England: Obsessed with BS?

Supporters of Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty in India burn an effigy representing Celebrity Big Brother organisers. Photograph: AP


Curiously, the expose’ on the hate preachers and the undercover work on the mosques hardly got any reaction at all so far. Instead, the crappiest of all shows, ‘Big Brother’- is now making waves internationally. An Indian actress is said to have been ‘bullied’ amidst claims of ‘racism’…

Trivia, nothing but trivia and utter nonsense rules supreme, if you can bear it:

Big Brother row goes global

Chris Tryhorn and agencies
Wednesday January 17, 2007

The row over the alleged racist bullying of Celebrity Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty reached the world of international diplomatic relations today.
Both the prime minister, Tony Blair, and the chancellor, Gordon Brown – who is visiting Shetty’s home country of India – made public comments about the show, while the Indian government promised to “take appropriate measures”.

Video showing Indian protesters burning effigies of Big Brother’s producers has also been aired on television channels.


Well, there is always Germaine Greer to comment. But it still doesn’t make any sense:

Germaine Greer:

Every time someone sends in a complaint to Ofcom about racism in the Big Brother house, the profile of the show is raised and Shilpa earns a bit more of her huge fee. But it’s a funny old world, to be sure. You can call her a “dog”. Sexism is fine. What you mustn’t do is call her a “Paki”. As if to be Pakistani was to be worse than being a dog. Our very tenderness on this issue is the flip side of racism, and still part of the same coin. If you call me an Aussie you don’t insult me because Aussieness is OK. Pakiness is evidently not OK.

3 thoughts on “England: Obsessed with BS?”

  1. Goodness!
    Germy and I actually agree on something. How nice!

    You can call me a Pommie.
    And I’ll be pleased.

    Am I to presume from the printed statement above (implied as a quote from the Great Diva of Dummyspits, Herself) that The Shitty Sherpa was called a Paki and considers it ‘racsist’??

    “Paki” is supposed to mean “Pure”.
    Where then the insult?

    Dearie, dearie Me!

    Racism is The Norm amongst most Non-White Races…….

  2. Actually, the Diva was not the one who made the racism claim, it was the Pom’s themselves and the Indians (in India) went on riots about it. Somehow it all looks like it was all cooked up.

    Its all quite bizarre. Unfortunately it covers up the real scandal, and that is the hate-preachers and their exposure in the British mosques…

  3. ‘Paki’ in effect means Muslim, which is indeed intensely insulting to any self-respecting (non-Muslim) Indian – and especially to highly snobbish high-caste Hindus. If you visit some Indian nationalist sites or chat to (right wing) Hindus and Sikhs you will find that they use the term themselves to refer to their ancient geopolitical and cultural enemy.

    It’s a bit like calling a Greek a Turk – which I really wouldn’t recommend to anyone wishing to keep their nose on the outside of their face. 🙂

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