years ? gimme a break ”

    They were always there Jihadi. If you value your “Allah” then why can’t Jews value their God’s words – “The promised land”?

    The world is dynamic. Things change constantly. Eample: Part of Germany was French, then German again – then French – Alsace Lorraine.

    The Pallys re-invented themselves to gain this useless strip of land which was desert till Israeli know-how made it bloom. The Pallys are jealous – not surprising.

    I will say this: I sorta feel sorry for the Pallys, but not because of the Israeli presence, but because arafat was a corrupt asshole who took all the money they were supposed to get and didn’t look after them. Now they have Hamas because Hamas looked after them. Yes, I think they are terrorists, but as far as the Pallys are concerned they are no doubt better than arafat if that is humanly possible.

    Why do they spend all their money on weapons and not food, infrastructure, schools, hospitals let alone brain-washing tiny kids to hate??

    If you were a true global humanitarian you would be working to help Muslim women, especially the Afgani women who have gone through hell with the taliban. It revolts me to see the way these women are treated. Just like sub-humans.

    I know this is ok under Sharia law. That is one of islam’s worst features: it’s treatment of women.

    I don’t hate muslims: I hate the way they treat their women and I hate the way they treat their host countries. I hate the way they have blind faith and do what they are told and don’t even bother to think anything through.

    I am encouraged when muslims do great things – like Mr Younis.

    Instead of defending the indefensible why don’t you try to help your people? Get them out of those mediaeval costumes and let them learn and grow .Get out of the Middle ages and join the real world!

    You will be surprised what can be achieved. Please don’t tell me your women are happy dressed like a letter-box and bearing children all the time. I am a female and I don’t think this is a good thing at all.

    Why can you not join in rather than be divisive like Al Hilali?

    Why does islam preoccupy itself with death and destruction rather than life and progress?
    The koran is the problem. There is no love in it. Try to take some of this on board. Yes,,,I know it will be very difficult. Just try!

  32. I know the reason why the Sheik brought up the fact that Australians had been prison colonists. The reason he brings it up is not for the reason he articulates. Moslems of his ilk have an activist program to seek current day prisoners in prisons around the world as current day converts to reliable thieves and murderers. (remember shoe bomber Reid)? Contrary to his fond expectation, he has not been welcomed in Australia. He is incensed he has not been welcomed by his fellow criminals whom he was sent to convert. He is incensed that his invitation of Australians to Islam has been rejected. He lashes out at Australians of penal background that they should relate to him better!

  33. gramfan:
    you seriously need to meet some muslims. The ignorance you display is breathtaking. I know a great Muslim doctor if you are interested in meeting him ? lovely wife, gifted children who excel at school and in sport.
    Probably the nicest people I ever met actually. Bit different to the white trash that you find in places like Western Sydney where alcoholism is rife as is wife bashing.

  34. Your ignorance of history leaves me speechless.You are terrific at personal insults, but not too good at rebutting arguments.

    However, I have no doubt there are many nice muslims around.

    UnfortunatelyI don’t live anywhere near these nice people .

  35. The poster ‘Jihadi’-,

    above, after failing to smear Christian Lebanese for being rapists and causing the Cronulla riots, (Of course the Christians didn’t, the Muhammedans did,-the Christian Lebanese actually had four of their churches shot up and firebombed) but nevertheless: Jihadi claims ‘ignorance’ and wants Gramfan to meet a ‘great muslim doctor’- the ‘nicest’ people, he sez, ‘different’ to the white trash where ‘Alcoholism is rife and wife bashing is…’ What?’
    …what exactly, jihadi? Legal? According to the Koran  wife-bashing is legal, in our society it is against the law. You want to claim the moral high ground with such flawed arguments?

    Jihadi: I suggest we take you by your word: Why don’t you post the good doctors contacts right here (if you don’t want to make it public just e-mail me directly at

    and we’ll check him out! If your doctor and his model family is a worthwhile example of Muhammedan integration we shall give him a most favorable write-up right on this forum, together with your picture as a model jihadi, how about it?

  36. Sheik,
    Good one. After I hit the “post” button I realised the last paragraph was “breathtakingly” racist!

    Frankly the user name says it all!

    Monday 22nd: hopefully Bolt will be back, and he has missed alot of good stuff!

