Bangkok Bombings The Work of Jemah Islamiyah

Jihad in Thailand:


What happens when a bunch of Muhammedan Generals launch a
coup d’etat in a Buddhist country? Needless to say: You get a reinforced insurgency and bombs go off everywhere, you get all the lies you don’t want to hear and with just a little understanding, ‘context’-, it all falls into place:
Bangkok bombings the work of JI
Ron Corben, Bangkok

The Australian
January 20, 2007
THAI intelligence agencies say operatives of the regional terror network Jemaah Islamiah were directly involved in the New Year’s Eve bombings in the Thai capital that left three dead and 40wounded.

In reports seen by The Weekend Australian, the agencies say a key JI leader in Thailand’s southern Narathiwat province was directly involved in the planning of the operation

“From the evidence we have gathered, there is a slim chance that it is related to the southern insurgency,” Mr Surayud said in the early hours of New Year’s Day soon after the bloodshed.

*War is deception, said Mohammed

“It is likely related to people who lost political benefits,” he said, referring to the former Thaksin Shinawatra administration that was ousted in a coup in September amid allegations of corruption and abuse of power and fears of street clashes.

*Same thing. Blame the victim. Its called projection…

In an interview with CNN this week, Mr Thaksin, who is now living in exile, denied any involvement with the attacks.

*Thaksin was probably the best PM Thailand ever had, why should he admit what he didn’t do?

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The eight bombs, set in crowded tourist areas that left at least seven foreigners among the wounded, cast a pall over the city that had largely escaped violence in a year of political turmoil.

However, Thai intelligence reports draw a direct link with the southern insurgency, including JI.
*Could it be that the Thai Intelligence Agency is not yet infiltrated by Muhammedans?

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  1. Good thing the current PM has been so kind in dealing with the crazies. Give them a finger and they take an arm.

  2. Thaksin was probably the best PM Thailand ever had, why should he admit what he didn’t do?

    In fact he had done more than the King.

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