Is CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the Take Also?

Putting Lipstick on a Pig called Islam:


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Lev Navrozov
Monday, Jan. 7, 2002

(Please note when this was written: 6 years ago! And yet, it reads like it was written yesterday: The same perps and the same BS day after day. Her current presentation on CNN is no better than the nonsense she peddled way back then!)
Before and after Sept. 11, 2001, the most prominent television anchor, journalist and authority on Islam and the Islamic world was CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour, who was born and grew up in an Islamic country, Iran.

Thus, as a native of an Islamic country and assisted by Moslem professors of Islam and Islamic clerics she hosted, she explained that the very word “Islam” means “Peace” in Arabic, and this is what the Koran is all about.

Hence the 19 terrorists of Sept. 11, 2001 – or rather bin Laden and al-Qaeda, who allegedly control these terrorists as their “operatives” – were the enemies of Islam – Peace – which distorted its meaning into its opposite: The worst kind of aggressive war – terrorist attacks to kill innocent civilians.

That the word “Islam” means “Peace” was reiterated in unison by all American (and one Canadian) Moslem professors of Islam and Islamic clerics in the American mainstream media, following Sept. 11, 2001.

When Soviet Russia was viewed as a military threat, nearly all “sovietologists” were born Americans, since who could be sure that a former Soviet Russian was not a KGB agent? On the other hand, as of Sept. 11, 2001, nearly all “islamists” were born Moslems, since for an American it is far more difficult to learn Arabic than Russian, a foreign yet Indo-European language, just like French or German.

Naturally, after Sept. 11, 2001, the Moslems in the United States felt defensive and began to assure the Americans that the word “Islam” means “Peace.” The result was the concerted Islamic propaganda of Islam as Peace versus its enemies like bin Laden.

Thus, when a Washington Times columnist quoted on Oct. 3, 2001, historian Paul Johnson to the effect that the “word ‘Islam’ does not mean ‘peace,’ but ‘submission,'” the “Moslem scholar” Saleh A. Mubarak declared in a letter published in the newspaper three days later, “I don’t know historian Paul Johnson …” and the moral: “Don’t ask a historian, ask a Moslem scholar.”


She keeps doing it. It has reached the point where the viewer feels more & more embarrassed watching. Doesn’t she feel awkward presenting and displaying her stupidity? She did it before, she didn’t learn what she should have learned. Its painful to watch, but she keeps doing it. Why?

Is she in the Arab pocket also?

While I’m posting this I am listening to her BS on CNN. Of course there is always the equally clueless Jonathan Mann.

More later. For now just this:

3 thoughts on “Is CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the Take Also?”

  1. Well–and I was just reading this a few hours ago–don’t know where it comes from, it claimed that the Arabic “Islam” comes from “peace” derived from “submission” (or vice versa). If you look at this rationally, however, it makes sense. Islam does mean “peace.” Now, don’t anybody think I’ve lost it. Don’t leave me, just yet.

    If you submit to the ideology/cum religion of Mohammed called Islam, if you “submit” to “submission,” you get “peace.” Got that?

    It’s really simple: “Submit and you get “peace)–hence. submission=peace.

    [also peace is war, war=peace, truth is lies, etc. I’m referring Orwell’s 1984.]

    See what a little “pure” reasoning will get you? [Answer: peace.]
    Don’t submit, and you’ll find out what you get. It isn’t peace.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up as I have stumbled across this small snippet about Christiane Amanpour dating back to 1997,while repairing my latst rant

    On CNN’s Impact special on Arkan on June 1, 1997 by Christiane Amanpour, dead Serbs in photos above were shown as Croats killed by Arkan. See CNN’s demand for CompuSerb’s retraction of truth.

    As seen Compuserb has not retracted and CNN has not followed their threat through

  3. Thank you Shiva!


    No, it doesn’t surprise me. 6 years after 9/11 nobody can remain that ignorant. She (Amanpour) is doing it deliberately. I suspect it is either CNN-policy ,- (actually very likely) or she is paid big dollars by the Arabs to push the ‘Islam -the-peaceful-religion has been -hijacked by- militants -and now the moderates have to take their religion back’-mantra.

    We simply have to knock this BS on the head and expose it for what it is: False (Arab) propaganda.

    It is amazing it has worked for 6 years. But we have weak leadership everywhere in the Western world and our political democracies do not have an inbuilt resistance against infiltration and subversion. The SOWdi money of course plays a big role in this deliberate obfuscation and disinformation war. All we can do it expose it for now – thanks G-d for the internet!

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