  37. Mother Ecclesiastica,I have seen you’re wit on other blogs G’day.
    Now to Jihadi:you are a typical mussie moron.The Paki rapists were known as the K’s.Try reading “Girls like you” .
    Lets also get a few things straight ,all of my daughters rapists (14 of them) are mussies and so were the K’s, dickhead.
    I am Australian Aboriginal so don’t go down the racist path (since when was islam a race?).I had to put up with you’re slimeball islamist filth during the three trials we had to go through (still one to go yet).They RAPED her because she is a proud Aussie.
    Don’t you ever say anything about those trials without having been in court to listen to the debachery and LIES spewing from their filthy stinking cakeholes!
    Islam is a LIE and a SHAM.So you have no problems with you’re pedophile prophet having sex with a nine year old (Aisha).
    I despise mussies so go take you’re taqqiya and kitman to an ME country where life is miserable.
    Yes, if I was in charge I would deport every stinking one of you half baked excuses for humans.
    Always the victims are’nt you ?
    I have researched the REAL islam since 2000 so go to hell wrapped in pig shit you moron.

  38. DT,
    Your daughter makes all of us Aussie women feel proud.
    Her bravery is beyond doubt.
    She stands tall and defiant on the behalf of all Australia.

    She is the Daughter of my Heart and Soul.

    You are Magnificent, D.T. !!

    I thank you and all who stand with us.
    We will rid Australia of this savage depradation called Islam.

  39. D.T.
    I saw you post this elsewhere and I am so sorry this has happened to you and your family.
    Endorse all Mother E has to say.

    These incidents should never be dismissed.Now while I am around and can still type. And don’t worry about the typos!

  40. Thank You all
    I’m just so over the blatent lies they spew to the world, R.O.P my arse.
    Why do they think that we are all so stupid ?
    By the way I have read Robert Spencer’s P.I.G To Islam and his latest about the REAL mohumad (had to import them from the U.S).
    Its quite easy really,I just don’t believe them (mobots).
    I am also proud to say that I’m anti-islam.

  41. D.T.
    They think we are stupid because they think we are inferior,IMHO.
    And Meat Mufti and Trad etc keep telling them this so they believe it.
    Also they have been getting away with a lot in other countries so now they are trying hard here in OZ.

    I think the movie “Obsession” is a must watch.
    I got a friend in the US to get it for me, but I have a link and I hope it still works.

  42. “SHEIK Taj al-Din al-Hilaly has done as much damage to Islam in Australia as Hitler did to Christianity, a prominent Muslim leader says.”

    I read this idiot’s comments and they really pissed me off. Gives an insight into the Islamic mind though. Everything is always about religion and always us and them. They project their way of thinking on to every body else.

    I am completely unaware of any damage that Hitler did to Christianity, and have never heard that view expressed by persons other than muslims.

    Hitler was not a Christian. He did not act in the name of Christianity. He detested Christianity and Catholicism in particular.

    On the contrary, he praised Islam, had Islamic troop units, and – correct me if I am wrong – Hilaly’s uncle, the then Mufti of Jerusalem, was a big fan of Hitlers.

    In Hilaly’s case, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

    Stick that one up ya jihadi.

  43. Actually it was Arafat’s uncle who was pals with Hitler. I don’t know of the connection to meat mufti, but that could be possible as they are/were all from Egypt.

  44. Crazy Dave, I think you might be confusing Al-Hilali with Arafat. Arafat’s uncle was the mufti of Jerusalem, and the head of the Muslim SS brigades that ran the extermination camps in the Balkans.

    It’s possible though that Al-Hilali may also be related (?), both Arafat and Hilali are Egypians.

  45. Jihadi –

    just with your name you invalidate everything you say, and many of us know what a jihad is.

    As for your definition of a “real Jew” – firstly using that designation is laughable – if you want to indulge in fantasies go find a coke dealer. Antony Loewenstein, incidentally, is a Jew only by birth.

    Secondly, exactly who the hell do you think you are? Jews are not sitting around waiting to be legitimised by someone like you! It is not for YOU to determine what is a “real Jew”.

    All Jews have links to Israel, an ancient land brought to the 20th and 21st century by hard work, reclamation and development.(although personally I’d be using more biotecture in the place).

    Anyone who wants to know a little more about Sheik Hilali The Malevolent Moron go to Three Lives blog and check out what the writer’s Dad had to say about him.

  46. Ozi_bloke
    We must have been writing at the same time.

    Good responses. As you can see from above posts this was quite an issue.

  47. Yes, I understand that it was Arafat’s uncle, not Hilali’s. Poor form on my behalf. Thanks to all who set me right.

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